Mar 052018


Hello my dear friends!  How is March treating you so far?  Did you have a good February? We enjoyed ours, although it did feel like this month went fast! 😉

Mr. Bingley and I (because now he is “Mr. Outdoors” with his new truck) have been places.

In fact, when he doesn’t have a gig or we don’t have any obligations on the weekend, we get ourselves out of the house and go explore!  One of our new favorite places to explore are state parks.  We live really close to 2 which we never really explored much until now.  And our state, North Carolina, has 40 in all.  We hope to try and visit as many new ones as we can over the next year or so. 😉   Continue reading »

Mar 022018

Hi friends!  I’m so excited to share this fun author visit with you today!  Actually, it isn’t quite an author visit, more of a retelling of an incident I had while reading Mark Brownlow’s new book – Cake and Courtship: Mr. Bennet’s Memoirs Book One. We hope you like it!

[Blurry, wavy image and harp music]

The Scene: While her husband (Mr. Bingley) is out of town playing for a band, Meredith Esparza decides to wait up for him and begins reading a new Pride and Prejudice variation from the point-of-view of Mr. Bennet titled, Cake and Courtship. Meredith is only a couple of chapters in when Mr. Bingley returns and they both turn in for the night.

During the night, Meredith begins to dream, and finds herself in what appears to be someone’s personal library.  There are tall shelves lining the walls, heavy with many tomes. In the center of the room there is a desk, covered with stacks of books and documents.  Sitting behind the desk in a comfortable armchair is an older gentleman, wearing glasses and perusing an open book he cradles in his hand.  Half turned away from her, the man is so engrossed with his reading that he doesn’t immediately notice Meredith’s presence in the room.  Since her mind was just filled with Mr. Bennet a few hours before, Meredith suspects that the man before her must be one and the same, but she isn’t sure.

She is curious to know if this man is indeed Mr. Bennet, so Meredith summons her courage and begins a conversation with him… Continue reading »