Mar 112019

Hi friends! I hope you are enjoying a great start to your week! I’m excited for today’s post as it is a spotlight for a very unique type of book! I love the idea of sharing all about Jane Austen’s life, world, and novels with young readers. Whether it is the adorable BabyLit primer series, a Pride and Prejudice themed reprisal of the classic – Goodnight  Moon, or a youthful Jane Austen biography – I don’t think it is ever too early to introduce children to this great author! And new on the scene is a book that not only introduces Jane Austen to young audiences, but also provides some hands-on activities for them to enjoy as well!

Jane Austen for Kids: Her Life, Writings, and World, with 21 Activities

by Nancy I. Sanders

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Apr 092018

An Inspiring Jane Austen Biography for Children!

Illustrated by: Jen Corace

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

After reading and greatly admiring Lisa Pliscou’s attractive and enchanting biography of Jane Austen’s childhood in Young Jane Austen, I was delighted to learn that she has published a picture book biography for elementary grade students titled, Brave Jane Austen: Reader, Writer, Author, Rebel. In this charming and comprehensive book, Ms. Pliscou highlights many of the significant events in Jane Austen’s life: such as her education, writing and publishing efforts, and the men in her life.

Weaved into the story are historical context and expectations for a young woman who lived during Jane Austen’s time. In a subtle yet direct manner Ms. Pliscou shows many examples of how Jane Austen was brave and a bit of a rebel! I greatly appreciated seeing a portrayal of Jane Austen that accentuates her bravery. For she was indeed courageous, independent, and forward-thinking. Through this tale young readers, who are used to our modern rights and freedoms, will be able to grasp how during Jane Austen’s life it was unique and almost unthinkable for a woman to have a profession, write novels, or remain single. While there might be an aspect or two of Jane Austen’s life that young readers may not understand, hopefully this will prompt them to ask questions and engage them in conversations about Jane Austen’s life and times. Continue reading »

Nov 192014

Goodnight Mr. DarcyShare Your Love of Jane Austen with the Next Generation!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

Today I have a special guest helping me with this review!!





When I received a copy of Goodnight Mr. Darcy to review, I eagerly showed Mr. Bingley (my husband) and asked if he was interested in reading it and reviewing it with me. He was only too happy to participate! He loves the BabyLit display we found in our local bookstore and has decided we must purchase the whole collection when we one day have our own child. To be honest…he wants to start buying them now, which I think is adorable. 🙂 Continue reading »