Mar 272019

Mr. Darcy Attempts Matchmaking!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Author

After twenty-five years of being happily married, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are as in love and playful as ever. They are the adoring parents of four children – Alexander (age 23-24), Rebekah (age 19-20), and two twin boys – Gerald and James (age 12). They are on the brink of becoming grandparents (thanks to their daughter Rebekah), and they notice that perhaps their eldest son is in “want of a wife.” But similar to his father in many ways, Alex is reserved in company, not comfortable conversing with the fairer sex, and heavily pursued as a prime matrimonial prize. Both Darcy and Elizabeth decide to lend a helping hand to their son so he can find the forever kind of love they have had the good fortune to enjoy these past twenty-five years… Continue reading »

Mar 232019

An Unsuspecting and Undistinguished Character Transforms into a Heroine!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

With three Bennet daughters marrying for love at the close of Pride and Prejudice, the two remaining unmarried daughters (Mary and Kitty) have always aroused curiosity and speculation. What kind of futures are in store for these ladies? Do they find their own happiness? Do they marry for love? Many writers have been inspired to pick up their pens and compose tales that flesh out these characters and continue their lives beyond what Jane Austen wrote. While there are dozens of stories that spotlight Mary Bennet, there are decidedly less that feature Kitty Bennet, who is famous for her coughing and for mindlessly being under Lydia’s influence. In Carrie Kablean’s debut novel she shines a spotlight on Kitty and reveals the events of Kitty’s life the year after her sisters marry. Continue reading »

Mar 132019

A Vendetta for Vengeance Delivers Devastating Developments

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Sequel to a Modern Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Mature Audiences

TIMELINE: Several weeks after Without a Conscience

NOTE: This book is a sequel to a sequel, and it is recommended to read the first and second books of this series prior to this one.

SERIES: The Conscience Series 

SYNOPSIS: While the Obsidian team accomplished most of their goals with Operation Macarena, they were unsuccessful with the bigger objectives of eliminating Juan (Diablo) Sanchez Moralez and destroying his drug, weapons, and human trafficking empire. And since Diablo has vendetta against Obsidian assassin Fitzwilliam (Iceman) Darcy for killing his father, the Obsidian team knows he is coming for them. They just don’t when or how…What happens when Diablo does strike? What can Iceman do to firmly put an end to Diablo’s empire while protecting the life of the one he holds most dear…What happens if he is unsuccessful? Continue reading »