Jul 262019

Happy Friday, readers! As you might have seen earlier this week the Audible audiobook for Rational Creatures was released! Woot woot! 🎉 And today we are happy to welcome the narrator of this lovely collection, Victoria Riley to Austenesque Reviews for a little tête-à-tête. We hope you enjoy!

Hi Victoria, it is so lovely to have a chance to chat with you! We are great admirers of Rational Creatures and we are so excited that this lovely anthology is now available on Audible audiobook. How about we start by talking a little bit about Jane Austen. Have you read/seen/heard of any Jane Austen novels prior to this project?

Yes, absolutely. I devoured all of Jane Austen’s novels in my teens. I’m a huge fan of the classics and Jane Austen is one of my favourites. The only one I hadn’t read was Lady Susan, so it was wonderful to be introduced to a work with which I wasn’t familiar. I loved the idea of exploring the characters in different ways and narrating a collection of short stories was particularly appealing. Fully narrating and producing an eighteen hour book is a considerable undertaking, but with short stories, each one feels like a new project, so it’s a lovely way to work.

That is wonderful to hear that you enjoyed working on this project, Victoria, and that you were already familiar with most of Jane Austen’s novels and characters! Do you have a favorite Jane Austen novel? What do you like about Jane Austen?

I love her heroines with their wit and wisdom. The idea of living in a time during which marriage is viewed as your sole option for progression in life is terrifying to me. The way that Jane Austen examines, questions and mocks these social constructs is wonderful. My favourite is Mansfield Park, because it’s darker and more disturbing than the others. Continue reading »