May 082019


Hello, dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome back author Suzan Lauder to Austenesque Reviews today!  And she is here to celebrate her newest release, The Mists of Her Memory, which sounds fascinating – so full of suspense and intrigue! What happened to Elizabeth? Why are the keeping Mr. Darcy from Elizabeth? Will Elizabeth recover her memories I must find out!!  Today Suzan shares a lovely “deleted scene” from her new release where Elizabeth and Darcy meet for the first time!

Elizabeth Meets Darcy at a Private Ball—The Mist of Her Memory Vignette

This vignette is an original work written specifically for Austenesque Reviews and The Mist of Her Memory blog tour followers. It’s an alternate point of view to the scene in Chapter 15 of The Mist of Her Memory, a Regency romantic suspense and mystery novel based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Continue reading »

May 032019

Happy May, everyone!! I feel like I have been barely around my blog lately and I want you all to know I am missing it so much!! 😩 Work has been keeping me soooo busy this year! 🤯 We have been making lots of improvements, and they are taking a lot of time an energy. I’m also in the process of hiring new teachers because of our exciting growth. I’ve hired 3 new teachers in 2019 so far, and am hoping to hire 2 more before the summer!! 🤞🏼And then hopefully, I can spend more time interacting on my blog!!

But other than work, the weather has started to turn nice and I have been trying to be outside as much as I can!

Early in April I got to visit my cousin and her daughter and check out 2Cellos in NYC, which was so much fun!!

And for Spring Break, Mr. Bingley and I went to our first National Park – Great Smoky Mountains. Continue reading »

Jan 122018

What If Mr. Collins Was Incredibly Handsome?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

In A Most Handsome Gentleman, author Suzan Lauder shines a spotlight of the boorish and ridiculous Mr. Collins…and by “shines a spotlight” I mean she gives him an incredible make over…and now he is gorgeous (ahem. On the outside.) With his tall height, broad shoulders, perfect physique, appealing features, and graceful comportment, Mr. Collins’s physical attributes are more arresting than any other male characters’ in Pride and Prejudice. And doesn’t he know it! Mr. Collins was full of pompous conceit before, but now since he über attractive he acts like he is God’s gift to humanity. *rolls eyes*

While the whole of Meryton and Elizabeth’s family are entranced by Mr. Collins’ startling and alluring good looks, the charm of his outward beauty begins to fade on Elizabeth Bennet as she hears more and more of the arrogant and narcissistic nonsense he spouts. His elevated opinions of himself, his social standing, and his prospects, leads Mr. Collins to stubbornly insist on pursuing his settled choice of Jane Bennet as his future bride, even after Mrs. Bennet gentle tries to divert his attentions elsewhere. What will Mr. Bingley say? Continue reading »