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Col Fitz coverA Grand Romantic Adventure for Colonel Fitzwilliam!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

After the completion of his wonderfully perceptive and thoughtfully-rendered Darcy’s Tale trilogy, Stanley Michael Hurd has once again put pen to paper to tell the tale of another beloved Austenesque character. While Colonel Fitzwilliam may only be a secondary character in Pride and Prejudice, in Mr. Hurd’s hands he is transformed into an honorable hero worthy of our attention and admiration.

Our story begins two years after the close of Pride and Prejudice with a dispirited Colonel, bored from inactivity and dejected about his lack of accomplishment with his career. Even though peace is established between France and England and the war is declared over, Colonel Fitzwilliam is assigned an espionage mission in France to determine what Bonaparte’s intentions are and if he is indeed preparing for another war. A mission of this magnitude is just the kind of employment our dear Colonel was wanting, the only thing is…it comes as a most awkward time. Just last night the Colonel met a lady he feels very much taken with – Miss Emily Chelwood. Continue reading »

Oct 282015


Hello my dear friends!  I’m so very excited to welcome author Stanley Michael Hurd back to Austenesque Reviews today!  As you may remember from this review, this review, aaaaaaaand this one…I’m quite a big fan of Mr. Hurd’s writing!  When he told me his new book, Colonel Fitzwilliam and The Countess Sainte Toulours, was soon to be released, I was elated as I love the idea of getting more of a male perspective of Jane Austen’s men!  I hope you enjoy Mr. Hurd’s post and the little excerpt he has to share with you all today!

I am so very happy to be back here with you, Meredith, and all your friends. I really do Stan_Hurdnot know a more congenial spot, and I have very much looked forward to being back these last few months as I was finishing up Colonel Fitzwilliam. It is a beautiful New England autumn morning here, although I have not been able to get out into it, as my hip was replaced a week ago (gosh, that sounds like such an old-guy thing to say! Yikes!), and I am tethered to my computer. At least I am tethered here in Meredith’s parlour, communing with such a nice collection of people. Although, based on the results of her survey, I am one of only two or three males who ever stop by; what’s up with that? Gentlemen, wake up! What can be more pleasant and relieving than to be vastly outnumbered in gentle discourse with informed and amiable ladies? Regardless of the general thick-headedness of my sex, I am delighted to be here.

In my new book, Colonel Fitzwilliam has set himself on the path of accomplishment, in hopes of one day earning honours similar to those his brother enjoys so undeservedly. To that end, he has committed himself to playing a significant role in bringing down Napoleon, and his efforts are being recognized by his superiors’ sending him to France during the Peace of Amiens. His commission is to uncover any preparations for continuing the war that may be seen in the French heartland. Intelligence has assigned one of their agents, Señor de Esparza y las Cruces de Elizondo y Maturin (yes, he is called Esparza, and yes, he’s named after our hostess!) to help him, and together they set forth on a long journey through France. Unfortunately, the Colonel has met, on the very evening before receiving his commission, a young lady who immediately wins his heart, even without ever having intended to do so. She is Miss Emily Chelwood, and I just love her. She is a sweet, gentle creature, intelligent, and invariably composed; at least until she finds herself in love with a military man, whose duties tend to get in the way of their romance. While their love is never in question, their future together is, and we watch as they try to manage the many forces, both at home and abroad, that stand between their love and enduring happiness. From time to time they get an assist from Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, and solid support from the Colonel’s parents, in dealing with some of the obstacles to their love affair. Continue reading »

Oct 052015


Happy October to you readers!  Boy, did September just fly by!  It wasn’t very a very eventful month here for Mr. Bingley and me…just a lot of working (with school back in session, the music studio has been extra busy!)  Summer is officially over!

As I’m sure you saw, we had our share of celebrations here last month!  Thank you so much to all of you who shared such lovely thoughts and words during my blogiversary and participated in our Clueless Celebration Weekend!  Blogging is something I love and want to do because of the amazing and kind people I can connect with on a daily basis!  And I definitely plan on doing it for a long time!


On Saturday my brother and I went to our biannual library book sale and boy did I have luck on my side!  I feel like Lydia Bennet from the LBD saying this…but “check out my haul!”  I already own copies of the bottom two, but I grabbed them anyway to do some fun giveaways with!  Continue reading »