Jul 192019

The Essence of Jane Austen Infused With Bold Indian-American Zest

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

TYPE OF NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Modern Adaptation

SETTING: San Fransisco, Present Day


  • Dr. Trisha Raje: A brilliant neurosurgeon who developed life-saving technology to help operate on brain tumors comes from a titled Indian family living in California. She is horrible at relationships, feels banned from her family, and has a strong mistrust of others due to appalling events that happened a few years back.
  • DJ Caine: A talented chef who abandoned his life and career in Paris to take care of his sister who has a brain tumor. He is trying to stay above the expensive doctor bills by catering fancy events for the elite such as Trisha’s family.

Due to their professions Trisha and DJ are constantly being thrown together. And after a few contentious encounters and misguided prejudgments, their opinions of each other could not be lower. With such critical outcomes at stake, how will Trisha’s and DJ’s animosity effect the delicate and important work they are involved in? Can these two ever learn to understand each other, or has their unpleasant encounters together “built so immovable a dislike?” Continue reading »