Jul 152019

Happy Monday friends! I’m very excited to welcome back Victoria Kincaid to Austenesque Reviews today! We always love it when Victoria comes to visit, but we are especially eager to celebrate Victoria’s visit today as she has just released a new Pride and Prejudice modern-adaptation titled Darcy in Hollywood. We are such ardent fans of her first modern P&P – President Darcy!

Today, Victoria shares the progression/transformation of  her cover design for Darcy in Hollywoodwhich we are excited to learn more about because we loved seeing the earlier cover designs for President Darcy last year.

Hi Meredith and thank you for having me back as a guest!

People often ask me how I get my covers made. I hire a cover designer who does a terrific job. Since she’s done my other covers, she knows the general “look” and keeps the covers consistent. I emailed her with the title and a little information about the book, suggesting images that might work for the cover. Although I make the final decision about the cover, I’m not a particularly visual person and I’m grateful I don’t have to design it myself.

It’s a collaborative process where we go back and forth by email to refine the image. For Darcy in Hollywood, this was the first version she sent me:

I loved the warm “old Hollywood” glow she gave the cover—and the touches of black, a color I would never have chosen myself. However, I didn’t like the model and I wasn’t crazy about the background. To me, skyscrapers don’t really suggest Hollywood. I asked the designer for a more informal look for Darcy and a background that evoked Hollywood. Continue reading »

Jul 122019

Hi dear friends! I’m so excited to welcome Heather Moll – a special debut author – to Austenesque Reviews today! I was so excited to see that Heather is publishing her first book with Meryton Press! Especially so because she was a long-time reader and participant on my blog. (Heather, I looked it up, your first comment here was in August 2011!) I think it is so awesome that we’ve “known” each other for so long and that now you are visiting my blog as an author!! Congrats, my friend! I’m thrilled and honored to host your cover reveal today!

~ From the Author ~

Thank you so much Meredith for hosting a cover reveal for His Choice of a Wife and for letting me visit with your readers. I’ve been a fan of this blog for years and it gives me a thrill—mixed with a healthy amount of butterflies in my stomach—to be on this side of one of your posts. I’ve loved Jane Austen for fifteen years and have been writing about her characters for almost as long, so I am very proud to share my first story with all of you.

This project began years ago as a quiet little hobby to occupy me as a new stay-at-home mom, but it grew into something much more! What started as a short story— that I still wasn’t certain I would let anyone read— quickly moved beyond what needed to happen to get a still-improving Darcy and Elizabeth together sooner after Hunsford. What if Wickham suspects Darcy’s interest? What could happen in Brighton? What else could go wrong before the inevitable happy ever after?

This Austen and JAFF community has brought a lot of joy into my life and I’m so happy to contribute something of my own and share it and its gorgeous cover with my fellow Austenesque Admirers here today! Continue reading »

Jul 102019

Hello friends! Yesterday, author Beau North celebrated her long-awaited, much-anticipated release of The Colonel. Which is a companion novel to her magnificent, IPPY-winning Pride and Prejudice retelling – Longbourn’s Songbird – a story we think is just phenomenal, and is one of our favorites (see: HERE, HERE and HERE!)

Today Beau is sharing the fascinating real-life inspiration for some of the characters/relationships that appear in both stories. We hope you enjoy!

Hello Austenesque Reviews readers and a big thanks to you, Meredith, for hosting me today!

It’s so exciting for me to finally share my favorite elements of The Colonel after so many years of writing and rewriting this book! One aspect of both this book and Longbourn’s Songbird that I’m most proud of is one relationship in particular, so fair warning if you haven’t read Longbourn’s Songbird, spoilers abound!

Pride may be over for this year, but it’s never too late to discuss the queer love story that serves as the backbone for both books. Charlotte and Anne are probably my favorite couple, two women who both know their own mind, who move heaven and earth to get what they want and to make the other happy. They’re the other side of the Elizabeth/Darcy coin in Longbourn’s Songbird. Continue reading »