Jul 152019

Happy Monday friends! I’m very excited to welcome back Victoria Kincaid to Austenesque Reviews today! We always love it when Victoria comes to visit, but we are especially eager to celebrate Victoria’s visit today as she has just released a new Pride and Prejudice modern-adaptation titled Darcy in Hollywood. We are such ardent fans of her first modern P&P – President Darcy!

Today, Victoria shares the progression/transformation of  her cover design for Darcy in Hollywoodwhich we are excited to learn more about because we loved seeing the earlier cover designs for President Darcy last year.

Hi Meredith and thank you for having me back as a guest!

People often ask me how I get my covers made. I hire a cover designer who does a terrific job. Since she’s done my other covers, she knows the general “look” and keeps the covers consistent. I emailed her with the title and a little information about the book, suggesting images that might work for the cover. Although I make the final decision about the cover, I’m not a particularly visual person and I’m grateful I don’t have to design it myself.

It’s a collaborative process where we go back and forth by email to refine the image. For Darcy in Hollywood, this was the first version she sent me:

I loved the warm “old Hollywood” glow she gave the cover—and the touches of black, a color I would never have chosen myself. However, I didn’t like the model and I wasn’t crazy about the background. To me, skyscrapers don’t really suggest Hollywood. I asked the designer for a more informal look for Darcy and a background that evoked Hollywood. Continue reading »

Jul 052019

Persuaded By Peer Pressure and Fear of Social Suicide

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF NOVEL: Persuasion Modern Adaptation, Young Adult

SETTING: Los Angeles, Present-Day

SYNOPSIS: When she was a freshman, Anna Eliot was secretly dating her short and nerdy carpool friend, Finn Westbrook. That is until he wanted to dance with her at the semi-formal and she rejected him in front of everyone. Even though her actions filled her with regret, Anna was never able to make it right because Finn’s family soon moved away and he transferred to a different school. Now Finn is back for senior year at Sterling Woods High, and he is taller, broader, and less socially awkward. Finn is easily accepted by Anna’s friends this time around, but now acts completely indifferent towards her Continue reading »

Mar 252019

Happy Monday, my friends! I am so excited to start this week with a visit from author Leigh Dreyer!! You may have seen she just released her second book in her Pride in Flight series – The Flight Path Less Traveled!!  Woot!! We loved Book 1The Best Laid Flight Plans – and we are so wanting to spend more time in the US Airforce/Military Base atmosphere Ms. Dreyer created! Today Leigh is sharing a lovely (and adorable) excerpt from her new book. We hope you enjoy!

*This excerpt does contain a spoiler for those who haven’t read Book One – The Best Laid Flight Plans.

Excerpt from Chapter Nine of The Flight Path Less Traveled

When he returned home late that Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth was in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal and reading a book. Hunched over her bowl, clearly focused on the story, she repeatedly tilted the spoon, spilling milk back into the bowl instead of keeping it straight.

She looked up at him and grinned—her mouth full of what looked like Lucky Charms. He grinned back, amused by the picture she made dressed in a t-shirt and jeans that clung to her perfectly, showing off her petite yet curvy frame.

He pulled her carefully out of her chair to his lap and kissed her cereal sweet lips, so happy to have her in his arms again.

“I’m glad you’re back.” Continue reading »