Jun 192019

Hi readers! I hope you are enjoying a great week! I am so excited to be welcoming a brand new-to-me author to Austenesque Reviews today – Kelly Miller! I understand Kelly has been writing for a long time and I am so happy to see that she is debuting her first book this month – Death Takes a Holiday at PemberleyI’m not one to gravitate towards fantasy stories, but this one definitely has me intrigued! Poor Mr. Darcy escapes a near-death experience and now an angel of death is paying him a visit with lots of demands!

Pomfret Cakes

In Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley, an ailing, elderly tenant at Pemberley is shown to have a preference for confections referred to as Pomfret Cakes. The lady is quite appreciative when Mrs. Darcy thoughtfully brings her a jar of them. Some readers might be confused at the true identity of a Pomfret Cake. Is it a cake or is it candy? A Pomfret cake is actually a small, round, piece of liquorice candy that was first produced in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England. They have also been called Pomfrey cakes and more recently, Pontefract cakes. (Pomfret is an old Norman word for Pontefract.)

As far back as ancient Egypt, a sweet liquid liquorice mixture was favored by prophets and pharaohs, who believed it had healing properties. Beginning in 1612, Pomfret cakes were being produced and stamped with the castle lodge emblem of Pontefract, along with the initials “G S,” which is thought to stand for Sir George Savile, a prominent local land-owner. These Pomfret cakes were used as medicine for people and horses, In fact, the flavinoids in the liquorice root have been proven to be effective in reducing stomach discomfort. Continue reading »

Jun 052019

Hi dear friends!

I hope your June is off to a great start! I think I’m feeling very relieved for May to be over…it ended up being a little too stressful for work for me with recitals, hiring people, summer transition, etc. I’m hoping June will be much better! 🤞🏼

Amongst all the work…and stress 😩 we were able to enjoy some bits of fun.

My brother and I enjoyed a ‘sibling hike’ in glorious 80 degree weather. 🥵😉

We did an impressive 7 miles worth of hiking! (impressive for us!)😉 Continue reading »