Jul 302014

Full Steam AheadStrong Characters, Sweet Romance, and Serious Obstacles

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

TYPE OF NOVEL: Historical Romance, Christian Fiction

SETTING: Texas, 1851

MAIN CHARACTERS: Nicole Renard, a feisty, quick-minded, and courageous heiress with a talent for mathematics and an obligation to save her family from a nefarious family. Darius Thornton, a man haunted by trauma in his past, has become obsessed with finding a solution to boiler explosions on steamships and lives as a recluse in Texas.

WHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL: While I do like to live by the credo β€œall Jane Austen, all the time,” I do enjoy dipping my toe into some historical romances that introduce me to a whole new cast of characters and take me to different places and eras in history. When I want a satisfying and illuminating historical romance that has some hints of faith mixed in, Karen Witemeyer is an author I’ve come to trust to get the balance just right. Continue reading »

Jul 262013

StealingThePreacher_NEW_Dec (1)Heartwarming Relationships and Inspiring Messages

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

The one thing Joanna Robbins truly desires for her twenty-first birthday is a preacher. For months and years Joanna has been praying for a preacher to come to her community. A preacher would be able to bring her father to Christ and help resurrect their now neglected and abandoned church – two missions very important to her. Joanna misses worshiping with her friends and neighbors; and without her mother around, she needs someone to help save her father’s soul.

By some underhand, dubious, (and illegal means) Joanna receives a preacher for her birthday – Crockett Archer, a young man on his way to interview for a much hoped for full-time preaching position in a nearby county. Even though Crockett admires Joanna’s passion and conviction, he firmly believes that he is not the answer to her prayers. Want to make God laugh, Crockett Archer…tell Him your plans! Continue reading »