Jul 222019

Hello friends! I’m very excited to welcome back one of my long-time favorite authors, Karen M. Cox, to Austenesque Reviews today! I’m pretty sure everyone here knows who Karen is, but if you don’t – she is a talented Austenesque writer that pens some wonderful Austen-Inspired retellings (a.k.a. Austen-Inspired stories taking place in other eras). Karen is here to celebrate a special re-release of one of her Austen-Inspired retellings – Undeceived, which is a Pride and Prejudice retelling that takes place in the 1980s!

We hope you enjoy Karen’s visit!

Hello, lovely readers! Thank you to Meredith for inviting me here to Austenesque Reviews.

I’m Karen Cox, the author of the upcoming re-release of Undeceived: Pride and Prejudice in the Spy Game. It’s a Cold War Era spy novel variation—an extension of a story that means so much to me.

I love the way Jane Austen can delightfully entertain us while giving us advice about the human condition. I don’t know if any other author does that with quite the same light and easy touch, all with a side-helping of satire and humor.

Austen’s themes were what made me want to extend her characters into other eras and stories. For me, the themes were always what mattered most.

And following where the characters led me was fun, an exercise in curiosity. I can hardly ever resist one of those!

So, put on your meta-thinking caps, my friends! We’re going to mull over the … Continue reading »

Jul 032019

Happy July, readers! Boy, did June go so fast! Did you enjoy your first month of summer?

We had an amazing trip that took place in June… ✈️

A trip that took us to see Paul McCartney in concert!!! AHHHHH! 🤗

We missed the boat on tickets when he was touring in our area, and when more became available we decided we had to go (I’m a big Beatles fan and Mr. Bingley has become one too since he married me!) no matter where. 👐🏼 Continue reading »

Jan 062019

Hi friends!! I hope you are enjoying a great weekend! I am very excited to welcome back author Karen Cox to Austenesque Reviews today! Karen is gearing up to release an audiobook for her lovely Emma retelling –  I Could Write a Book. Which I read (and loved) last year! Karen is here today sharing a lovely interview between herself and her audiobook’s narrator – Emily Rahm! We hope you enjoy!! 

Hello gentle readers!

I’m so happy to be back here at Austenesque Reviews. Thanks for inviting me, Meredith!

I’m stopping by because I have some exciting news—an audiobook version of my 1970s Emma adaptation, titled I Could Write a Book, is available on the Amazon, Apple Books and Audible platforms!

I Could Write a Book tells the story of Emma Woodhouse—handsome, clever, and rich, as we all know, right? She’s the daughter of old money in Kentucky Bluegrass Horse Country, circa 1975. Emma considers herself a modern woman; she’s finishing her degree in psychology and taking care of her father’s health problems with grace and ease. She knows what’s right for everyone: her friend Tim Elton, who wants to be a politician; her beloved aunt, Nina Taylor; her brand new best friend, Mary Jo Smith; and even her oldest, bestest friend, George Knightley.

George, whose brother is married to Emma’s sister, has also been in and out of Emma’s life, even when they were kids. He went across the country to California for college, but he returned, attending law school in Kentucky and trying to fulfill his destiny—running the Knightley and Woodhouse law firm and managing the sprawling Donwell Horse Farms.

I loved writing the comedy of manners in the insular, mannerly community of Central Kentucky in the 70s. It’s the perfect story for an audiobook rendering, and that’s why I’m so thrilled to introduce you all today to Emily Rahm, I Could Write a Book ‘s narrator.

Emily and I sat down recently to discuss voice over work, how acting helps with story narrations, and why Emma ? It was so much fun to chat with her, so I wanted to share the conversation with all of you as well. Continue reading »