Apr 242019

Happy Wednesday, readers!! I am very excited to welcome back Jayne Bamber to Austenesque Reviews today! Jayne, as you might remember, released her debut novel Happier in Her Friends Than Relations, not too long ago. And today she is back to celebrate her newest release – Unexpected Friends and Relations. While we haven’t read this series just yet, we have enjoyed all that we have heard about it and our exchanges with Jayne! Jayne planned an extra fun post to share with you today and we were thrilled to take part in the discussion with her. We hope you will share your thoughts with us too!

Villainy & Vindication

By Jayne Bamber

The Friends & Relations series imagines a world where all of Austen’s characters from her six completed novels, and the unfinished fragment Sanditon, are all connected through either friendship or family relation. Familiar heros and heroines are thrown together in unlikely ways, and though Lizzy and Darcy get their happy ending, a lot of other couples are re-imagined, and get a HEA with someone from an entirely different novel, or even an original character. All the familiar villains of Austen’s works make an appearance, too, though many of them have rather different story arcs. Some are painted as even worse schemers than we had even known them to be, some are surprisingly redeemed, and some are ruined or even killed off!

The villains Jane Austen imagined are, to me, some of her best characters, and I’ve had a wonderful time toying with them, even getting into their heads a little too much, at times. In the first book, Happier in her Friends than Relations, which largely focuses on Elizabeth Bennet and Marianne Brandon nee Dashwood, I have a great time getting into Wickham’s head, and the scenes with him reacting to both Lydia Bennet and Evil Jane were some of my favorites to write. Continue reading »

Apr 032019


Hi friends! How is April treating you so far?  Have you seen some signs of Spring yet? 🌱

I must say, I’m a little happy March is over. It was a very busy month for work for both Mr. Bingley and myself. And the worst part of it is Mr. Bingley had to travel for his work…3 weekends out of 5, plus a full week in between! 😫

I missed him terribly, and we both did not like being away from each other so often.  (Our weekend time together is precious!) The good news is there are no work trips scheduled for April! Woot! Just fun trips for both of us!! 😝

And I guess, one upside of him traveling is that I read 8 books in one month! That has to be a record for me! Okay…so 2 of them were novellas and 2 of them were rereads that I didn’t have to write a review for, but still I’m happy to have read so much! 📚📚 Continue reading »

Jan 142019

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you enjoyed a lovely and restful weekend! I’m excited to welcome a debut author to Austenesque Reviews today! If you haven’t already met her, Jayne Bamber is a new Austenesque author that just released a Pride and Prejudice variation – Happier in Her Friends Than Relations, which also includes some characters from Sense and Sensibility! Check out Jayne’s post where she shares the surprising fate for one of Jane Austen’s characters…

Use of Deadly Farce

By Jayne Bamber, Author of Happier in Her Friends Than Relations

I’m so excited to be here, and tell you all about my new release, Happier in Her Friends Than Relations. I should warn you, though, that this post will contain a few spoilers about the book, for those of you that haven’t read it yet. On the other hand, the spoilers are about an event that I think a lot of Austen fans would really enjoy, and there are boiled potatoes involved….

The excerpt I’ll be sharing with you today is one of my favorite scenes in the book, and it almost didn’t make it into the story because the whole time I was writing it, I was laughing maniacally and growing increasingly certain this chapter was entirely too preposterous for the serious, angsty book I wanted to write. As some of you may know, I was posting chapters weekly on A Happy Assembly as well as Archive of Our Own, and this particular chapter incited far more comments than I usually received, most of which were enthusiastic about the events that took place in this part of the story.

Continue reading »