Jan 212019

Happy Monday friends! I’m very excited to welcome back Victoria Kincaid to Austenesque Reviews today! I just read and ADORED one of her releases from last year – The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy (which is now available in Audible audiobook format! 🙌🏼) And I am super excited to see that her newest release – Darcy and Deception – again involves some danger and espionage! Today Victoria shares a bit about the Prince Regent’s role in her novel Darcy and Deception. We hope you enjoy!

Hello Meredith and thank you for welcoming me to your blog! In the process of conducting research into Brighton for Darcy and Deception I found that the Prince Regent’s presence loomed large over the town during the Regency era. In fact, the prince’s patronage made Brighton fashionable and helped it grow popular as a resort town.

He first visited Brighton in 1783 at the age of 21, enjoying the town’s entertainments. His doctor also recommended sea water as a treatment for his gout. Eventually he purchased a property and expanded the existing house through two impressive renovation projects to create the Royal Pavilion. His mistress, Maria Fitzherbert, owned a house in Brighton, not far from the prince’s residence.

His extravagance during the Regency time period was legendary. He spent days riding, promenading and sea-dipping, and whiled away his nights eating, drinking, and partying. His drinking and banqueting took a toll on his health. By 1797 he weighted 245 pounds (111 kg), and in his later years he suffered from arteriosclerosis, peripheral edema (“dropsy”), episodes of breathlessness, and possibly porphyria. Below is a lithograph of the prince’s profile, which certainly suggests he was on the portly side. Perhaps his doctors should have recommended a healthier diet rather than sea-bathing. 😊 Continue reading »

Jan 182019

Trust and Truthfulness

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Begins several months after Darcy’s disastrous proposal at Hunsford Parsonage

SYNOPSIS: Mr. Darcy returns to Longbourn to once again attempt to win the heart Elizabeth Bennet, but before he ever has a chance at succeeding he learns the most horrifying news – Elizabeth Bennet is dead. Consumed with guilt and abject misery, Mr. Darcy travels to France to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding Elizabeth’s death and hopefully assist the crown by apprehending her murderer, who is an assumed French spy working under the code name ‘Black Cobra.’ Ill-equipped for telling falsehoods and acting like a spy, Darcy finds himself even more unprepared for the truth…the woman he is seeking to avenge is alive! Continue reading »

Jan 162019

Selfish Natures and Sharp Observations

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

I’ve finally made it…and it feels a long time coming! This is the sixth annotated edition I’ve read of a Jane Austen novel – a Christmas tradition I started back in December 2013! And this last one feels a significant triumph. One reason is because these last 3 weeks have been rather busy with holidays, travels, houseguests, and work obligations (not the best time to plan reading an 800+ page book!). Another reason is because Mansfield Park is the Jane Austen novel I’m least acquainted with – since I’ve only read it twice before and there has been a considerable amount of time since my last read… (over 10 years!). I’m happy to finally revisit with these old friends (not sure if the term ‘friends’ apply to to this group as many of them are insufferably selfish!) and read my sixth annotated edition! (For those who are interested in reading about my previous experiences reading an annotated Jane Austen work, see the bottom of this review.) Continue reading »