Apr 192019

Hi readers! I hope you all are enjoying a lovely week! I’m so sorry for being MIA, we’ve been camping in a place that has no internet or cell service! 🏕Talk about roughing it! 😮 But I am happy to pop in today and share this wonderful visit from our friend Lory Lilian!! As you may have seen Lory has a new book coming out soon (in 7 days to be precise!) 🤗 and we are so excited to learn more about her latest work! We hope you enjoy the enticing excerpt Lory has brought to share with you today!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here again! Visiting Meredith’s blog is always a pleasure and what better opportunity than presenting you my new book?

It is called A Trifling Cold and is already available for pre-order, on a special price. I confess I made this “pre-order” thing for the first time, after I asked the readers and they were 99 % in favor of it LOL.

Since we last met, I made some critical changes in my life. Some of them related to my writing, as I decided to put all my other jobs on a second plan and to write full time! So I finally worked on long started stories, long resting ideas and I hope to be able to publish much more often than in the past. (I have to since I am trying to make a living from my writing, right?)

In the future, I plan to try other genres too – but JAFF is my hobby, my passion, my escape in a dream world, so it will undoubtedly remain my main focus. I cannot have enough of Elizabeth and Darcy! Continue reading »

Apr 082019

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you enjoyed a lovely and restful weekend! I’m excited to welcome a debut author to Austenesque Reviews today! If you haven’t already met him, Marley Fulton is a new Austenesque author that just released a Pride and Prejudice variation – In A More Amiable Light! Marley is here today to meet all you lovely readers and share an excerpt from his new novella!

Dear Meredith, Thanks so much for having me – I am honored to visit your excellent blog and to introduce myself to your lovely readers. I will start by revealing a few details about me.

My name is Marley Fulton, I am 34, and I am spending my life between business and pleasure… Business is my job – I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, and I work in an International Pharma company.

Happiness is my family (my wife and my beautiful daughter) and my hobbies – and this is a subject on which I will talk a little more 🙂

I have spent my youth practicing all kinds of sports, but one has brought me enormous satisfaction because I have come to my country’s national football team. I am still doing it – as a hobby – and, although I enjoyed reading, I never imagined I would one day started to write – and even less so Jane Austen inspired stories! Continue reading »

Mar 252019

Happy Monday, my friends! I am so excited to start this week with a visit from author Leigh Dreyer!! You may have seen she just released her second book in her Pride in Flight series – The Flight Path Less Traveled!!  Woot!! We loved Book 1The Best Laid Flight Plans – and we are so wanting to spend more time in the US Airforce/Military Base atmosphere Ms. Dreyer created! Today Leigh is sharing a lovely (and adorable) excerpt from her new book. We hope you enjoy!

*This excerpt does contain a spoiler for those who haven’t read Book One – The Best Laid Flight Plans.

Excerpt from Chapter Nine of The Flight Path Less Traveled

When he returned home late that Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth was in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal and reading a book. Hunched over her bowl, clearly focused on the story, she repeatedly tilted the spoon, spilling milk back into the bowl instead of keeping it straight.

She looked up at him and grinned—her mouth full of what looked like Lucky Charms. He grinned back, amused by the picture she made dressed in a t-shirt and jeans that clung to her perfectly, showing off her petite yet curvy frame.

He pulled her carefully out of her chair to his lap and kissed her cereal sweet lips, so happy to have her in his arms again.

“I’m glad you’re back.” Continue reading »