May 202011

A Beautiful Homage to Sense and Sensibility

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom

Ellen and Mimi Dodge are two sisters with personalities that do not mesh well together. Separated by several states, they’ve grown apart and their relationship has somewhat deteriorated over the years. But since it is their mother’s last wish, Ellen and Mimi are traveling to England together to find an appropriate place to scatter their mother’s ashes. Their mother, anticipating her death from cancer, prepared for her daughters to take a Jane Austen walking tour of Hampshire, England, which includes walks to Stevenson Rectory, Jane Austen’s House Museum, and Winchester Cathedral. It was her greatest desire that her daughters would discover the greatness of Jane Austen and establish a strong sisterly bond. And so, Ellen and Mimi, neither of them Jane Austen fans, embark on this overseas adventure with very little enthusiasm or excitement, completely unaware of all the adventure, romance, and self-discovery that awaits them!

The Dashwood Sisters Tell All is the third book in Beth Pattillo’s “Formidable” series. In previous books, our heroines have encountered members of the Formidables (a secret society of select Austen scholars that safely guard and conserve a massive collection of letters and documents that belonged to Jane Austen) and have unearthed the “secrets” of Jane Austen’s life. In this tale, Ellen and Mimi find something that belongs to Cassandra Austen that discloses some unknown truths about her relationship with Jane. Continue reading »

Mar 112011

The Dashwood Sisters Tell All

Author – Beth Pattillo

Type of Austenesque Novel – Austen-Inspired, Contemporary Fiction

Release Date – April 1, 2011

Pages – 272

Available in –  trade paperback

Available at – and





Following Jane Austen Ruined My Life and Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart, Beth Pattillo returns with her new novel. Inspired by Sense and Sensibility, The Dashwood Sisters Tell All follows two modern-day sisters as they set out on a walking tour of Jane Austen’s England and uncover what might actually be Jane’s long-lost diary.

Ellen and Mimi Dodge have never been close, but their mother’s dying wish sends them on a walking tour of Hampshire, England, that follows in the footsteps of Jane Austen. Their mother also left them something else: a diary that belonged to Jane’s sister Cassandra. These pages shed light on the secrets that nearly tore the Austen sisters apart and inspired one of the greatest love stories of all time. They also bring Jane to life in a way that no one has ever seen before: through the eyes of her sister. As the Dodge sisters embark on their walking tour, they too are drawn together in ways they never expected. They also discover that Cassandra’s diary holds secrets, and someone doesn’t want Ellen and Mimi to discover the truth. As they stumble on their way toward love, the women learn how Jane and Cassandra Austen inspired the original Marianne and Elinor Dashwood and come to realize that despite their very different personalities, they are a vital part of each other’s happy endings.


  • A walking tour of Hampshire, England?  Sounds divine!
  • I love contemporary fiction novels that take place in England.
  • Having read and enjoyed Ms. Pattillo’s to previous novels, I am greatly anticipating this one!
  • I wonder if we will see any of Ms. Parrot, Harriet, or any other member of “The Formidables?”
  • This one sounds very intriguing with all the talk about secrets…
  • Another cover with a beautiful red dress.  I like this ongoing theme.
  • This would be great for Austenprose’s Sense and Sensibility Bicentenary Challenge

What are your thoughts?


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Jul 092010

What was Jane Austen’s First Impressions?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Giveaway Win

Claire Prescott, an unemployed pediatrics office manager, has spent her whole life suppressing her desires and sacrificing her needs in order to properly care for her younger sister. Our heroine and her sister have suffered the unfortunate tragedy of losing both mother and father in a car accident many years ago, and Claire has been selflessly living her life for others ever since. Because her pregnant sister, Missy, is unable to fly, Claire has obligingly agreed to take her place at a Jane Austen seminar in Oxford, England. While some Janeites would squeal with delight at such fortuity, Claire finds Mr. Darcy to be a bit overrated. Even though she is going on this trip as a favor to her sister, Claire ends up benefiting from this experience more than she ever anticipated…

Upon arrival in Oxford, Claire meets the exceptionally handsome, wealthy, and of course, arrogant James Beaufort, who is also attending the Jane Austen seminar. Claire’s spine-tingling attraction for James and his undisguised interest in her fills Claire with confusion and excitement. Claire’s recent frustration with her inattentive and self-absorbed boyfriend, Neil, seems to be forgotten as this real-live Mr. Darcy (James) intently pursues her. Is there an ulterior motive for James interest in Claire? Will Claire end her relationship with Neil for James? Continue reading »