Dec 122016

fitzwilliamdarcy_frontcoverprint-1Don’t Worry, Tomorrow Will Be Better…Unless Of Course it is Exactly the Same as Today!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Authors

TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Begins with the Netherfield Ball and fixates on the day Darcy proposes at Hunsford Parsonage

MAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine, and Charlotte Collins

SYNOPSIS: Darcy finds himself in a ‘Groundhog Day’ type scenario. Every morning he wakes up to relive the same day again. But the worst of it is, the day he relives is the most terrible day of his life, the day of his ill-fated proposal to Elizabeth Bennet. Not knowing why or how this strange time warp keeps happening Darcy strives to find a method to escape this purgatory! What does he need to do to make this day stop repeating?!? Continue reading »

Oct 122016


Hello readers!  I’m very excited to be participating in The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy Blog Tour and to be able to welcome author Beau North and Brooke West to Austenesque Reviews today!  It sounds like Mr. Darcy fitzwilliamdarcy_frontcoverprint-1finds himself in an extraordinary situation in this Pride and Prejudice variation!  I can’t wait to read it myself!  Today Beau and Brooke share a scene from their new release to whet your appetite!

First, we’d like to thank Meredith and Austenesque Reviews for being a part of our blog tour. We’re so looking forward to discussing this with you all in the comments! To give a little set up for this excerpt, we join Mr. Darcy in London in the months after his departure from Hertfordshire. He has been trying valiantly to forget a certain lady he met in Meryton, with very limited success. Unfortunately for him, he happens upon one of the few people who know him well enough to see through his pretenses—his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. His friendship with Colonel Fitzwilliam (here named Robert) is one of the more important relationships in his life, and their connection will be very important to Darcy further along in the story. We hope you enjoy! Continue reading »

Oct 052016


Hi readers!!  I hope you are doing well!  Anything new and exciting happening for you?

I don’t have much to report here.  Mr. Bingley has been playing in bands a lot and I’ve been busy with new students (we get a lot at this time of year.) 🙂  It looks like both of us have a busier work schedule now and it sometimes takes a little bit of time to adjustment to that. 🙂

We got quite use to our schedules from the summer and the amount of time we were able to spend together.  But now it is a little hard since Mr. Bingley might be working or traveling on the weekends when I’m off.  Happily though, I was able to come and see a couple of Mr. Bingley’s gigs this past month and that was fun!


Other than that, the big events of this past month were my blog turning 7! (I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be doing this for 7 years!)


And going to see Bridget Jones’s Baby with my mom. 🙂


Which we loved!  Bridget’s opening lip-sync song was fab, Bridget was wonderfully adorable, and Mark was amazing!  I would definitely recommend!

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