Jan 082014

Twelfth Night at LongbournKitty Bennet…the Social Pariah of Meryton (Thanks to dear Lydia!)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the fourth volume in the Given Good Principles series, and that it is recommended that Volume I, II, and III are read prior to reading this one – or at the least, Volume III All the Appearance of Goodness.)

What if all the Bennet daughters but Kitty were married? What if Lydia’s imprudent elopement was patched up in a way that still left a stain on the Bennet name? What if Kitty’s life consisted of a father who continues to ignore her, a mother that stays to her rooms, and a village that shuns her? Continue reading »

May 092013

An Alternate Path with Numerous Twists and Surprises!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars  

Source: Review Copy from Author

(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the third volume in the Given Good Principles series, and that it is recommended that volume one and two are read prior to reading this one.)

In volume one of Maria Grace’s Given Good Principles series, Darcy’s Decision, readers are introduced to a grief-stricken Darcy as he copes with the lost of his father and takes on the responsibilities he left behind. In volume two, The Future Mrs. Darcy, readers encounter Elizabeth Bennet as she tries to manage her sisters and keep their fragile reputation in tact. Both books follow Darcy and Elizabeth separately and can be labeled as prequels since they take place before Mr. Bingley’s arrival at Netherfield. Volume three is where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet finally meet and interact with each other. Mr. Darcy with a little less selfish disdain and Elizabeth with a little more understanding. Continue reading »

Nov 162012
Just as Excellent as Volume 1!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Volume One in the Given Good Principles series by Maria Grace asked the question: What if Darcy lost some of his pride and selfish conceit and began to undergo a reformation before he ever met Elizabeth Bennet? While Darcy’s Decision (Given Good Principles Volume One) centers upon Fitzwilliam Darcy in his pre-Pride and Prejudice days, The Future Mrs. Darcy (Given Good Principles Volume Two) follows Elizabeth Bennet and illustrates what events were occupying her life before a certain gentleman took up residence in Netherfield Park, begging the question: What if Elizabeth received a hefty dose of humility and reality before she ever set eyes on Mr. Darcy?

Ahhh. What a refreshing and splendidly unique series this is!! I am exceedingly enjoying the inventive twists, new characters, and changed circumstances Maria Grace has created through this series. While some Pride and Prejudicevariations may throw one or two wrenches into the plot, Ms. Grace has effectively thrown half a dozen, and you know what? They all seem to work. I am all eagerness to see how everything will pan out in the next and final installment of her trilogy! Continue reading »