Sep 262018

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! I’m very excited to welcome author Lizzy Brandon to Austenesque Reviews today! You may remember I read her first release – Folly and Forgiveness (and loved it!!!!) earlier this year! I’m so excited she is here celebrating her newest release – Recognizing Love! It sounds like an emotional and exhilarating read! Today, Lizzy shares a little about her experience writing Recognizing Love and an adorable scene (talking about Mr. Darcy, not Mrs. Bennet!) from her latest story.

Writing Recognizing Love taught me that books are like children in that each one is unique in ways you can’t anticipate, and that what worked for one may not work next time.

Last summer I was in the midst of hating my job and decided that I had nothing to lose by trying to write a book and seeing if writing could be a new career the way I had always dreamed. My first book, Folly and Forgiveness, took me three months from start to finish, so I assumed I could do that again. This time I would know what I was doing, so the process should actually be easier (stop laughing at me, all of you authors who know better). I had not realized how much of my first book I had worked out in my head long before I ever considered writing a word. Note to hopeful writers-to-be: your second book will not be easier than your first book. Continue reading »

Sep 212018

Hi sweet friends! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to celebrate this day with you!

Especially after last week!

It may seem like blogging is just a hobby or a way to spend your free time, but Austenesque Reviews has come to mean so much more to me – running this blog, interacting with readers who enjoy the same books as I do, and having the opportunity to work with authors contributes SOOOO much to my overall happiness. I don’t think it is something I could ever stop doing.

I’m so thankful for all the joy reading and blogging gives me. But I don’t think it would bring me anywhere near as much joy if it weren’t for the wonderful friends, authors, and readers who visit and discuss and share! ❤️

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your visits to my blog and for being a part of my life! I sincerely thank you! Continue reading »

Sep 192018

There are a lot of things I’m excited about with today’s author feature –

  1. It is a brand new author, Belén Paccagnella
  2. She is from Argentina
  3. Her debut book is a modern-day Pride and Prejudice with an equestrian theme
  4. And lastly, it is being published by Meryton Press!!

Today Belén is sharing a lovely vignette from her story, Obstacles. We hope you enjoy!

Thank you, Meredith, for hosting me during the tour for my book, Obstacles. This scene is titled, Home for the Weekend, which is a scene inspired by a picture that somehow up ended in Darcy’s phone. I hope your readers have fun reading it!


“Margaret!” Darcy called on entering the house. “I’m home!”

“Hi, Will!” It was Georgiana who came to greet him. “She’s out on an errand. I thought you were at Rosings.”

“Richard travelled to London so I preferred to come home for the weekend.” He dropped his bag on the floor and gave his little sister a tight hug. “And I thought you’d be in Manchester.”

“The girls are coming over tonight, and we’re going to the pub. They’ll stay for the weekend.”

“What girls?” He frowned as they walked together to the family room.

“Bridget and Roxanne, you know them.”

“Yes, I do,” he said with a smirk. “One of them passed out on my bed on your eighteenth birthday.”

“Yeah, Bridget. “ Georgiana smiled with fondness at the memory. “That was a great party.”

Darcy’s memories of that time weren’t as merry. The party spiralled out of control when the ‘girls’ smuggled tons of liquor into the house, and Pemberley was raided by an army of sloshed youths. That had been the start of the one of the worst weeks of his life. The following day, after cleaning up the mess, he drove to Devonshire and found Miss D nearly dead in her stall. Continue reading »