Apr 102017


Hello dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome back author Linda Beutler to Austenesque Reviews today! Linda’s first visit here was quite a few years back when she published her first Austenesque novel, The Red Chrysanthemum!  I’m so happy to have Linda here today to share an extra special exchange between Jane and Mr. Bingley (looks like she knows me well!) from her new release, My Mr. Darcy and Your Mr. Bingley!

Hi, Meredith! Thank you for hosting today’s stop on the blog tour for My Mr. Darcy and Your Mr. Bingley. I know the great affection you hold for Charles Bingley, and hope you will enjoy this tale of a Bingley who is just a bit more his own man. Just for you, and the readers at Austenesque Reviews, I include here an exchange of correspondence between Jane and Bingley not included in the story, but certainly easily imagined. If it were in the story, it would take place in Chapter 16, after Elizabeth and Darcy have met unexpectedly at the theatre. Jane and the Gardiners witness the awkwardness of this first “post-Hunsford” meeting, which does not go at all well! Continue reading »

Apr 052017


Happy April, friends!  I can’t tell you how happy I am this month is here!  And because you know I love me some lists, I’m listing the reasons why below!!!

1. Our BIG Studio Recital Series is DONE!  Some of you may remember that my day job is running a music lesson studio and teaching private lessons.  Well, on April 1st we  had our annual recital day.  In the past years we’ve done 3 recitals in the same day.  Now, the studio has grown so much that we ended up needing to do 4 recitals in one day!!! I was worried that it would be too strenuous a day for us teachers, but we made it through and everything went super smooth!  4 recitals and nearly 100 students!  (But now we can all relax a little since the BIG event is behind us!)

2. We are going on another adventure!!!  YAY!  Spring Break starts here next week and Mr. Bingley and I are super excited to pack our bags and go explore Southern California! 😉  (My first time in the state and Mr. Bingley’s first time seeing some sights, since he’s only gone to CA for conventions and meetings!) We are flying into Los Angeles and driving down to San Diego and then back to LA!  But along the way we will be doing some awesome activities and meeting with some very special friends!  Cannot wait!!! Continue reading »

Sep 182015

A Will of IronSomething Is Rotten in The County of Kent!

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

What if poor Anne de Bourgh’s sudden death brought Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam (and Georgiana!) back to Kent before Elizabeth Bennet left?

What if Anne de Bourgh was more aware and intelligent than expected and revealed all her thoughts and observations in her journals?

What if Elizabeth was instructed to remain in Kent because she was included in Anne de Bourgh’s Last Will and Testament?

Anne’s death not only brings Darcy and Elizabeth back into contact with each other immediately after Elizabeth’s vehement refusal of his disastrous proposal, but also brings about a dramatic change in circumstance for several characters in this story. It would appear that poor Anne holds more power and influence in death than in life. And Lady Catherine, who is most seriously displeased with her daughter’s secret plans to escape and exertion of control, does not handle these developments and revelations well…and what she does in retaliation is equally horrifying and hilarious! Continue reading »