Aug 232017

Hi readers!  I am very happy to welcome author Nancy Lawrence to Austenesque Reviews today!!  If you didn’t already know, Nancy has a new book out titled Mary and the Captain.  And as a big fan of Mary Bennet (see here, here, here, and here), I was very excited to learn more about her story and read it for myself!!  Mary needs a little bit of love in her life, don’t you think?

I’ve been a long-time reader of Austenesque Reviews, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I gush just a little bit and tell you how happy I am to visit your blog, Meredith! Thanks to you and your wonderful reviews, I’m always discovering new Austenesque authors and enjoying new stories.

Aww, thank you, Nancy!  I am so happy to share author posts with readers of this blog!  Thank you so much for agreeing to do one!

Today I’d like to introduce your readers to my Austenesque novel, Mary and the Captain, a Pride and Prejudice Continuation. As you can guess by the title, it’s a story about my favorite Miss Bennet … Mary. Continue reading »

Jul 282017

Happy Friday readers! Who is happy that the weekend is almost here?  I know I am! 😉  I’m really excited to participate in this blog tour for Sophie Turner’s latest project – a Pride and Prejudice ebook that is restored to the original 1813 Thomas Egerton edition.  Fans of Ms. Turner’s Constant Love series know how thorough she is with her research, historical accuracy, and meticulous details.  I think it is so wonderful that Ms. Turner utilized her talents to present readers with this wonderfully restored version of Pride and Prejudice!  Today Sophie shares a little about how this project began.  We hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for inviting me back to Austenesque Reviews, Meredith! I’m really excited to be here again, particularly to share this project with readers, and particularly this excerpt, as it’s what initiated the entire thing.

Last year, during Just Jane 1813’s group read of Pride and Prejudice, I was thrown off in chapter 2 by a reference to Mrs. Long’s daughters, by Mr. Bennet. I was pretty sure Mrs. Long had nieces, not daughters! The blog was using a Project Gutenberg digital version of the novel, and I’d never noticed this before. I wondered whether Mr. Bennet was just indicating a total lack of care over whether Mrs. Long had nieces or daughters, or trying to vex his wife. Or was it an error? Continue reading »

Jun 282017

Hello readers!  I’m real excited to welcoming back author J. L. Ashton to Austenesque Reviews today!  Jan is here celebrating her second novel release –Mendacity and Mourning!! Woot woot!  Unlike A Searing Acquaintance, which takes place in modern-day, Mendacity and Mourning, takes readers back to the Regency Era for what sounds like a hilarious and fun ride!  We hope you enjoy this special vignette Jan created for this tour!

Thanks so much for hosting me and Mendacity & Mourning here at Austenesque Reviews, Meredith! I so appreciate the opportunity to share little bit more of the quirky universe of characters in the book, so here is an outtake with two of my favorite Bennets.

Lydia And Kitty, The Knowledgeable Twosome

“Weddings breakfasts are my very favourite gathering,” exclaimed Kitty. Her eyes swept around the room, taking in the merry assemblage of family and neighbours and the long tables covered with a feast of Cook’s best dishes. “All is so cheery and gay.”

Her attention was drawn in particular by one lady, fashionably dressed and standing stiffly among a group of Lucases and Gouldings. “Miss Bingley is not pleased by the day’s happy events,” she sighed. “She must pine for her own happily ever after.” Continue reading »