Jul 072017

Reggie Lends Mr. Darcy A Helping Hand…erm…Paw!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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At the tender age of fifteen, a grieving and motherless Fitzwilliam is brought to select a trusty companion of his very own from a litter of English Springer Spaniels. Due to his intelligent eyes and “lively and playful manner,” young Fitzwilliam chooses Reggie despite the fact that he is not of the highest breeding. Through the years Reggie and Darcy develop a wonderfully close bond. Reggie helps Darcy find happiness after his mother’s passing and prompts him to laugh and play, while his father keeps him at a distance and instructs him behave in a “more dignified manner.” But as the years go by, Reggie notices that his master doesn’t laugh and play as much as he used to and is burdened by his many cares and responsibilities. Reggie hopes that something or someone will soon bring some lightheartedness back into his master’s life. And when he meets the delightfully playful and friendly Elizabeth Bennet, Reggie feels that just like himself, she would be a perfect companion for his master…

Reggie has several encounters with the lovely Elizabeth Bennet, and while the two are quite fond of each other, Reggie senses that Elizabeth does not hold his master in any affection…although the same cannot be said for him! So what does Reggie do? He doesn’t have the power to speak Darcy’s language, but he is determined to help his master find happiness in any and every way possible! Continue reading »

Jun 242015

Mr. Darcy's RivalWhat if Another Nephew of Lady Catherine’s Came to Visit?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy form Author

It is well known that Lady Catherine is “particularly attached” to her nephews, and according to her ladyship, they are just as attached to her. But what if this grouping of nephews included one more…a nephew from Sir Lewis de Bourgh’s side of the family, his sister’s son Matthew Rickland?

If such a nephew did exist, we can be sure that Lady Catherine would take a prodigious concern in all his affairs, give her superior council on many matters of his life, and demand his attendance at Rosings every so often. In this lovely new variation by Kara Louise we explore the possibility of Lady Catherine’s nephews coming to visit all at the very same time. What if Elizabeth met Mr. Rickland and found him handsome, charming, and amiable? What if Mr. Darcy arrived in Kent and found himself, not only staying a short distance away from Elizabeth Bennet, but residing under the same roof as someone who seems to greatly admire her? Let the battle begin… Continue reading »

Apr 082015

Assumed EngagementSocial Lessons for Mr. Darcy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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What if a tragic carriage accident befell a rejected and dejected Mr. Darcy on his way to Pemberley and rendered him unconscious? What if Georgiana mistakenly assumed Elizabeth and Darcy were engaged and wrote to Elizabeth beseeching her and Jane to come to Pemberley? What if Mrs. Bennet read the missive from Georgiana and eagerly sent her daughters off to Pemberley with all possible haste?

What a predicament for Elizabeth to be in! Rather than be obstinate and refuse to go and see the man she just refused to marry, Elizabeth thinks of what this opportunity might mean to her sister Jane, and agrees to see what aid she can give to Mr. Darcy and Georgiana. So onto Pemberley these to Bennet sisters go, not sure whether Mr. Darcy’s condition has improved or turned very grave. Upon arrival they learn of Georgiana’s misapprehension about Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship (she knew Darcy was about to propose, but what she doesn’t know is that he was refused!) Not sure an emotionally wraught Georgiana could bear to hear that she has erred and that her brother and Elizabeth are not engaged, the Bennet sisters decide to keep it a secret. But that could be a dangerous game… Continue reading »