Aug 172018

Austenesque ARC

Hi friends! In this spirit of birthday celebrations, I think it would be a fun time to host another Austenesque ARC Giveaway!!!

I love doing this quarterly post and am so thankful to the kind friends of this blog – Jean and Reina – for sending my some books that are searching for new homes!  Thanks for spreading all this book love, ladies!!

*Since the giveaways of these previously owned books are open for just US readers (sorry, international shipping costs sometimes 3x the price of the book). HoweverI am hosting a Winner’s Choice option for all our international friends!

There are 5 ARCs/previously owned books and in this giveaway but I’ll choose 6 winners – 5 for the books I’m giving away and 1 who will choose one of the 5 books to receive as an ebook. Continue reading »

Aug 162018

Witty Repartee At It’s Best!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

TYPE OF NOVEL: Regency Romance, Historical Fiction

SETTING: Bath, 1816

SYNOPSIS: At the age of twenty-eight, Abigail Wendover remains an unmarried spinster of independent means. In the last few years she has been setting up house with her older unmarried sister, Selina, in Bath and raising their young orphaned niece, Fanny. Even though Abby isn’t at all opposed to marriage and would gladly entertain changing her situation for the right man, she has a bigger dilemma that is preoccupying her greatly at the moment – her beloved niece, at the inexperienced age of seventeen, imagines herself “violently in loves” with a fortune-hunter dandy in deep debt. Abby is determined to protect her niece’s heart and reputation at all costs! Continue reading »

Aug 152018

Hi friends! Come join us in discussing Georgette Heyer’s Black Sheep today! (even if you read it many years ago!)

I’ve recently read Black Sheep for the first time this month (in honor of my Georgette Heyer tradition)! And I thought it would be fun to not only write my usual review (which I will post tomorrow), but also hold a discussion since I know so many of you are Georgette Heyer fans! So here we go!

  • You can answer any or all of these questions!
  • Or, you can forget the questions and just share what you thought of Black Sheep.
  • OR…you can bring up some questions or topics of discussion of your own!

~ Black Sheep Discussion Questions ~

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