Apr 032012

Pride and Prejudice and Heavenly Beings

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

Once again, Jane Austen’s beloved masterpiece is being infiltrated with supernatural beings…although this time instead of violent, un-dead zombies or blood-sucking vampires, Jane Austen’s characters are intermingling with guardian angels and heavenly hosts. Setting her story in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the year 1989, author Robin Helm begins The Guardian Trilogy by introducing readers to Xander (Darcy), Chief of all Guardian Angels, as he receives his new and mystifying assignment of protecting the soon-to-be-born Elizabeth Bennet. After spending millenniums as the guardian of countless important and influential people in history, Xander doesn’t understand God’s purpose in sending him to guard this baby from an unknown and seemingly ordinary family. But God has special designs for Elizabeth Bennet and these plans include his chief guardian angel Xander…

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