May 202011

A Beautiful Homage to Sense and Sensibility

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Gift from Mom

Ellen and Mimi Dodge are two sisters with personalities that do not mesh well together. Separated by several states, they’ve grown apart and their relationship has somewhat deteriorated over the years. But since it is their mother’s last wish, Ellen and Mimi are traveling to England together to find an appropriate place to scatter their mother’s ashes. Their mother, anticipating her death from cancer, prepared for her daughters to take a Jane Austen walking tour of Hampshire, England, which includes walks to Stevenson Rectory, Jane Austen’s House Museum, and Winchester Cathedral. It was her greatest desire that her daughters would discover the greatness of Jane Austen and establish a strong sisterly bond. And so, Ellen and Mimi, neither of them Jane Austen fans, embark on this overseas adventure with very little enthusiasm or excitement, completely unaware of all the adventure, romance, and self-discovery that awaits them!

The Dashwood Sisters Tell All is the third book in Beth Pattillo’s “Formidable” series. In previous books, our heroines have encountered members of the Formidables (a secret society of select Austen scholars that safely guard and conserve a massive collection of letters and documents that belonged to Jane Austen) and have unearthed the “secrets” of Jane Austen’s life. In this tale, Ellen and Mimi find something that belongs to Cassandra Austen that discloses some unknown truths about her relationship with Jane. Continue reading »