Feb 142012

Go Team Knightley!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this is the second book in the George Knightley, Esquire series, and that it is necessary to read BOOK ONE prior to reading this one.)

Lend Me Leave, book two in Barbara Cornthwaite’s sensational George Knightley, Esquireseries, recommences with our hero, the admirable, benevolent, and sagacious Mr. Knightley, trying to stealthily and silently woo his darling Emma. Book One, Charity Envieth Not, ends with three Donwell bachelors suffering from love-sickness: Mr. Martin, who is still nursing a broken heart after Harriet’s refusal; Mr. Spencer, Donwell’s new curate, who bungled his first proposal to the compassionate widow, Mrs. Catherwood; and Mr. Knightley, who fears that all his hopes and desires in regards to Emma Woodhouse will never be realized because of that blasted Frank Churchill! Although this series is centered upon Mr. Knightley, readers will be able to witness how all three of these lovelorn and worthy bachelors fare in this installment.

What an all-encompassing, accomplished, and outstanding series! In her second book Barbara Cornthwaite dexterously and intuitively reveals all Mr. Knightley’s thoughts and feelings throughout the major plot events of Emma. Readers are able to witness his anxiety over Emma’s flirting with Frank Churchill, his absolute delight when Emma teases and smiles at him, his compulsion to rescue Harriet during the ball, and his determination to reproach Emma for her insult to Miss Bates. Mr. Knightley really is a most magnanimous and tender hero, and I utterly loved my time with him in this series!

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Jan 152010

Jane Austen’s Emma from Mr. Knightley’s Perspective

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

George Knightley, wealthy, mature, and compassionate, seemed to be a very successful member of the landed gentry of Highbury; and had lived in the world for nearly thirty-seven years with little to disrupt his peaceful and quiet existence. That is until he realizes that his little sister-in-law Emma Woodhouse, is no longer a little girl but a lovely young woman whom he greatly cares for…

Are you inclined to learn more about this admirable and benevolent gentleman? Would you like to gain a greater understanding of his thoughts and feelings?

Author Barbara Cornthwaite delivers a pleasing and absorbing augmentation of Jane Austen’s Emma, told from the perspective of Mr. Knightley, in her wonderful series George Knightley, Esquire! This novel, the first of two, begins just as Emma did with the Weston’s nuptials and closes with Frank Churchill’s departure from Highbury. So be prepared to not have a completed story at the end of this book and to have an intense desire to obtain book two right away! Continue reading »