Oct 232009

Captain Wentworth’s Character Unfolds!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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In Ms. Kaye’s first book, None But You, one of Jane Austen’s most romantic and passionate heroes is reintroduced and the story of Persuasion is told from his eyes. This book, For You Alone, begins half way through the original story of Persuasion, it is necessary to read None But You prior to reading this book. The story begins with Louisa Musgrove recovering from her impetuous leap from the Cobb…

Our hero, Captain Wentworth, is experiencing the acute agony of being held accountable for his actions and the realization that his dreams of a relationship with Anne Elliot may never come to fruition. It dawns on Captain Wentworth that his bitterness and injured pride led him to behave in a careless and unforgiving manner. He realizes that Anne has always been the woman that he has measured all other women against and that being married to any other woman, including Louisa Musgrove, would be a farce for him. This portrayal of Wentworth’s character was in-depth, accurate, and complete. I especially loved his resolve to win Anne back and his insecurities over Mr. Elliot. Continue reading »

Oct 102009

Persuasion Like You Never Read it Before

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Author Susan Kaye makes a wonderful contribution to the plethora of Jane Austen sequels and fan-fiction with her series “Frederick Wentworth, Captain.” This series recounts the poignant and moving tale of Persuasion through the eyes of Captain Frederick Wentworth. In Jane Austen’s Persuasion, the reader is introduced to Captain Wentworth, a naval officer who eight years prior had no wealth or prospects to recommend himself to the illustrious and status-obsessed Elliot family. He is depicted as unforgiving and bitter, as well as honorable, romantic, and constant. He is one of Jane Austen’s most desirable and popular heroes.  Ms. Kaye successfully fleshes out the character of Captain Wentworth and reverently creates a story full of hope and romance.

The first book in this series, None But You, opens with Captain Wentworth aboard his ship, the Laconia. The year is1814 and with the Napoleonic Wars coming to an end, Captain Wentworth is waiting to be discharged. Although part of him desires to remain in command of a ship and crew, he accepts his fate and anticipates devoting his months off to visiting his sister and brother. But before he joins Admiral and Mrs. Croft at Kellynch Hall, Captain Wentworth has the undesirable task of informing the recently promoted Captain Benwick of some very unfortunate news… Continue reading »