Sep 162013

Murder Most AustenAn Incredibly Arrogant Austen “Expert” Meets An Untimely End!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Oh happy day! The return of Elizabeth Parker – Janeite, amateur sleuth, and attendee at this year’s Jane Austen Festival in Bath! I adore sarcastic and clever Elizabeth Parker (I want to be her BFF), and I am so happy to follow my favorite Austen fanatics (Elizabeth and Aunt Winnie are definitely fanatics!) through some more mystery and mayhem!

For those of you who have never read a novel in this series before, they are collection of contemporary cozy mysteries. Each one draws some themes and characters from or pays homage to a different Jane Austen novel – Murder at Longbourn (Pride and Prejudice), Murder on the Bride’s Side (Sense and Sensibility), Murder Most Persuasive (this one may be a little obvious – Persuasion), Murder Most Austen (Northanger Abbey). Our main characters in all four installments are Elizabeth Parker, her boyfriend (and former childhood nemesis Peter McGowan), and her feisty and eccentric Aunt Winnie (who is a hoot and a half!). Continue reading »

Sep 172011

No Persuasion is Needed! Tracy Kiely’s Mysteries are Brilliant!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Publisher

It seems like Elizabeth Parker, my favorite Austen-Inspired sleuth, has once again stumbled upon a murder mystery! Just days after Uncle Marty’s death, someone unearthed a surprising family skeleton – literally! It looks like the new homeowners of Uncle Marty’s house in St. Michaels found the body of ex-fiancée and ex-employee Michael Barrow buried under their in-ground pool. The last time the Reynolds family saw Michael Barrow was eight years ago, just before he ended his engagement with cousin Reggie and embezzled over a million dollars from the family business.

Poor Ann Reynolds, Elizabeth’s cousin, is emotionally and physically exhausted by all the events that have proceeded her father’s death. With two sisters who are narcissistic and irresponsible and a step-mother who has immediately absconded to a spa retreat, Ann is left with the responsibility of sorting through her father’s belongings, cataloging items in her father’s will, and planning a ridiculous memorial party that her step-mother insists on throwing. Add to that a murder investigation that names her as the prime suspect! Can it get any worse?!?

Oh yes it can…The murder investigation is being headed up by none other than the man Ann was persuaded to break up with eight years ago, Detective Joe Muldoon! Continue reading »

Dec 112010

Another Riveting and Fascinating Mystery from Tracy Kiely

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

It’s the day before her best friend’s wedding and there’s a heap of chaos and commotion surrounding maid-of-honor Elizabeth Parker. With the grandmother-of-the-bride having premonitions about death, the bride’s (Bridget) contentious family all living under the same roof, and a wedding planner who is after her boyfriend, Elizabeth is just hoping to make it through the weekend alive!

Well, the good news is that Elizabeth does make it through the weekend alive, the bad news is that Bridget’s Aunt Roni does not. Found dead the morning after the nuptials, Roni Matthews, the much younger, narcissistic, conniving, and artificially enhanced wife of Bridget’s Uncle Avery, was not very popular with the Matthews’ clan. In fact, Avery seems to be the only one who isn’t celebrating the death of this vile and vindictive person. The Matthews’ lack of grief and sorrow leads Detective Grant, who is called to investigate this case, to suspect one of the family members of this heinous act of murder. Continue reading »