Dec 202012

Making Christmas Memorable!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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A few of you may remember that several months ago I mentioned my affection for a precocious young knight named Ben Carlton (an original character of P. O. Dixon’s). For those of you not yet acquainted with Ben, he is Elizabeth’s fatherless son in Ms. Dixon’s remarkable Pride and Prejudicealternate path, He Taught Me to Hope – and he will melt your heart! In this Christmas-inspired sequel vignette, young Ben (a.k.a. Sir Lancelot) is on a mission to make this upcoming Christmas the most memorable of his young life. Recruiting Georgiana Darcy and Mrs. Reynolds to help accomplish his secret mission, Ben sets out determined to fulfill everyone’s dearest wish for Christmas this year. What will Elizabeth, Darcy, and Anne say when they discover the unexpected surprises this young knight has orchestrated.

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