Sep 252011
One Lives in Regret, The Other Never Forgets

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Dr. Rick Wentworth, a successful marine biologist/celebrity author, is preparing for his extensive seven-week book tour in England, with a book provocatively titled, Sex in the Sea. With a flourishing career, a modest amount of wealth and popularity, a supermodel girlfriend, and a very attractive physique, it would seem Rick has everything he has ever wanted. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t have Anna Elliot, who was persuaded by her family to give him up ten years ago and whose rejection still haunts him all these years later. Since Anna’s rejection of him, Rick has let disappointment and resentment rule his heart, living by the motto “never forgive, never forget.” Now returning to England, Rick wonders if their paths will cross, and if Anna Elliot will feel something like regret for giving up on the love they once had…

Anna Elliot, a professor of Russian Literature does know regret. In fact when she lectures about Anna Karenina and how she gave up everything for her lover, Anna Elliot feels deep regret for not doing the same ten years ago. Instead of following her lover, Anna went to university, finished her studies and became a professor of Russian Literature. Anna has learned to be content with her simple and comfortable life, yet deep in her heart she yearns to travel back in time, to the summer when she was eighteen and hopelessly in love with Rick Wentworth.

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