May 232019

What If Mr. Darcy’s Passion Overcame His Propriety?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

TIME FRAME: Begins with the Netherfield Ball

SYNOPSIS: At the Netherfield Ball Mr. Darcy makes the unexpected realization that Elizabeth Bennet despises him, and decides to find out why…His actions lead to them being caught unawares in a seemingly compromising situation, and subsequently Mr. Darcy needs to protect Elizabeth’s honor… How does Mr. Darcy feel knowing he is marrying a woman who doesn’t at all like him? Can their marriage be a happy one? Or will they both keep their distance in order to maintain a peaceful union? Continue reading »

May 202019

Happy Monday, friends!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing response with our recent ARC giveaway contest! I’m always so thrilled to see how many people still love paperbacks and are interested in older and/or previously owned Austenesque books! 😉

A special thank you to our dear blog friends for contributing a couple of the lovely books featured in this giveaway! Thank you so much for your generosity! 🥰

Without further ado… the randomly selected winners are…

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May 172019

An Unexpected Encounter Blossoms Into a Beautiful Relationship

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Purchased

Even though she has a sober disposition, a penchant for sermonizing, and can be a little vain about her accomplishments, I have always had a soft spot for Mary Bennet. Maybe it is because I feel sympathy for her loneliness and her family’s neglect. Or maybe it is because like Mary, I am fond of reading and playing the piano. Or maybe it is because I love it when an unlikely and unexpected heroine finds her happiness! For all these reasons combined I am always eager to read more about her character’s journey, and I happily seek out any Austenesque stories this feature the prudent and practical Bennet daughter. Continue reading »