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What If Someone Devious Tried to Entrap Mr. Darcy?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Variation

SETTING: Summer 1811, London

SYNOPSIS: In an alternative Pride and Prejudice timeline, Elizabeth and Kitty Bennet are enjoying a sojourn in London with the Gardiners before Mr. Bingley arrives in Netherfield with his houseguests. On their way home one night the sisters spot a handsome footman who seems to be intoxicated, injured, or possibly the victim of some crime. With no idea who he is the ladies offer shelter to this poor and incoherent footman. Little do they know that the man they aided is not a footman, but a wealthy member of the ton who was trying his best to thwart a serious comprise scheme… This “footman’s” trials are not over yet though, he can’t return home without a way to clear his name and protect his future. What happens when this disagreeable and prideful man seeks the assistance of his kind yet impertinent savior, who he believes to be the daughter of a tradesman?


  • By All Means, Rome”: I absolutely LOVE that this story is an homage to Roman Holiday (a movie you HAVE to see, if you haven’t already!) What an imaginative idea! And I must say, it was executed masterfully – perhaps a teensy bit whimsical, but it was a plausible plot that doesn’t force ill-fitting parallels and contains many of its own charms and originality. My favorite parallels were the delayed-action sedative and the adventurous Vespa/carriage rides through the city!
  • An Unraveling Premise: I love how Nicole Clarkston kept her readers in the dark! She doesn’t explain why Lizzy and Kitty are in London, she doesn’t reveal what happened to the other sisters – but she hints that something happened, and she keeps mum about a few other secrets that characters are hiding. Even though I might have felt bursting with curiosity at times, I enjoyed speculating about what had happened and seeing if I could figure everything out. I appreciated the skillfully employed slow reveals, and I loved that there were several surprising twists along the way.
  • Such New Roles: I loved seeing Darcy and Elizabeth in such a unique situation. Seeing Darcy dressed as a footman yet not at all accustomed to behaving like one was hilarious and adorable. Not to mention seeing him don a disguise and act a part! And I so admired Elizabeth’s unselfish concern and determined assistance. She is a marvel! I really enjoyed the experience of seeing Darcy and Elizabeth on such different footing with each other, you really couldn’t predict how their relationship would evolve.
  • Enchanting Interactions: Speaking of Darcy and Elizabeth, there were so many beautiful, tender, comical, and overall sublime moments of them together in this story! *sigh* I loved seeing all these endearing exchanges, and I couldn’t possibly decide which I liked most – the playful banter, the picnic, the balloon ride, or the waltz. Again *sigh*
  • Vauxhall Gardens: It was lovely to see this historic entertainment site so prominently featured in this novel. With vivid details and thorough descriptions, it was clear Ms. Clarkston researched the pleasure garden extensively. I really enjoyed the various sites and activities we witnessed taking place there.
  • With a Little Help From Our Friends: I loved Colonel Fitzwilliam’s role in this story – his comments and antics were a riot! And I equally loved Mr. Darcy’s valet, Wilson, what a gem he is! Mr. Darcy is lucky to have both men on his side…his opposition is a devious and formidable force!


  • That Roman Holiday doesn’t have the magnificent ending that this story has! 😉 Thank you, Ms. Clarkston for fixing that!


London Holiday is a rollicking romantic lark, brimming with tension, intrigue, romance, and wit! Written with skill and style this is yet again another exquisite offering from the pen of Nicole Clarkston!

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  35 Responses to “London Holiday – Nicole Clarkston”


    Hi Meredith, I have just finished reading this also and thoroughly enjoyed it. This was my first book by the author and so looking forward to reading more from her. Perfect review


      Oh yay! I am so glad you enjoyed this one! I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Nicole Clarkston so far. She has a bunch of North and South inspired books too, I have yet to read those just yet, but I know so many readers have loved them!


    I read and enjoyed this as well as Nicole’s other books. She is now posting chapters of her newest one on her blog. Great review, Meredith.


    Oh Meredith, what a perfect review! Such a great book! Poor Darcy struggling with his shoes and trying to act like a footman! Thank goodness he had Elizabeth to help him along with the Colonel and his valet or the compromise would have worked! What a miserable life he would have had.
    I too gave this five stars, fabulous


      You are sweet, Glynis! Thank you! Yes! I loved all the struggles Darcy had with his shoes! It is scary how close he came to having no other recourse! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, my friend! Hope all is well!


    Aw, thank you, Meredith, for such a sweet review! I have a grin as wide as the moon reading what you enjoyed about the story. I am so thrilled that it made you smile. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed the book I was almost afraid to write!


    Meredith, you wrote another excellent review for a fantastic book. I loved every minute of this novel. Seeing Darcy in the role of a footman was hilarious. I too, thought the Darcy and Lizzy situations were so unique and fun. The balloon ride was swoon-worthy, but so were many other moments. I would have a tough time choosing a favorite as well.


      Thank you, Janet! I so thoroughly enjoyed this one! It really is the best thing ever to see Darcy forced to act in such a lowly position! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, my friend!


    I am prejudiced for I love anything Nicole writes, but this was an extra fun read for me.


    I loved this book. So glad you liked it too. Great review, Meredith. Hello to your Mr. Bingley.


    I loved this book! I kept calling it Fitzwilliam Bueller Darcy’s Day Off. Darcy was so cute in his “fish out of water” role as a footman and Elizabeth was adorable as his rescuer. Well done!


    I already had plans to read this, but I had no idea it was based on Roman Holiday! I’m glad it doesn’t end the same way 🙂


    I am so looking forward to reading this book!! I love Roman Holiday so much, and I admire Nicole’s creativity in writing variations of both Austen and Haskell.

    Such a lovely, lovely review, Meredith!!



    Time to move this book to the top of my TBR pile. You had me at Roman Holiday.


    Loved this story, so clever and a fun read.


    Great Review!


    Great review, just perfect. No spoilers. I loved this book too! I hope anyone with it hanging out in their TBR stack or wish list will move it to the top. It’s everything you said it was, and more.

    I too loved Roman Holiday, although the ending always makes me sad. Gregory Peck should’ve played Darcy when he was the right age, he was so beautiful.


      Thank you, Michelle! I try to avoid spoilers as best I can!

      Oh yes! How perfect would it be for Gregory Peck to be Mr. Darcy…I think you saw that he was Beau North’s image of Darcy’s too in Longbourn’s Songbird – I can so see it!


    My fellow conspirator (writing sprints, yuk) has done it again. Loved this offering.


    Spot on review, Meredith! I too absolutely loved this book!


    I am definitely putting this one high on my TBR pile. Thanks for reviewing it; it definitely helps this reader!

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