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Hello friends! I hope your week if off to a great start! As you might remember, earlier this year a new Jane Austen publisher launched – Quills and Quartos Publishing! 🙌🏼 And now they are celebrating a brand new release from author A. D’Orazio! (woot woot!) 🥳 We are ardent admirers of Ms. D’Orazio’s writing and absolutely adored her emotionally turbulent and beautifully crafted stories – The Best Part of Love (our review) and A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity (our review). We are so very thrilled that Amy has released a new story titled, A Lady’s Reputation – which sounds phenomenal!

We hope you enjoy this tempting excerpt Amy has brought to share with you all today!

The door to Darcy’s study opened, and Saye strolled in with no announcement or ceremony. He shook his finger at Darcy. “I must say, Darcy, you do have a way of doing things.”

Darcy exhaled forcibly to demonstrate his impatience. “I have no stomach for you today. Pray, go home before we argue.”

Saye unstopped the bottle of port and, ignoring Darcy’s protests about his unwanted intrusion, poured himself a generous glass. He then sat down in the chair next to Darcy’s desk, dribbling a bit of port onto his lap in the process.

“Blast!” Taking out his handkerchief, he dabbed at the stain. “Well, you have my mother down on Gracechurch Street. I cannot imagine how she even found the place. I suppose her coachman must have known the way.”

“Gracechurch Street?” A sick feeling entered Darcy’s gut. “What is she doing on Gracechurch Street?”

“There! That is not so bad, is it? My man will get the rest of it out. These are my favourite trousers, and I could not bear to see them stained.” Saye smiled lovingly at his trousers then leaned back in the chair. “I am not entirely certain my mother has ever wandered away from Mayfair. Oh, the occasional poorhouse visit, I suppose, and naturally she travels through on her way to more rusticated settings—”

“Why did she go to Gracechurch Street?” Darcy was growing increasingly anxious, and to his exceeding displeasure, Saye either did not notice or did not care.

“Then there was that time she heard of some warehouse, fine textiles or something of the sort, and she and Lady Wellcome had a spirit of adventure and decided they must—”

“Saye!” Darcy roared his cousin’s name, causing Saye to look up with a peevish expression.


“Why. Is. Your. Mother. On. Gracechurch. Street?” Darcy enunciated each word, making certain Saye understood his displeasure.

Saye waved his hand in a carelessly insolent way. “Obviously, she went to see your Miss Bennet. Who else do we know down there?” He sipped his port.

A light-headed sensation came over Darcy. “Please tell me she did not go there to…to…” To what? He could not imagine what his aunt would do at the Gardiner residence. He did not fear she would behave badly, but more imperious behaviour would only worsen Elizabeth’s opinion of him.

Of course, that is hardly possible. She thinks you the lowest, most miserable excuse for a man possible. Having a haughty aunt—another haughty aunt, to be more precise—could hardly lower you in her estimation.

Saye saw something floating in his glass and was preoccupied with removing it. “Do you think I am losing my hair? Because I found a bit of it in this glass, and my brush seemed rather full—”

Darcy tried to quash his irritation into something like forbearance. “Saye, please attend this conversation for just a few moments and then you may rattle on as you please. Why did my aunt go to Gracechurch Street?”

With a sigh, Saye pulled his attention away from the distressing notion of possible hair loss. “To apologise for my father. Clearly, it was not his intention to make Miss Elizabeth cry.”

“What!” The light-headedness gave way to pure horror. Darcy was so entirely appalled that his words came in a sputter. “He made her cry! What did he…? Why was he even…?”

Saye at last wore a look on his face that was something other than vexing insouciance. “He wanted to talk some sense into her. On behalf of her father, you know, and with regard to their friendship—”

“They are not acquainted!” Darcy shouted, slamming his palm down on his desk. “Am I the only person who recalls that the friendship of Lord Matlock and Mr Bennet is a falsehood?”

Saye, unmoved by his cousin’s display, spoke as if Darcy were the one who was daft. “Yes, but if he and Mr Bennet were friends, he would wish to lend his assistance. It is clear Miss Bennet is not thinking reasonably to turn down such a fine catch as you.”

Darcy heard himself make a choking sound that even he could not fully apprehend the meaning of—something between annoyance and despair. “Help me understand this,” he insisted. “My uncle paid a call on Miss Elizabeth Bennet at her uncle’s home.”

Saye nodded. “Just to talk to her! But then she began to cry, so he left and went home. And now my mother has gone to Gracechurch Street hoping to repair the damage.”

“Merciful God in heaven.” Darcy rose quickly. “Simply beyond anything rational…could not have imagined…” He stopped speaking, pulling the bell to summon his butler to bring him his coat.

“Shall I go with you? I think I might like to be introduced to this girl. She has provided me with greater amusement these past days than all the other ladies of my acquaintance combined.”

“Do as you wish,” Darcy replied brusquely. Saye grinned and stayed hard on Darcy’s heels as they went towards the carriage.

Ahh! The Fitzwilliams are at it again! This promises to be hilarious!! 😝 I cannot wait to read it! Congratulations to Amy D’Orazio on the release of A Lady’s Reputation! We wish you all the best!!!

~ Book Description ~

Mr. Darcy, I am eager to hear your explanation for the fact that quite a few people believe we are engaged.”

It starts with a bit of well-meant advice. Colonel Fitzwilliam suggests to his cousin Darcy that, before he proposes to Elizabeth Bennet in Kent, perhaps he ought to discuss his plans with their families first. 

What neither man could have predicted however was that Lord Matlock would write the news to his sister or Viscount Saye would overhear, and tell his friends, or that his friends might slip a little and let their friends know as well. The news spreads just as quickly through Hertfordshire once Mrs Bennet opens the express Mr Bennet receives from Mr Darcy, and in a matter of days, it seems like everyone knows that Mr Darcy has proposed marriage to Elizabeth Bennet. 

Everyone, that is, except Elizabeth herself. 

Her refusal is quick and definite—until matters of reputation, hers as well as Jane’s, are considered. Then Mr Darcy makes another offer: summer at Pemberley, so that Jane can be reunited with Mr Bingley and so that he can prove to Elizabeth he is not what she thinks of him. Falling in love with him is naturally impossible…but once she knows the man he truly is, will she be able to help herself?

~ Connect With Amy ~

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~ About Amy ~

Amy D’Orazio is a long-time devotee of Jane Austen and fiction related to her characters. She began writing her own little stories to amuse herself during hours spent at sports practices and the like and soon discovered a passion for it. By far, however, the thing she loves most is the connections she has made with readers and other writers of Austenesque fiction.

Amy currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughters, as well as three Jack Russell terriers who often make appearances (in a human form) in her book.

Amy’s other releases include “A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity” and the “The Best Part of Love,” a Readers Choice Gold Medal Winner for 2017. She has also contributed short stories to “Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues,” “Rational Creatures: Stirrings of Feminism in the Hearts of Jane Austen’s Fine Ladies” and “Yuletide: A Jane Austen-inspired Collection of Stories.”



In conjunction with this lovely blog tour of A Lady’s Reputation, Quills and Quartos will be giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Cart to one lucky reader who comments on any of the blogs participating in this tour! (Each blog you comment on counts as an entry!)

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  115 Responses to “Excerpt + Giveaway with Author Amy D’Orazio!!!”


    Thanks so much for sharing a book description and giveaway also. Sounds great!


    Thanks for this lovely feature and giveaway. A very creative author.


    Congratulations on your new book! I have read your other books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. This one sounds to be as enjoyable. Can’t wait to read it. Thank you for your generosity in the giveaway.


    How generous. I did read (twice) this story and loved it. I have truly enjoyed all of Amy’s stories. Thanks for sharing and for the give away.


    “He wanted to talk some sense into her. On behalf of her father, you know, and with regard to their friendship—”

    “They are not acquainted!” Darcy shouted, slamming his palm down on his desk. “Am I the only person who recalls that the friendship of Lord Matlock and Mr Bennet is a falsehood?”

    Saye, unmoved by his cousin’s display, spoke as if Darcy were the one who was daft. “Yes, but if he and Mr Bennet were friends, he would wish to lend his assistance.”

    This excerpt—hilarious! Poor Darcy. I am reading Amy’s excellent new novel now and am just to this scene. I laugh at the absurdity, all the lovely, not-helpful people trying to help. Quite the page turner!

    Thanks for launching the first day of Amy’s blog tour and supporting small business and quality indies as you do!


      Thank you Christina not only for your comment but for being a part of the Q2 Posse! We are so glad to have you with us!


    Those scenes of them alone at Pemberley are some of the most romantic I’ve ever read! So pleased to have been able to read Amy’s stories on KU. Desperately hoping for more in the near future!


    I would definitely like to enter for a chance to win the give-away. This sounds like a great story, and I love the premise.


    I do love me some Lord Saye! The working of his mind is incredible!


    This sounds so enjoyable! I think my favorite part of the Elizabeth/Darcy story is Darcy’s attempt to show how he’s changed. A whole summer to do so! I can’t wait to read it.


    This is definitely a need-to finish, read straight through story, if your body and your daily schedule will permit it. Retirement can be wonderful! I’ve now read all of Amy’s books and like them all. One appears and I click “Betty’s Kindle.” Read this one and move on to her others, if you have not yet read them.


    I am sooooo excited for this new release!! Congratulations, Amy!! And thanks, Meredith, for being such a lovely hostess as Amy kicks off her blog tour here!!

    Susanne 🙂


    Congratulations on your release, Amy and best wishes with your new publishing group!! Fun story and I know it will do well! ♫


    I love anything Amy writes and am looking forward to reading this one!


    I am reading this book now and there are no words to express how much I am loving it. I have laughed out loud so many times! I want to read non-stop but I am forcing myself to go slowly so I can savor it. The Best Part of Love is one of my favorite P&P variations but I think this one is going to give TBPoL a run for its money! 🙂


    I have read and loved all of Amy’s books. I read this one when it was unpublished and then the ARC. Good luck with this new release, Amy.


    The excerpt was so funny, loved the interaction between Darcy and his cousin.


    Oh-My-Goodness!! I love this story. I first read it as a WIP and reviewed it then. I am now reading an ARC and enjoying it all over again. I’ll revise my review and submit it again. La!! How I do love Darcy’s cousin Viscount Saye. He is an absolute scream. What fun!! This mix-up was hilarious. It was like a pea-sized snowball when it began its journey down the hillside… and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Amy, I hope this is a smash hit for you. I’m pulling for you. Meredith, thanks for hosting and say hello to your Mr. Bingley!!


    Firstly, I loved the cover! It has something of Georgette Heyer.
    Then it’s the whole premise… A clueless Elizabeth and letters spreading around the reality we all wait for in every P&P HEA… Well, everyone except Elizabeth of course… 😉
    I wish this new novel a happy, cloudless sailing!


    Love this excerpt Amy and the new character of Saye – he’s fabulous and so funny! Great concept too for the plot – Darcy consulting their families before asking Elizabeth. What could possibly go wrong??!! Looking forward to reading this. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. Good luck with the release!


    Lord Saye, with his unique sense of humour, must be one of the best original characters yet to grace the pages of Austenesque fiction. Love this scene, and all of the other scenes posted at JAV. Thanks for sharing them Amy, and for the exceedingly generous giveaway.


    I got so excited when I heard about a new Amy D’Orazio book coming soon, woo! Oh the excerpt put a huge smile on my face. That Saye. Gee, I have loved him in all of your stories, he’s Darcy’s perfect foil at times. He can be so naughty one time and devoted the next, and usually funny as heck. This story sounds fun and angsty at the same time. Best of luck with this book launch, Amy. Thanks for the generous giveaway. And thank you Meredith.


    The Fitzwilliams are always either such fun or interesting


    Poor Darcy! A very entertaining excerpt, Amy! Congratulations on your latest book!


    I agree with all of Meredith’s “woots”. Congratulations on another book. Darcy must be beside himself when he learns that his aunt is at Gracechurch street.


    Saye is one of my favourite secondary characters (don’t tell him he’s only a secondary one!)
    This book is fabulous! How Darcy could think it would remain secret? Loved it! A definite must read!
    I live in the UK and buy from the Amazon here so please don’t enter me in the gift card giveaway.


    Sounds intriguing! Gotta love the spread of gossip. 🙂


    It’s great that this story is published. I’d like to read it again, I don’t remember all the details but I do remember how I laughed reading it (not a safe read at work!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!


    Can’t wait to read this one!! Love the cover! Thanks for sharing the love!


    That is a tempting excerpt, and now I’m hooked and want more!


    Lovely giveaway. So looking forward to reading this book.


    I’m sooooooo excited to see this story published! Congratulations Amy in the start of your blog tour, and both you and Jan on the successful start for Q&Q. ☺️


    This promises to be a great read – looking forward to it! Always enjoy Amy’s wonderful books!


    Just finished reading this book and it was phenomenal and very refreshing. I just know I’ll be reading it again soon.


    I loved this story. Darcy’s family well intentioned help is not always the help he needs.


    Great excerpt Amy, I love Saye. And his interactions with Darcy are always so much fun. Congratulations on the release of another book.


    Hi Meredith and Amy!
    I am so happy this story has become a book! Congratulations Amy!! You are a wonderful writer and A Lady’s Reputation is a delightful reading! Saye is like, the best, I love him and it is really funny seeing him interact with Darcy and all his comments.
    Thank you for the giveaway! 😉


    Tempting indeed. I loved this thank you.


    I hope I can get a copy of this book as soon as possible!


    I am so excited to read this book, I already bought it so I could read it on my 14 hour travel day to go back home next week. I need a good book to make the time pass quickly. Thanks for the giveaway, we can always use extra book money! 🙂


    Maybe Darcy’s middle name is Murphy.. (as in Murphy’s law 😉 I had been following excerpts of this story. Really looking forward to its release. Really would like to know all that happens..Thank you for the excerpt and the chance to win.


    This excerpt made me smile. Thank you for sharing it. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book.


    This was such a funny scene. Darcy deserves every second of hair pulling he suffers at having his relations all going to Gracechurch Street. Congratulations, Amy! It’s a great read.


    Always enjoy our work and this one sounds delightful…Thanks for hosting a giveaway.


    *Snort!* I am SO behind on my reading, but I can’t wait to dive into this! What a riot the Fitzwilliams are! Congratulations on another stellar release, Amy!


    AHHHH!!! I am so excited about this book. Another one for the TBR list!! I just hope I live long enough to read them all!!! Thank you, Amy for the chance of winning the giveaway!


    Meredith thank you so much for having me and kicking off the blog tour!


    Oh Goody! I love it when the Fitzwilliam cousins are there to tax Darcy’s equanimity. He wouldn’t take it from anyone else. Makes Darcy seem so much more real.

    I’m looking forward to reading your new novel Ms Amy
    Thanks for writing


    Oooh, this sounds fun!


    The new book seems like another winner 😀 Really enjoyed the excerpt!


    Congratulations, Amy! The excerpt is hilarious, and the book premise sounds wonderful!


    I recently finished reading this book w/KU. It is marvelous – a wonderful combination of angst and humor. I love Lord Saye – a terrific character. I enjoyed encountering him again and hope he appears in the future.


    Like I needed yet another book to add to my list… but there it goes up on top. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Looks like it will be a great read!


    I can’t wait to read this one! Thanks for the excerpt and the wonderful giveaway!


    So excited to see this is print! What a great excerpt — Saye is such a great creation ;).


    Gosh this story sounds super fun!! Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for a chance to win 😀 !!


    Amy your new book is sure to be a treat!! Love your writing & Thank you for a chance to win such a great price 🙂


    I love the cover!


    Wow, you had me with this excerpt. I enjoyed every bit of dialogue. Kind of like a Heyer novel. thank you for sharing. And thank you for the opportunity to win this book.


    Just ordered my copy. Can’t wait to start reading it.


    Amy – Your portrayal of the Fitzwilliam family is such fun. Matlock and his imaginary history with Mr. B. Saye and his antics. They provided many chuckles throughout the story, and Saye had me laughing out loud when he threatened to kiss Darcy. Loved that scene. Congratulations on the release.


    Loving this blog tour! Can’t wait to read!!


    Thanks for this lovely excerpt.


    It’s quite a hillarious scene to witness, Amy. It is exquisite to see the range of emotions experienced by Darcy in a single day. I am liking Viscount Saye already with his carefree and relax attitude. I bet he is a womaniser. Thank you for sharing this delightful excerpt.


    Amy, I love all your stories. I can’t wait to read the published version of your newest release. Besides the characters from canon, Viscount Saye is one of my absolute favorite. He’s such a character and taunts Darcy in the best way (cousinly love) . How did you come up with his character in the first place and how did he develop/grow into his characters from all your stories.


    Congratulations on your book! I just love these kinds of books!
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