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Howdy, friends! Hope your August is off to a lovely start!!

July seems to have gone so fast! We had just 2 small trips – a weekend camping trip and a work trip (for Mr. Bingley – and I got to tag along!) 😛

The camping trip was a lot of fun…but we are starting to realize that with camping in the south in the summer it is really hard to escape the humidity! 🥵

We tried going west a good deal to “feel cooler” which we did…until it rained and was all steamy, all night long! 😫

Other than that we’ve both been staying busy with work and getting outside to enjoy summer – whether that means the beach, the pool, or on some hiking trails! ☀️

Is it humid where you live? Do you enjoy getting outside in the summer?


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:



And if you are a long-time reader of this blog, you know what else is happening this month…Georgette Heyer’s birthday!

And as you might remember, I have this tradition of reading and reviewing a Georgette Heyer book around our birthdays (yep! Ms. Heyer and I share the same birthday – August 16th!!) This year I am reading Faro’s Daughter which was the most voted on (out of the 5 choicesbook when I asked on Instagram and Facebook.


A. D’Orazio – August 5th

(Looks like a light month on author visits at the moment (but you never know, some may still pop by!)

I am so very excited for this lovely month!  I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  35 Responses to “Austenesque Agenda – August 2019”


    Another busy month! But goodness I love to see where you take the books. Happy reading!


    Have read London Holiday and Through a Different Lens, thoroughly enjoyed both, clever plots and rock-solid writing. The premise of Through a Different Lens I found especially compelling.


    Hot and humid in the Mid-Atlantic!



    Great Lineup as always!


    Another lovely armchair travel! Thanks! Are those photos in North Carolina? Looks like somewhere my older son would love. 🙂 Looking forward to your thoughts on Faro’s Daughter, Eligible, and Jane of Austin especially! Hope it cools off soon! And Happy Romance Awareness Month! 😀


      Yes! The first ones are from the northwestern area of the state, and the last one is east coast. 😉 NC has lots of beauty and I’ve been enjoying exploring every corner of it!

      I’m so happy to hear you are excited about some of our upcoming reads! Happy Romance Awareness Month to you!


    I feel your pain regarding the humidity in the south. Due to health problems i have to stay inside during the hottest and most humid days. I am glad that you got to get outside part of the time though and take us along with you. 🙂 Looking forward to Amy’s interview.


    The lack of humidity is one reason I love where I live!! It may be 97 degrees outside, but that 7% humidity makes the heat almost livable!! Gotta love San Diego!! (But stay away from the coast which is definitely more humid!!)

    Looking forward to this month with you, Meredith!!

    Stay cool!! 😉

    Warmly (but not hot, mind you!),
    Susanne 🙂


      Oh I know! It was so great to have a break from the humidity when we went to San Diego earlier this summer!

      LOL! Thanks so much, my friend! I hope you enjoy a wonderful month!


    More lovely photos for us to savour! Thanks for sharing them with us. July was a bit of a bad month for us – hubby in hospital with a minor heart attack, totally out of the blue. Rather scary at the time, but he’s recovering well now. Let’s hope August speeds his recovery further. I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on The Colonel – don’t forget to have some tissues handy, though.


    I don’t know how you manage to pack so much into each month! I love those flowers – absolutely gorgeous!
    We have had some really bad weather here, severe flooding in places (you’ve no doubt seem Lyme Park ) There’s also the worry of the dam in Whaley Bridge which might give way and cause major floods! It’s only 20 minutes from me and not far from the Care Home in New Mills where my Mum now lives. Unfortunately a number of roads are closed just in case the worst happens so I can’t get to see her. Also the Buxton trains from Stockport aren’t running either as the train line runs near the dam! Fingers crossed they manage to prevent that despite the weather warning for thunderstorms tomorrow .
    As for your reading for August? I’ve read London Holiday, The Colonel, Through a Different Lens, Taking Another Chance, A Lady’s Reputation and of course Faro’s Daughter – all fabulous! I have also read Fitzwilliam Darcy Poet by Jennifer Joy, It’s Always Been Us by Leslie Diamond and Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley by Kelly Miller – all highly recommended! I also re read Chance Encounters by Linda Wells and Green Card by Elizabeth Adams ❤️
    Looking forward to your picture diary for August. Thanks Meredith.


      I am often wishing I could fit int more! 😉

      Yes! I saw about the flooding! I hope you are fairing okay and that the high waters have started to receded a little! And hopefully everyone is staying safe!

      I’m so glad you had so many great things to say about the books I’m reading this month! Sounds like you have been enjoying a bunch of reads and rereads! That’s terrific! Maybe you could add Mr. Darcy’s Refuge to your list? Since that is the one where some flooding happens at Rosings. 😉


        I love Mr Darcy’s Refuge. It was one of the first of Abigail’s books I bought (after To Conquer Mr Darcy) and I got it again on my kindle when I got that. Such a lovely Darcy
        The rain is mostly holding off at the moment so fingers crossed they sort the dam in Whaley Bridge out then I can get to visit my Mum again! Forecast is for thunderstorms this weekend though – I’m hoping they’re wrong!


    I always enjoy reading about your trips with your Mr. Bingley. Thank you for sharing them.


    I can’t wait for my birthday and I bought the Songbird book already haha! Thanks for recommending! I’m so interested to see what you think of Eligible and Jane of Austin, it’s so unusual for me to have read something before you do! 🙂


    Those are some great pictures Meredith! You do have some amazing scenery in the States – everything’s on such a bigger scale than in the little ‘ole UK. We do have some fairly humid weather here too in the summer – at the moment it’s varying between dryer heat when the sun’s out and then more humid when it’s cloudier. But it could be worse. I don’t think we get as bad as you guys, but a couple of years ago we had a stretch of very humid weather and it was unbearable! Personally I prefer it when it’s cooler – but not too cool! Guess I’m a bit fussy. 😉

    Those are some great reads you’ve got coming up. I’m got plenty in my Kindle which I’m really looking forward to reading including ‘Darcy in Hollywood’. So I’m happy. 🙂


      Thank you, Elaine! I don’t know…I’m pretty awed by the green rolling hills and interesting coastlines you have in England! 😉

      That’s great that it isn’t humid all the time during summer! Hope you are enjoying a great month! Happy reading!


    Hot and humid in south central KY for sure. I have read ‘London Holiday’… loved it. I am currently reading an ARC of ‘A Lady’s Reputation’ and it is amazing how Darcy can mess things up. Poor man. I read it as a WIP and I am so excited that Amy is publishing it. Looks like you have a busy month planned Meredith. Say hello to your Mr. Bingley and I’m so glad you were able to ‘tag’ along with him on his work/trip. I love your pictures.


      Oh for sure…and no ocean breeze nearby to help make it better!

      LOL! He sure can! I can’t wait to see how he gets himself out of that situation!

      Thank you my dear friend, I was so happy to come with him!


    Missouri is almost unbearable in the summer, with a few breaks of more breathable weather. As long as my a/c can keep up, I hate to complain, though. I have purchased and or already read several of those books, and look forward to all the reviews! Your Mr. Bingley looks very pleasant and friendly, indeed! Nice pic of you two.


      Yikes, I can imagine! And yes, it is definitely in these months I learn to appreciate AC and living in modern times!

      I look forward to comparing thoughts with you on these stories, Laurie! Thank you! Yes, that he is!


    Faro’s Daughter! Be still my heart…sigh… What a fantastic August Agenda, whew! I’m looking forward to every book review and Amy’s visit. I’ve only read Nicole’s book and of course Heyer’s.

    Such neat pictures, Meredith. But I absolutely avoid humid situations, if at all possible. Right now we live in Nebraska where the weather swings wildly from near 100F. and unbreathable humidity, to dry heat, to the low 80’s and lovely. We’ve lived in three other locations all with very different weather. But there’s nothing like the south and southeastern states for humidity.

    Now that it’s August, looking back at July it seemed like one of those alternately ‘flew by in a flash’ and ‘so much going on that the 4th seems like an age ago’ kind of months. I know how much you enjoy being out of doors and the warm weather, so for you I can feel that sorry fleeting flying summer going by thought. 🙁 Well, I hope you and Mr. Bingley have a great August.

    We’re looking forward to a trip in Sept., the greater part of which includes visiting our son and his girl in Portland, or actually Beaverton home of NIKE and other companies. But he works in Portland. She works in Beaverton. They are huge on being outdoors too. Sadly I just can’t hike with them anymore. Drat. 😉


      Oh thank you for your enthusiasm, Michelle!

      I guess on the upside of having alternating temps and conditions is that hopefully some of the time it is favorable and not completely unbearable for 3 months!

      I know exactly what those months feel like, Michelle! And I agree – July felt that way for us too!

      That sounds like a very exciting trip to look forward to!

      Hope you enjoy a wonderful August!


    I take medication which, like Brenda, means I have to avoid the sun. Your photos are lovely. Glad you were able to tag along with your husband. I have read most of those books but no Faro’s Daughter or Jane of Austen. The humidity is bad here and with all the rain we have had it makes it even worse. I remember how dry it was when we lived in Texas while my husband was in the army but there you had to worry about heat strokes b/c you didn’t realize how hot it was. Have a good month.


      It seems each region has its pluses and minuses…gotta take the good with the bad! 😉

      I look forward to comparing thoughts with you on the books I read this month!


    OH, and BTW: your birthdate is the same as my grandson’s and one day before my husband’s. So hope it is an especially great day for you.

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