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Hi dear friends! I’m so excited to welcome Heather Moll – a special debut author – to Austenesque Reviews today! I was so excited to see that Heather is publishing her first book with Meryton Press! Especially so because she was a long-time reader and participant on my blog. (Heather, I looked it up, your first comment here was in August 2011!) I think it is so awesome that we’ve “known” each other for so long and that now you are visiting my blog as an author!! Congrats, my friend! I’m thrilled and honored to host your cover reveal today!

~ From the Author ~

Thank you so much Meredith for hosting a cover reveal for His Choice of a Wife and for letting me visit with your readers. I’ve been a fan of this blog for years and it gives me a thrill—mixed with a healthy amount of butterflies in my stomach—to be on this side of one of your posts. I’ve loved Jane Austen for fifteen years and have been writing about her characters for almost as long, so I am very proud to share my first story with all of you.

This project began years ago as a quiet little hobby to occupy me as a new stay-at-home mom, but it grew into something much more! What started as a short story— that I still wasn’t certain I would let anyone read— quickly moved beyond what needed to happen to get a still-improving Darcy and Elizabeth together sooner after Hunsford. What if Wickham suspects Darcy’s interest? What could happen in Brighton? What else could go wrong before the inevitable happy ever after?

This Austen and JAFF community has brought a lot of joy into my life and I’m so happy to contribute something of my own and share it and its gorgeous cover with my fellow Austenesque Admirers here today!

~ Book Description ~

When a man’s honor is at stake, what is he willing to risk for the woman he loves?

After a disastrous marriage proposal and the delivery of an illuminating letter, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet hope never to lay eyes on one another again. When a chance meeting in Hunsford immediately throws them in each other’s way, Darcy realizes his behavior needs correcting, and Elizabeth starts to appreciate his redeeming qualities. But is it enough to forgive the past and overcome their prejudices?

Jane and Bingley’s possible reconciliation and Lydia’s ill-conceived trip to Brighton pose their own challenges for two people struggling to find their way to love. When scandalous news threatens their chance at happiness, will Darcy and Elizabeth’s new bond be shattered, or will their growing affection hold steadfast?

~ Expected release date July 16th, 2019 ~

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!

How about the full spread?

Wooooooot!!! Isn’t this such fabulous news?!? 🙌🏼

Such a gorgeous cover, I love that all three images are taken outdoors – the sunset scene is particularly lovely. I wonder if there is a key scene in the story that takes place outdoors. 🌅

I’m curious to learn about the chance meeting between Darcy and Elizabeth…and what effect this has on the other characters or vice versa! 😯

What do you think of this cover, friends? 🤔


Author Heather

Heather Moll is an avid reader with a B.A. in European history and a M.A. in library science, so it is astonishing that she did not discover Jane Austen until her late-twenties. Making up for lost time, she devoured all of Austen’s novels, her letters, and unpublished works, joined JASNA, and spent far too much time researching the Regency era. She is thrilled to have found fellow Janeites and the JAFF community, if only to prove that her interests aren’t so strange after all. Heather is a former librarian turned stay-at-home mother who struggles to find time for all of the important things, like reading and writing.

Connect with Heather

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Thank you so much for sharing your lovely news and cover reveal with us today, Heather! We wish you all the best with your debut release! And a special thank you to Janet Taylor and Meryton Press for putting this lovely post together for us to share! Janet, this is yet another beautiful cover you created!! Love it!

Pre-oder His Choice of Wife now!

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Are you excited to read Heather’s debut release?

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  60 Responses to “Cover Reveal of His Choice of Wife!!!”


    Like the cover


    2011? That’s a long time for you to be listening my decided opinions, Meredith 🙂 I’m so grateful that you’re hosting me here today. Thanks for your support!


    So happy to see your name on the cover of a book, Heather! So looking forward to reading HCoaW and following along on your blog tour! Congratulations and good luck, my friend!


    Thank you for hosting today, Meredith! We appreciate you! I also want to mention and thank RegencyCouture for the use of the beautiful photo on the front cover. RegencyCouture creates “Regency fashion for today’s Jane Austenista!”


      Fabulous job, Janet! I’ve already messaged her- don’t you think I NEED a dress like the one on my cover, even if I only wear it to the grocery store?


    Congratulations on your first book! I look forward to it.. I can see Lizzy and Darcy standing together as they watch the sunset.


    Great photo art — I especially like that the gown has actual ribbons!


    The cover is stunning and I adore the period dress the model is wearing. It looks like what Elizabeth might have looked like in P & P. I will preorder my copy!


    Congratulations, Heather! It is a lovely cover, and I am looking forward to learning more about your book! 🙂


      Thanks for your support, Kelly! I hope that the book tour planned will give you and everyone a strong feel the book.


    What a beautiful cover! I’ve been of Heather’s work since she started sneaking her stories on the Meryton Literary Society site. Well-developed characters, attention to detail only a history nerd (like me) can appreciate, and strong heroines that Austen herself would high-five…. the perfect stories for summer! Can’t wait to read her first full-length on my Kindle!!! Good luck, Heather!


    Oh my goodness! Congratulations Heather and Bravo on your debut novel that sounds very intriguing! The cover is gorgeous, front and back, and I too love the dress and all the details. Knowing Janet, I’m sure she has taken that sunset scene from what you have written!


    Welcome and congratulations! The cover was s stunning.


    What a gorgeous cover. Janet Taylor did it again! The gown is one of the nicest I’ve seen on a cover model in a while, and I’ll probably use some ideas from it when I make a new Regency gown. All the scenes are fantastic too. Of course, this sets the stage for a fantastic new book. Congratulations on the cover reveal and have fun with your release, Heather. Thanks for hosting another great event, Meredith.


      Thanks for everything, Suzan. The cover details all came together nicely: the model, the dress, the scenes. I hope the story is as well received.


    Congratulations on your first book Heather! Love the cover and cannot wait to see what you have in store for our dear couple!


    Yes, the three photos on the cover are lovely. Best of luck with this first release and your further writing efforts. P&P variations are my favorite among JAFF stories. I will be watching for this release.


    Congratulations on your debut, Heather! I look forward to reading! 🙂


    That is one gorgeous book cover! Covers like that make you want the paperback copy so that you can sit and admire it in all its glory.

    Many congratulations on becoming a published author, Heather. Wish I had the talent. Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to share with us on the tour.


      It’s a lovely cover, isn’t it Anji? Thanks for the well wishes! I have a lot of good things I’m excited to share on this blog tour…


    Love the cover..Congratulations !!!Hope this will be one of many…


    Beautiful cover! I’m looking forward to reading this. Congrats, Heather!


    Congratulations on your first book, Heather! The cover is just beautiful and I especially love that cottage.;) I can’t wait to reread this story!


    Thanks Meredith for hosting this exciting post [hello to your Mr. Bingley]. A cover reveal is always fun. How absolutely lovely; Janet T is a genius. I would like to ask our author Heather if she has posted any of her JAFF stories online via the numerous fan fiction sites or AHA/MRR [Meryton Reading Room]? I look forward to reading this book. Blessings on the success of this launch.


      Hi J.W. Yes, I post at AHA, but this story isn’t available there. There are other long and short stories of mine there that should be easy to find. Thanks for saying hello!


    Congratulations on your first book, Heather. Love the cover. What caught my eye about the cover is the ribbon on the dress. How easy the ribbons could be changed out to remake a dress. Hopefully there are more books to be published.


      Thanks so much Shelley! Aren’t those dress details lovely? I’m expect this is the beginning of something great, but for now I’m enjoying His Choice of a Wife having its moment in the sun.


    Congratulations on your new book! The cover is beautiful!


    Lovely cover, Heather, and great premise. I’m excited to hear more. Congratulations on publishing.


    I’ll be the first to admit I have several nit picky peeves when it comes to JAFF book covers, but you have chosen brilliantly, with the face turned away, left to the reader’s mind to complete, pulling them in, whereas any actual face is bound to be at odds with the mind’s perception, repelling them. I like the contrasting fonts, textured but understated, not those really garish romantic cursives. And you’ve all together avoided my #1 peeve ~ Darcy in a rented prom tux. All kidding aside, your design is lovely. Best of luck.


      Great minds think alike, JoEllen I think “no faces” might have been the first request out of my mouth when cover design time came around. Thankfully, Janet and I were on the same page about no guys in ill-fitting polyester. Thanks for taking such a close and admiring look at the cover!


    I also love how you can’t see her face. I always like to put my own faces to the characters


    Good Luck Heather on your first publication!


    Congratulations on having your first book published and on such lovely front and back covers! I’ve heard such good things about your story. Here’s wishing you great success, Heather!


    Congratulations Heather! I remember seeing you here! So glad for you and your new adventure! Good luck!


    Before I read anything I went straight to the cover, and my jaw dropped. That is perhaps the most authentically Regency designed dress I’ve seen on a cover in I don’t know how many years. Truly stunning cover work, Janet. I have my pet peeves too, but dare not voice them too loudly for so many reasons: Like loving the author and I’m-going-to-buy-it-anyway reason…. 😀 But really, that dress, the photography, that cottage (love love love! it.)

    The story sounds so good and I’m so eager to read it. I wish you such a wonderful outcome on it’s launch so that we get to see more and more of your imagination on the page. And yes, I think you need a dress like that!

    Thank you too, Meredith. As always. Your July agenda is totally speeding along and wow!


      Isn’t it a lovely dress, Michelle? RegencyCouture is the name of the business and I am absolutely placing an order 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm for the cover and for the story. I’m excited to be here and share it with everyone.


    Best of luck with your book. Congratulations!

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