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Our Brinshore Friends Journey to Bath!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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(Note: Potential readers should be made aware that this novel is a sequel to Brinshore, which is a sequel to Emma and Elizabeth, and while it is standalone, more pleasure may be derived from reading all novels in their intended order.)

For those that may be unfamiliar with Ann Mychal and her series – The Watson Trilogy – they are a set of books that take inspiration from Jane Austen’s finished and unfinished works: Emma and Elizabeth (Book 1) is a captivating and compelling development of Jane Austen’s abandoned manuscript – The Watsons. Brinshore (Book 2) continues with the next generation and their adventures in the seaside resorts of Brinshore and Sanditon.

In Laura Place (Book 3) readers are taken back to Bath a couple years after Sir Walter Persuasion concludes. Lady Dalrymple and her daughter Miss Carteret are still making Bath their home in fashionable Laura Place and just happen to be neighbors to the newly arrived Allershams and Mrs. Beresford (Lady Allersham’s aunt). The two titled families are thrown together often and develop a relationship with each other. Lady Allersham – who has attempted and blundered terribly with her matchmaking efforts before – is very intrigued by Miss Carteret. She thinks Miss Carteret might be hiding a secret and is torn between wanting to discover what it is and wanting to find Miss Carteret a worthy suitor to marry…

It was such a delight to continue on with these entertaining and engaging characters from Ms. Mychal’s Brinshore. Lady Allersham, once again, very much reminds me of Emma Woodhouse in this story with her matchmaking attempts, but also a little bit of Catherine Morland, as she does have a very active imagination. And similar to both characters, Lady Allersham has a penchant for getting herself into predicaments. Lord Allersham is everything kind and understanding, but as the unexpected new master of Allersham Park, his time is greatly taken up with demands there. I loved seeing the moments where Lord and Lady Allersham were together and I also appreciated the realistic portrayal Ms. Mychal gave to their marriage – both characters have moments of uncertainty and worry.

Another story-line I equally adored was the one concerning Miss Carteret – who in Persuasion is only regarded as plain, awkward, and uninteresting. I loved how this story explored some of Miss Carteret’s past as well as displayed her experiences with new friends and would-be suitors. Ms. Mychal creates a very satisfying and unexpected story-line for this character, and I loved how her experiences felt reminiscent of another beloved character.

What I continue to enjoy so much about this series is how Ms. Mychal masterfully crafts her stories – how she plausibly brings about encounters, how secrets are unraveled, how she orchestrates connections and developments in such a skillful and unpredictable way. Between Jane Austen’s characters and Ms. Mychal’s original creations – there were plenty of new introductions and relationships to develop. And I marvel at this author’s talent, creative forethought, and organization to bring them all about. I especially enjoyed seeing Lady Dalrymple grow fond of certain acquaintances, the discovery of some family secrets, and the gossip surrounding Sir Walter Elliot!

My only quibbles about this story would be that with so many characters, relationships, and storylines, the focal points of the story perhaps didn’t always command as much attention as they should. There were a few characters and relationships I wish we saw more of, and a few scenes and developments that felt less essential. Also, with so many characters and relationships, it perhaps would have been beneficial to have a character list to reference.

All three stories in The Watsons Trilogy are remarkable and praiseworthy additions to the Austenesque genre filled with a diverse array of characters, witty repartee, decadent descriptions, and entertaining developments! Laura Place is a splendid, culminating conclusion to this fabulous series. Readers who enjoy compelling stories written with Jane Austen’s style, tone, and humor will adore The Watson Trilogy!

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Ann Mychal is generously giving away 3 PAPERBACK copies of Laura Place to 3 lucky winners in conjunction with my review! Woot woot! 🙌🏼

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about my review, these characters, or The Watsons Trilogy!

  • This giveaway is open worldwide.  Thank you, Ann!
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  30 Responses to “Laura Place – Ann Mychal + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    I loved and really enjoyed the first two in this series. I thought Ann got the feel of Austen just right. I look forward to reading this one whether I win it or not. Lovely review Meredith.


    I have read the first book in the trilogy with the second one on my TBR list. I thoroughly enjoy books written in Jane Austen’s style. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Thanks for this lovely giveaway. Your review captured my interest into this captivating novel.


    I really loved seeing side characters like Miss Careret get to shine and liked how the series followed a few generations and wrapped things up nicely. Glad you loved it too, Meredith!


      Oh yes! That was such a pleasant surprise…and yet it feels plausible – she could have such a past that we learn nothing about it Persuasion. It truly reminds you not to judge people!


    Lovely review…I haven’t read any of her previous works….would love to win a copy..
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway…


      Thank you! I definitely recommend this series for fans who love stories written in Jane Austen’s style and when attention is paid to lesser known novels and characters!


    I have wanted to read Ann’s books 1 & 2 for such a long time. I just need to get on the stick, because your review really makes me want to read them now. Great review. I’ll pass on the very generous giveaway, since I nearly always read ebooks now. It’s the eyes….drat. But, I’ll cheer on the winners. 😀


      Get on the stick, Michelle! LOL! Just kidding! 😉 I’ll say the same here as I did for Allie Cresswell’s books – you must email me when you do read this series!


    I will need to read the trilogy in order. Looking forward to this.


    I am in the midst of Brinshore now and I loved Emma & Elizabeth, both very well done. This one will be too, I gather from your review. I always enjoy reading what a skilled writer can dream up with Austen’s rich cast.


      Oh yay! I am thrilled to hear you think so! Absolutely – I especially love when they make some interesting connections and relationships between characters that you wouldn’t expect!


    I hadn’t heard of this trilogy before. Thanks for sharing your review and the giveaway.


    Hi Meredith!
    I have read part of your review until it speaks about “Brinshore” as I haven´t read it yet but I enjoyed a lot “Emma and Elizabeth” and, besides, it was the first giveaway I won so, as you see, I keep good memories of this story 😉
    You´re right, Ann Mychal writes with the elegance and wit and sense of humour of Jane Austen so this is a great chance to enjoy a pleasant and fun reading. I´ll take your advice and write a list of characters so as not to lose myself in the many characters that appear in “Laura Place”, LOL
    Thanks Ann for being so generous with the giveaway! and thanks, Meredith for your insightful opinion!

    A big hug and good luck to all of us! 🙂


      Hi Teresa! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed Emma and Elizabeth and that is is special to you as a giveaway win!

      If you read the stories close together it will be easy to keep track of all the characters, but making your own character list is a very good idea!

      A big hug to you my friend!!


    I believe I only have Emma and Elizabeth in my collection but not Brinshore and Laura’s Place. But I look forward to getting to know the characters from this trilogy and their story. Thank you for introducing us to Ann Mychal’s novels through this lovely review, Meredith.


    What a lovely review Meredith, this book in the series sounds great and I would love to read it!


    I have not read the first two books yet, but it sounds like a series I’d enjoy immensley! So I would love to be entered in this giveaway, thanks for a chance to win!!!


    Laura Place sounds as if it’s quite a lot of fun. I loved Emma and Elizabeth and Brisbore is still lurking on my TBR List (shame on me!). Miss Carteret is one of those minor characters that rarely gets a mention outside the original. Looking forward to this a lot.


      You are in for a treat, Anji! Brinshore is wonderful and yes, I loved this visit to Laura Place. Makes me want to see more stories set in Bath!.

      So true! Not many authors (and readers) give her a second thought!


    Yay for book 3! I loved Emma and Elizabeth now I need to catch up with Brinshore and then this new beauty. I love the cover. Thanks for the chance to win.

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