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What If Mr. Darcy Rectifies His Errors Before Proposing?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Thanks to a conversation with Colonel Fitzwilliam and some internal retrospection on his history with George Wickham, Mr. Darcy comes to some new conclusions about his actions (or inactions) regarding his knowledge and experience with Mr. Wickham. Determined that it isn’t too late to prevent Wickham from causing further damage and heartbreak, Mr. Darcy seizes the opportunity of warning Elizabeth Bennet (who he finds at Hunsford Parsonage) about Wickham’s true nature and proclivities. Mr. Darcy’s plans go awry when Elizabeth starts questioning him about seeing Jane in London and Mr. Bingley’s possible return to Netherfield. And a new realization dawns on Mr. Darcy – Jane has true feelings for Mr. Bingley… What has he done!?

While it may not seem like it at first, this is quite a fortuitous situation for our Mr. Darcy. I love that his eyes were opened to mistakes he made and I greatly admire the actions he took to correct them. He won my heart with his perseverance and earnest sincerity. It is always lovely to see a Mr. Darcy who isn’t shy about professing his ardent attachment. In addition, I adored the confessions he makes about his childhood antics – too funny!

For readers who love when Colonel Fitzwilliam is aware of Darcy’s romantic troubles and lends aid, you will be pleased to know he is instrumental (or may should I say detrimental) to the cause in this novella. Good thing Colonel Fitzwilliam isn’t in the navy because he has some loose lips… 😉 I wasn’t keeping score but it is hard to tell if Colonel Fitzwilliam caused more harm or good with his unexpected disclosures. Either way I enjoyed seeing him so involved with Darcy’s life, and it was humorous to witness what it is like when Colonel Fitzwilliam has no filter!

In this variation we do see these characters engage in more open and public communications about their private affairs. And while this openness is beneficial in some respects, it also felt a little improbable for the time period. In addition, I often wished that, for some of these conversations, others weren’t present. It felt awkward that they witnessed such personal exchanges. There was one conversation in particular that I would have loved to see more privacy and less brevity.

Despite my quibble I still found this charming novella to be as engaging and entertaining as the other Christie Capps novellas I have read. These stories truly are wonderful to read when real life gives you too much stress and too little time! 😉 Elizabeth is satisfyingly sweet read to treat yourself to on a busy day!

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  17 Responses to “Elizabeth – Christie Capps”


    I have read and totally enjoyed all of this author’s books (under both names).


    I have read several Christie Capps, but not this one. Thanks for sharing!


    I too enjoyed this book. I have so many of Joy’s books both as herself and as Christie Capps and often re read them. I admit my two favourite CC books are Lost and Found and For Pemberley.


    Great review, Meredith. Tank you!


    Love this story, love the cover, and I love the author… ‘nough said. Thanks for hosting Meredith, say hello to your Mr. Bingley. Love your photos and posts.


    I love Joy’s alter ego as Christie Capps. They are short enough to read in one sitting, and easy to reread in between longer draining works for a break. That doesn’t mean that being short they have zero depth, but the story arc really does need to clip along at a faster pace. I love all of Joy’s stories. I admire the talent it takes to really do a short work well. You have to be ruthless with those editing snipper cutters. It has to be as hard or harder than writing a full length novel. I’m attributing that to the brevity and things incongruous to the times. Oh I so agree with what you said about Colonel Fitzwilliams. 🙂


      Yes! That is exactly when I choose to read these books!

      You are probably correct about it being harder to write than a full length novel! Glad you liked Colonel Fitzwilliam without a filter, too! 😉


    Oh, the Colonel really is a motormouth in this, isn’t he? I only read it in the past few weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it.


    I enjoyed this story very much as well.

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