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Hi dear friends! So, almost a year ago to the date we were here hosting a special Cover Reveal/Release Day Announcement for Brenda J. Webb’s Proof Of Love – a imaginative and epic romance that we adored! And now, Brenda is back with another new release! I cannot tell you how excited I am that Brenda has a new book coming out today – go Brenda!! Her new release, Taking Another Chance, sounds wonderful – such a creative premise!

Today, Brenda is sharing the full cover of her new release, Taking Another Chance, and a tempting excerpt in celebration of this book’s release!!

~ From the Author ~

Thank you for allowing me to reveal the cover for my latest book on your lovely site Meredith. It is always a joy visiting with you and your readers. As a way of introduction to this story, I have always wanted to write a story where an older Darcy and Elizabeth find each other again and TAKING ANOTHER CHANCE is the result.

The blurb sets the stage for my story; however, for those who hate stories where Darcy is married to someone before Elizabeth, allow me to hint that the marriage began with deception and was of short duration. Those who read my books know that I never have ODC in love with anyone but each other. After all, Some Loves Are Meant To Be!

~ Book Description ~

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have suffered profound heartache in the fourteen years since parting in Lambton when word of Lydia’s folly reached her family.

At the age of forty, Darcy is now a widower raising a teenage daughter, whilst Elizabeth, a spinster, has spent the intervening years in service.

Unexpectedly thrown into each other’s company by circumstances not of their making, has time stood still when it comes to matters of the heart?

Can their timeless love survive the newest obstacles to happiness?

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!

I love that this story will feature a mature Darcy and Elizabeth – which a unique avenue to explore (especially as Proof of Love started with them both younger!)

This older Mr. Darcy is definitely swoon-worthy!! 😍

Purple! A new color for Brenda’s books (I really admire that her covers share a similar motif and style!)

Darcy as dad, Elizabeth as a governess…I cannot wait to see both of them in these new roles!

Love the tagline of “some loves are meant to be.” It makes me think of the line in “Can’t Help Falling in Love” which is Mr. Bingley’s and my wedding song. 🥰

What do you think, friends?



To set the stage for this excerpt, Richard Fitzwilliam is Lord Matlock now and Lady Gordon is his wife’s mother. She was taking care of Richard and Isabelle’s three youngest children whilst they were taking a holiday in Brighton. A stomach ailment began spreading throughout that area, however, forcing them to return to London early.

Gordon townhouse

The library

Lady Gordon had just sat down to enjoy the peace and quiet of her library and to finish reading the book she began yesterday when her housekeeper appeared in the doorway.

“Lord Matlock, madam,” Mrs. James announced.

Barely had the words left her mouth than Richard walked past her into the room. Seeing his wife’s mother rise from her position on the sofa nearest the windows, he walked in that direction. Lady Gordon’s face had gone pale, and her hand was now over her heart.

“Has something happened to my Isabelle?”

“No. No. Nothing of the sort, Mother Gordon. I apologise for frightening you,” Richard said, grasping her hands and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “We had to return from Brighton sooner than expected, and I have come for the children.” He went on to explain what had precipitated their early return.

“My heavens! I am so pleased you brought Isabelle and Marjorie back to London so swiftly. One can never be too cautious in regard to these diseases, especially a woman in Isabelle’s delicate condition.”

“I am in complete agreement,” he said, motioning to the sofa. “Please sit down.”

After she had done so, Richard took a seat across from her on the matching chair. He smiled. “Now. What is this you wrote about a new governess?”

“Oh, my boy, you will never believe how fortunate I was to find this young woman. She took the children under her wing the very first day, and by the end of the week, they were hurrying through breakfast to get to the classroom. Seldom have I seen them so eager to learn.”

“Even Ellen?”

“We both know that Ellen is not one to show her approval; she had rather show disapproval. Still, she has not once led her sisters to hide since the new governess took charge.”

“Pray tell, who is this paragon of virtue.”

“Miss Elizabeth Bennet.”

Richard’s face reflected his shock, causing Lady Gordon to recall what Elizabeth said. “Oh, I forgot! Miss Bennet mentioned that you and she had met before.”

The matron began to explain what Elizabeth had said, and as she droned on and on, a picture of Darcy lying in bed, delirious with fever and calling that woman’s name came to mind. Quickly determining he would shield his cousin from any more heartbreak from that source, Richard was preparing to reject Elizabeth when a still, small voice stopped him cold.

What if Elizabeth Bennet holds the key to repairing your cousin’s heart?


Jarred from his reverie, he murmured, “I was thinking how odd it is that we should meet again after all these years.”

“As I always like to say,” Lady Gordon replied, “there are no accidents. All things happen for a reason.” She walked over to pull a cord. “I shall ask Miss Bennet to join us. I am certain you will be just as impressed with her as I am.”



In conjunction with her lovely reveal and announcement post Brenda Webb is generously giving away some chances to win a copy of Taking Another Chance! Her prizes include: 4 Kindle copies (open to US and Canada residents)! Woot woot!

To enter this giveaway leave a comment, a question, or some love for Brenda!!

  • This giveaway is open  to US and Canada residents.  Thank you, Brenda!
  • This giveaway ends June 19th


Taking Another Chance is currently available for purchase as a Kindle ebook, but soon will be available in paperback !

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  107 Responses to “Cover Reveal + Release Day Celebration for Taking Another Chance!!!”


    Wonderfully touching story which I read as Brenda posted on darcyandlizzy.com Congratulations on yet another great book!


    Perfect! I have been waiting for Brenda’s book to go live and this excerpt is delicious. I need not be in the giveaway since I already have her book! Thanks so much Meredith for hosting and congratulations Brenda on publishing another great story! ♫


    Yikes — I have loved all your books but this one sounds painful — hopefully wonderfully paintul. I am watching for it to release.


    I have loved all of Brenda’s books and am thrilled of her new release. I already feel Darcy and Elizabeth’s pain. Who was Darcy married to? Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway.


      Thank you for your kinds words Eva. I can’t reveal the answer to your question because I want you to be surprised. 🙂


    I’ve enjoyed Brenda’s books, and I would love to be entered in the give-away!


    As always, I look forward to reading your new book. I was too busy editing to read the posted copy, but your books are certainly worth purchasing –or better still, winning–just based on my experience with past productions.

    Congratulations on your selection of a cover photo. Mature Darcy is perfect; Lizzy, fine. So many of the covers seem to be casting family members for the role rather that the ultra-handsome figure depicted by Jane Austen.


      Thank you for always letting me know when you find an error Betty. I hope you win a copy! I thought this Darcy and Lizzy old enough for this book and hoped others would too.


    Congratulations on your new release, Brenda! What a lovely accomplishment! And I adore the purple!



    I am a faithful reader of all of your stories you have created! God has given you a special talent for writing unique and fascinating reading for your audience even though things get rather angsty and dicey! Congratulations on another winner!


    Joy (molson)


    I loved this story as I too read it on D&L , can’t wait to buy it and add it with all of her other wonderful stories.


    Enjoyed the excerpt. Congrats on the release and thank you for the giveaway!


    Gorgeous cover and an intriguing plot. Congrats, Brenda!


    Oh wow! Loved the excerpt.and I adore Barbara’s books. Thank you for the cover reveal. The purple dress is gorgeous.


    Ooooo, I can’t wait for this one! I love Brenda’s books and know this one will be wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!
    Nice cover, too!


    This story sounds great! Excited to read it!


    I don’t know if this will post! May I say I love your covers Brenda and this is another great choice. I managed to resist reading as this posted and have bought a copy so will be reading this as soon as I finish my current reads. Thanks for sharing.


      You are so sweet to comment Glynis and to purchase a copy. I am thrilled my covers are getting such good reviews as well.


    I really enjoyed this excerpt, and I am crossing my fingers and wishing hard in hopes of winning a copy!! Wow, fourteen years is quite the history, and Darcy with a daughter!! Oh, my…that will be interesting!

    Congratulations on this latest release, Brenda!! I always enjoy your books!!

    Susanne 🙂


      I wanted there to be two teenage daughters to cause some conflict, and they do! Thank for taking time to encourage me.


    Congrats on your release day Brenda! I feel so privileged to have read this story on the Darcy and Lizzy forum and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing here – it’s a fab story and I hope it does really well. Please count me out of the giveaway.


    Yay, congratulations, Brenda! What a lovely cover and an enticing excerpt. I can’t wait to read it!


    Love the cover – Will we get to hear what happened to the rest of the Bennet sisters?


    I have read and loved all this author’s books. So even if I don’t win I will definitely be purchasing this book. It does sound intriguing. Thanks for sharing. Love the “purple” cover. (As I have aged and turned gray I find purple looks so well with my hair.) Good luck with this book’s release, Brenda.


      Lovely to see your face pop up here Sheila. You have always been such a supporter of my writing and it makes my muse smile to know you are still ready to help me promote a new book. I love purple and lavender, so I know what you mean. 🙂


    Brenda has given us the sweetest love story of a Darcy and Elizabeth who have definitely traveled unexpected paths since their last meeting years ago. However, true love grabs hold of hope, clutches it tight and never lets go. Hope is that energy that refuses to let go even when circumstances look so grim. I love this Darcy and Elizabeth who were willing to cast all their confidence on their last chance at their hearts dream. I read this book as it was being written on darcyandlizzy.com. What a ride it was and I will now own a copy for my kindle’s favorites list. All of Brenda’s books reside on that special list.


    Congratulations Brenda, on the launch of this new book. Beautiful cover. I deliberately did not read the book as it was being posted in parts, for a variety of reasons. I love your books, Brenda, I just basically decided I would wait and read it in one go. (Especially after being dragged through the wringer reading Nicole’s book, well only 1/3 of it, and being left hanging and panting for the conclusion!!!) Ha! Just couldn’t face that again so soon. The excerpt is sooo enticing. I’ve been excited to read it since the first buzz I noticed about your new book. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

    And thank you so much Meredith for hosting the cover reveal. Gorgeous.


      My pleasure, Michelle! I love hosting these and I especially love learning about Brenda’s new stories! Hope she keeps writing so many more!


        Oh gosh, I know. I’m so greedy. I haven’t read this new one yet and I’m already wanting the next one….soonest! (I’m that way with my top faves.) 🙂


    I completely understand Michelle as I was caught up in Nicole’s book and almost died waiting to read the rest! She is such a good storyteller isn’t she? Wishing you luck on the giveaway and so proud that Meredith hosted the cover reveal. I just love ‘cover reveals’ and I think this couple personify my Darcy and Lizzy.


    When reading a Brenda Webb book, one knows it will be well edited with an interesting story. She has serious talent and I am so grateful when she shares her gift with the JAFF community. Well done, Ms. Webb. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


      How sweet of you to comment. I do try hard to make certain there are no errors and come up with unique tales and it heartening to hear that someone appreciates that. Good luck in the drawing. 🙂


    She couldn’t have picked a better combo to pique my interest. Love the governess trope and the mature couple second chance.
    Exquisite cover. I still favor the teal in A Promise Kept, but the purple is sensational, too. 🙂

    Congrats to Brenda and yay for us.


    I love your books, Brenda, and I’m sure this one will be no exception. The purple theme of this one is gorgeous! Congratulations and best wishes with your release! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


      So glad to see your name here Janet. Since you design such lovely covers to hear that you like this one made my day. Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂


    Another touching story! This time other characters interfere. Love the depth of their love and the well written other characters. I want to add this to my Brenda books collection. Lizzyb


    Loved the story and the new characters. The love of Darcy and Lizzy is timeless. Enjoyed having ODC as older and more mature. Can not wait to add to my collection. Lizzyb


    Can’t wait to read your new novel. I know it will be as great if not better than your previous novels. Congratulations and thank you for all your efforts to put out great novels for us to read!
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win! This story sounds very interesting!!!!!


      Thank you for coming over to comment MaryAnn and for your kind words. I am glad the premise sounds entertaining and hope that you enjoy reading it. Best wishes on the drawing!


    I love cover reveals and this one does not disappoint! Lovely…I like that touch of gray in Darcy’s hair. Love the premise and can’t wait to hear what you have done with all the other characters too! Congratulations!
    Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!


      I’m glad the cover is such a hit and I love the gray in Darcy’s hair too. 🙂 I think you will be very pleased with what has happened to the other characters we love so well. 🙂


    Congratulations, Brenda! The book cover is beautiful!


    Our long wait for another of Ms Brenda Webb’s book is over (almost a year of waiting;). I am excited for this new book and a little disheartened It took them 14 yrs before finding each other agan. Thank you for this chance to win this book.


      As I said in my introduction, I wanted to write a story when Darcy and Lizzy were older, thus the fourteen year gap. I think you will find the story interesting though. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment and good luck in the drawing.


    Congratulations Brenda on your book going live. I love the cover (purple). Interesting excerpt. Thank you for the chance in this giveaway.


    I am impatient to read this book. It sounds so good.


    Love the cover reveal! The color purple is striking. What a great excerpt, you definitely peaked my interest. Looking forward to reading it!


      I asked the designer to use purple on this one and am glad everyone seems to like it. I do hope you get a chance to read it Dung. 🙂


    Great cover! Super excited to read this one!


    Really enjoyed the excerpt. I can’t wait to read the book. Congratulations on your new release! I have read all of your books, with “Proof of Love” being my favorite. I like the cover; purple is my favorite color. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.


      I really like PROOF OF LOVE too, Mary. Thanks for taking time to tell me and I wish you luck in the drawing. 🙂


    I love variations where ODC are separated for long periods of time. Looking forward to reading this one!!


    I really enjoyed the excerpt and premise of the story. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for the giveaway. –Leslie


    I read this book on DarcyandLizzie, and I can’t praise it enough! Although Darcy and Lizzie were central to the story because it was about them, I loved the inclusion of Lord Matlock and young Ellen. They were definitely the biggest defenders of the couple.


      How kind of you to say jbrand! I really enjoyed writing this Richard and his precocious daughter and I am so proud they were a hit with you, too.


    Thank you for showing us the cover of your new release, Brenda. It’s amazing and beautiful. I can’t help noticing something right away. I hope you will take my criticism positively. I’m not trying to put down your graphic designer so please forgive me if this seems harsh.

    I’ve seen the male model grace other Regency romance and most likely one or two Austenesque titles before so I immediately saw that you have aged his hair. But it feels kinda jarring as I can see the difference to me. And his right shoulder is quite broad but it is out of proportion compared to his left side. As for the lady, I feel her face is not that of a natural person but super imposed on a real female. Don’t know if I’ve seen her before but she looks kind of familiar. But I still love the cover as a whole.

    And the excerpt is good too. Can’t wait to find out how the story goes.

    Meredith, I am international but can you please put me into the giveaway? I have no issue accepting Kindle e-books from Amazon US so far. Thank you very much.


    I regret that you do not care for the cover, but it only had to suit me and I love it. heh heh They are real people who pose for Regency images, so “no” her face was not imposed on someone else’s and if the poor man’s shoulders are ‘out of proportion’ it is not from manipulation of any sort. I hope you do get a chance to read the whole story and the cover does not detract from your enjoyment. 🙂


    All kinds of new characters in the excerpt! One must read to figure this out! I especially love that sub-heading on the cover: “Some loves are meant to be” Beautiful!


    Thanks to Meredith for hosting this cover reveal and giveaway [say hello to your Mr. Bingley]. To Brenda, love the purple and thanks for the generous giveaway. Wow! That was an amazing excerpt. There are a lot of questions. It seems a lot has happened over the years since they last saw Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Man… a lot has happened. I can’t wait to read it. Blessings, Brenda on the success of this launch and hope it all goes well. You are so special and I wish you all the best. I look forward to reading this.


      Now sweet of you to come over to comment and what a lovely comment it is! I am thrilled that so many seemed to like the excerpt and wish to know more. I wish I could give every one of you a free copy!


      I keep commenting but they aren’t showing up. I shall try again. I am so happy to see you here and to read your lovely comment. I am thrilled that you and so many others liked the excerpt and hope you get to read the entire book. Wishing you good luck in the drawing.


      My pleasure, Jeanne! It is so great to be celebrating a new Brenda Webb novel! I am so happy she has written another so quickly!!

      Thanks for visiting and spreading such warmth and kind words, my friend!


    Although I’m not eligible to enter the giveaway as I’m in the UK, I just wanted to stop in and say hi, congrats to Brenda on what looks to be another outstanding story and how lovely the cover is. Thanks for sharing the excerpt with us, Brenda. A certain gentleman is in for a bit of a shock when he finds out, I expect. Now I’m wondering what happened to keep our favourite couple apart for all of those years and who Darcy married.


    So sweet of you to come over and comment and what a lovely comment it is. 🙂 I am thrilled that so many seem to like the excerpt and wish to know more. Wish I could every one of you a free copy! 🙂


    And I missed reading the freebie, but I don’t want to miss the story. Perhaps I’ll win a copy. Brenda Webb’s P&P variations are always good stories. thanks for another,


    So proud to see your smiling face here, Connie. And thank you for the glowing review. Hugs.


    Thank you for coming over to comment Anji. You are right for Darcy is in for a shock and I promise you will learn why our dear couple was apart so long. I am sorry that Amazon makes it so hard to send Ebooks overseas.


      Thanks for the reply, Brenda. There is a way for us overseas readers to accept ebooks from the US but it’s rather convoluted and, as we say in the UK, “a bit of a faff”!


    I hope you do win a copy Betty! And thank you for always supporting me. 🙂


    I read this on DarcyandLizzie, and I definitely plan to purchase my own copy. I own all of Brenda’s P&P variations because the plots are well developed, and the novels are long. Although I do sit on the edge of my seat wating for Darcy and Elizabeth to come to their senses, it is always worth it. Having them meet 14 years later when they are still young enough to still have children was amazing! Poor Darcy! I do sometimes wish that he would tell her all of the truth in the beginning, and then Elizabeth would not lose faith so quickly. Anyone who reads this story will love it!


      Thank you for weighing in on my story. I am glad you enjoyed it and had to smile at your comments. Had Darcy been truthful at the beginning, I would have had no story. 🙂


    Jbrand, I keep trying to comment but it doesn’t show it so I shall try again (not as a reply). I am so thankful that you came over to comment even after reading it on my forum. I always smile when someone says “I wish Darcy had been upfront with Elizabeth” for we both know there would not have been a story then. 🙂


    Read this on darcyandlizzy.com. A great story. Would love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance


    Purple is my favorite color! Thank you for sharing your major accomplishment. I like how you changed things up at every book you create, like younger for Proof of Love and older for Taking Another Chance. You rock!


    Who does your cover design??


    I love your books Brenda!!! I am looking forward to reading your newest release.


    What a beautiful cover! I dig the “mature” Darcy. Thank you for another excellent story, Brenda. Our dear couple deserved their happy ending after the things they both endured. I appreciate all you do on D&L for the JAFF community. Well done once again.


    I love the excerpt and Brenda Webb dies such amazing variations
    Looking forward to this.


    I have been unable to comment at times so I will just say thank you to those who commented recently who I haven’t answered personally. I appreciates so much your kind words and encouragement. Made me smile. 🙂 Hugs,

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