Jun 052019

Hi dear friends!

I hope your June is off to a great start! I think I’m feeling very relieved for May to be over…it ended up being a little too stressful for work for me with recitals, hiring people, summer transition, etc. I’m hoping June will be much better! 🤞🏼

Amongst all the work…and stress 😩 we were able to enjoy some bits of fun.

My brother and I enjoyed a ‘sibling hike’ in glorious 80 degree weather. 🥵😉

We did an impressive 7 miles worth of hiking! (impressive for us!)😉

And then we went up to Massachusetts for a long weekend to visit with family.

Our cousin practically lives inside a State Forest and we had fun hiking around in it! 🥾

And enjoying her beautiful gardens! 🌸

We also took a day trip to Rhode Island to try riding a rail trail with Rail Explorers.

It was such a fun and unique thing to do. Not at all tiring! 🚂

What kind of fun did you get into in May?


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:




Nicole Clarkston – June 7th

Kelly Miller – June 19th

Brenda J. Webb – TBD

Here’s hoping for a great month of reading and blogging! 

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  31 Responses to “Austenesque Agenda – June 2019”


    Looks like you had a busy month, Meredith–but an enjoyable one as well!

    I am a devoted fan of Sophie Turner’s series, so I am looking forward to reading your review of A Season Lost. And I adore Nicole Clarkston and have read some of the opening chapters of Nefarious which were posted on Austen Variations.

    I hope that your June is lovely in every way! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂


      Yes! I am hoping June feels less busy…but I’m not so sure!

      I have about 100 pages left in Sophie Turner’s book – there is so much going on!! I love all the character developments!

      Hope you have a fantastic month as well!


    You took a DAY TRIP to RI from NC?! Did you take the Concorde to get there?


    Such wonderful photos, Meredith! I’m so glad you got to visit those beautiful places, in between the busy times. Your June agenda sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the posts!
    Take care and have a wonderful summer.


    Looks like you had a fun month



    Wow, so many good things this month. I’ve only read two of the featured books, but both Jennifer Altman’s and Riana Everly’s novels are top JAFF in my estimation, and hard to live up to. I expect the others are too, as they come from author friends that we love. I also look forward to the author visits—three wonderfully friendly ladies that should prove to provide an interesting post.


      Yes! June is turning out to be a wonderful month! So happy to hear you have high praise for Jennifer Altman’s and Riana Everly’s books! It was such a pleasure to host you last month, thank you so much for your participation and support of this blog and fellow JAFF authors!


    Well, I’ve read three on your list and loved them all. I’m so happy Brenda Webb will be coming along with her new book. I read it when she was posting on the D&L forum and it’s awesome. As always, thanks for supporting so many authors and readers with the blog. Jen Red


    Whew! That type of work stress will wear you out. Glad you got to do some family activities to recharge. Looks like a fun stack of reading and guests, too.


    I am looking forward to being with you once I can set a date and to reading all of your reviews and interviews with various authors. I read two books right after I sent mine off for formatting: Nefarious by Nicole and It’s Always Been You by L L Diamond. I loved them both and I feel like a new person because I got to read from front to back without stopping! That is something I have missed very much.


      Yes! What an awesome surprise (and treat!) it is to have you visiting this month! Keep these wonderful books coming!

      What great choices of books for you to read! Hope you get to enjoy some others after your release day!


    Such fun pictures, and beautiful too, of your family and the cool places you go! Oh yeah, glad May is over too. But then I looked up yesterday and said “what? It’s June already for crying out loud???”

    Yummy agenda. I’m reading Nefarious on one device and A Season Lost on another right now, (awesome series.) I am looking forward to the reviews of all those books though, I have most of them on the old TBR pile calling to me. Sooo looking forward to the guests this month, too. Woo hoo…


      Thank you, Michelle! We really enjoyed our time together with them.

      LOL! Not only that…it is mid June practically now!

      Two books at once…I’m doing that too with A Season Lost (although my second books are on the shorter side!) Looking forward to comparing thoughts with you about A Season Lost!


    Nice trip there meredith Thanks for sharing. My kids will be busy this summer so I will just enjoy your travel pics as ther won’t be summer travel for us;)


    Oh, you were in Massachusetts! I live in Western Mass. Not sure if that’s the area you visited, but it’s beautiful here this time of year. Glad you had a chance to enjoy family and the outdoors during your busy month of May.

    I’ve read Jennifer Altman’s book and really enjoyed it. Hope you do, too! Excited to learn more about the other books and authors! Several are on my never-ending TBR list.

    Happy June to you!


      Oh that is wonderful, Christina! I didn’t know you live in Massachusetts! We were in central Mass in Upton near Worcester. But we come up around once a year now and try to explore the surrounding areas. We did a little of Rhode Island during this trip and last year we went to Sturbridge Village. We really enjoy the area and spending time with our family! 😉 Maybe one of these years we can venture more west!

      I’m very much looking forward to Jennifer Altman’s story, I read the first few chapters awhile back. So glad to hear you loved it!


    Hi Meredith!
    I´m glad you have finished all the tasks that kept you so busy on May!.
    For me, May had some fun events that I enjoyed (celebrations with family, attending a concert…) but, with the crazy spring weather we have had in May, I caught a cold and I´m still recovering for it LOL.
    What a wonderful landscapes you enjoyed in Massachusetts and how fun was riding the rail trail! 😉
    I see your June Agenda is full of readings and authors!. I´m looking forward to hearing your opinion of “The assistant” by Riana Everly.
    Have fun this weekend!


      Me too! I have some more work projects for June, but so far they haven’t been as stressful!

      Yay! That does sound like you had a great May. I hope you are feeling better now!

      Massachusetts is lovely! And we loved the rail trail – hope it is something we can do again in some other place!


    Rhode Island is literally just next door to SE Connecticut! I’ve read 2 novels on your list (The Assistant and Nefarious). I won’t comment on the 80 degrees — yikes! That’s too hot for me.


    I was glad to see the end of May, too. Losing our second dog seven months to the day after losing the first was just horrible. The house seems so empty now without the two of them padding around. They were big boys too, so you couldn’t miss them! Now that a month has passed since that day, I’m starting to come to terms with it all, albeit slowly. Reading has helped enormously. One of those titles was Elizabeth, an ideal short tale which fitted in with my inability to concentrate on longer storylines at the time. I was lucky enough to be involved with Jennifer Altman pre-publication last year and I thought hers was an outstanding first Austenesque novel. All of the rest are on eother my Wish List or TBR List, as per usual!


      It is so lovely to see you here, Anji. It is such a change, and I am sorry it is one you have had to go through. My heart goes out to you and your family. I am so happy to hear that reading has been a comfort to you. and that one of the titles you read was Elizabeth! I’m so looking forward to To Conquer Pride.

      Hugs to you my friend, hope your June is a happy one!


    Great reads on your agenda. I have to catch up on Sophie Turner’s book – it has been on my TBR pile for a while. Thanks for sharing here. Lovely photos…as always. Oh, for the energy of younger folk! 7 miles would be impossible for me.


      Thank you, Sheila! It has been a great month so far! 🙂 Hope you are enjoying some wonderful reads!

      LOL! As long as it doesn’t have too much of an incline, I can handle 7 miles!! 😉

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