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Our Beloved Pride and Prejudice Characters Weather Some Storms and Some Hardships

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice Sequel

SERIES: Constant Love (Book 3) While this is a stand alone story with conclusion, we’d recommend reading the two previous volumes (A Constant Love and A Change of Legacies) before reading this one.

Setting: February 1816 – May 1817


This all-encompassing and compelling saga continues to follow the lives of the Darcys, the Stantons (Georgiana and her husband), and their extended families through a most challenging year. Whether it was because of crop failure, unforeseen travel alterations, difficult childbirths, or illness – these characters’ fortitude and resiliency is put to the test! Intertwining Jane Austen’s characters in real-life historical events such as the “Year Without a Summer” and the 1816 British Embassy to China, this epic Pride and Prejudice sequel continues the lives of beloved characters and the obstacles they face.


  • A Seamless and Thoughtful Continuation: Having read all three books (so far) in this series all I can do is marvel at Ms. Turner’s well-constructed and cohesive storytelling. She is constantly juggling multiple story-lines, alternating the spotlight between two (or more) central couples, and incorporating authentic and accurate period details! This story is as well-composed and executed as its predecessors! I love the combination of trials, character development, and romance. I’m really happy that Ms. Turner isn’t stingy on the romance!
  • Various Lifestyles: Life on an estate, life aboard a ship, life in town – I loved the assortment of different ways of living represented in this novel. I greatly enjoyed learning more about the social customs, beliefs, and understandings of this time period. I can’t decide which lifestyle I may have enjoyed more…I think it might be the one aboard a ship!
  • Obstacles and Endurance: Jane Austen’s characters have grit. Nearly all characters featured in this book experience some kind of hardship. And their reactions or how they handle these difficult moments are inspiring to witness. I especially enjoyed witnessing such fierce strength and determination in the female characters of this story – Elizabeth, Georgiana, Jane, Anne, Kitty, and Mary.
  • Mr. Darcy’s Struggles: In charge of the welfare and care for hundreds of tenants and servants, readers can fully understand the scope and weight of Mr. Darcy’s responsibilities in this story. I greatly admire all that Mr. Darcy does to help his tenants and those in the village. I love that he isn’t afraid to try new methods, that he breaks protocol for intelligent reasons, and most of all, that he shares and discusses everything with his wife. It truly was moving to see how they are a partnership and how greatly they support and depend on each other.
  • Georgiana Stanton, World-Traveler: I loved Georgiana’s story-line! I love her adventurous spirit and I greatly admire her adaptability to living on a naval ship. I so would love to travel like she did! And I am happy with and heartily approve of her choices!
  • Anne de Bourgh Seizes Life: It is always heartening to see Jane Austen’s “sickly and cross” character become something more. I very much appreciated and enjoyed how this occurred in this story and I am so happy with the actions and decisions Anne made for her life! Such a satisfying improvement!


  • Tiny Quibbles: While I don’t feel any events or storylines should be removed, I do feel think just a little tightening with the pacing would be beneficial. My other quibble is about Elizabeth frequently comparing the twins and agonizing over any slight difference. It irked me that Lizzy continuously held/went to/traveled with one son over the other – I feel like these behaviors would definitely result in a child developing a complex or stigma. But perhaps this is a true representation of Regency Era parenting (which is quite different from our modern ways) or perhaps Elizabeth has some flaws…


Exceptionally informative, genuine, and riveting, A Season Lost is another stellar installment in Sophie Turner’s magnificent Constant Love series. While it is season beset with challenges and loss, Ms. Turner masterfully illustrates that strength and steadfast love can see you through the darkest times.

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In conjunction with my review, Sophie is generously offering 1 copy (Kindle or Paperback) of A Season Lost for me to give away to 1 lucky winner!!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about my review or the Constant Love series.

  • This giveaway is open worldwide.  Thank you, Sophie!
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  32 Responses to “A Season Lost – Sophie Turner + Giveaway!”


    Wonderful review, Meredith! I too absolutely love this whole saga that has such depth. Your last sentence encapsulates it best:

    “… Ms. Turner masterfully illustrates that strength and steadfast love can see you through the darkest times.”

    As I have the book, please do not enter me in the giveaway. Just wanted to show my love!


    I love Sophie’s books and I’m sure this will be another great read. Thanks to both of you for featuring.


    As I have read the other books in the series, I’m sure this will also be a delightful read. I very much enjoy Sophie’s books.Thank you for the giveaway.


    Loved the Constant Love series so far! Keep coming back to it! Both because of the new characters, story-lines and the familiar and beloved characters of Darcy, Elizabeth and Georgiana and their families!


    I loved the 1st 2 books and look forward to readng this! Thanks for sharing your imagination with us!


    I would enjoy reading this and actually planned to but have just not gotten to it. Thanks for a chance to win it.


    I have all but this one and enjoyed reading the others. I am certain this one will not disappoint. 🙂


    This is a great series — I have read all three and am looking forward to the next.

    I was lucky to win this in an earlier drawing, so leave me out of the competition this time.


    I just finished A Constant Love last night, then bought & stayed up until dawn reading the first quarter of Book 2, A Change of Legacies, so you can imagine my joy at hearing of this timely giveaway. What great books these are! Thank you for the chance to win; I’m way over my book budget for the year, and it’s still only JUNE.


    I was really looking forward to your review, Meredith, couldn’t wait to hear how you liked it. I just recently finished this third book, and what a marvelous epic! I so agree with you that Sophie weaves the stories of the various characters with such skill. And I loved everybody’s story.

    The author COULD have written a similar series, with each SHORTER book featuring a different Bennet daughter, I suppose. And as much as I love stories centered around side characters, I miss Darcy & Elizabeth being there with as much importance as, IMHO, I think they should have. :/ For those readers looking for a short read, this is not it. Or even those who don’t really enjoy lots and lots of history, but just want quick escapism, this is not it. But I eat it up with a spoon! I love all the history. And I loved that this series shows the entire extended family being just that, a real family. Their lives intertwined with each other. I’m eager for the next book to come out. I hope everyone gives it a chance. And p.s., I love watercress. lol


    Your reviews are always so comprehensive giving us a good window into what we can expect. This book has been on my wish list, so I would love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks to Sophie for sponsoring one.


    I own and have read the first two books. I have this one on my wish list. Great review Meredith and thanks for hosting [hello to your Mr. Bingley]. Thanks to our author for the generous giveaway. Blessings on the success of this work.


    Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the review and giveaway.


    Thanks for the review, I enjoyed the first two books. I think it is fairly obvious that not just Elizabeth has flaws, no-one is remotely perfect


    I am looking forward to reading the books in order. A most comprehensive review thank you.


    It sounds great this new book full of events, would love to have the chance to read it myself! Please enter me in the giveaway, Thank you!


    I enjoyed the review. Thank you very much. I have read the first 2 and thoroughly enjoyed them. This is on my very long wish list.


    Congratulations on your new release, Sophie. It sounds like a compelling series. I’ll have to check it out. Thank you for the giveaway and to you Meredith for another thoughtful and helpful review. Hope it does well.


    I feel I must say “You have persuaded me to read this story.” However, if I’m honest, your review was a good reminder that I enjoy Sophie’s works and will want to read this one as well.

    Thanks for the giveaway. They are always appreciated by the winners, of whom I sometimes am.:)


    I have to confess to skipping over the review, Meredith, as I’ve read (or rather listened to) A Constant Love but not the second book. I’m sure it’ll be up to your usuall amazing standard but I skipped just in case thee were any references to the previous book. I loved A Constant Love when I listened to it on my commutes earlier this year and keep wondering what happened next!


    I would love to read this series. It’s on my TBR list! Thanks for the giveaway. –Leslie


    Looking forward to reading part three!


    Oh how lovely, I enjoyed your review. It sounds like my cup of tea and I would love to read this story!


    Thank you so much for the lovely review, Meredith, and to all of the readers for your interest in and support of my series! I wasn’t sure how many people would be on board for a seven-book continuation series, but so far they have been and I am so appreciative.


    Wonderful review as always, Meredith. I have not started the series yet so I cannot help but wonder if there will be more stories planned. I don’t like to start a series knowing that I have to wait before it is completed. And thank you for the giveaway, Sophie.

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