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Hello, dear readers!  I am very excited to welcome back author Suzan Lauder to Austenesque Reviews today!  And she is here to celebrate her newest release, The Mists of Her Memory, which sounds fascinating – so full of suspense and intrigue! What happened to Elizabeth? Why are the keeping Mr. Darcy from Elizabeth? Will Elizabeth recover her memories I must find out!!  Today Suzan shares a lovely “deleted scene” from her new release where Elizabeth and Darcy meet for the first time!

Elizabeth Meets Darcy at a Private Ball—The Mist of Her Memory Vignette

This vignette is an original work written specifically for Austenesque Reviews and The Mist of Her Memory blog tour followers. It’s an alternate point of view to the scene in Chapter 15 of The Mist of Her Memory, a Regency romantic suspense and mystery novel based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


Sparkling and glittering. Glowing and shining. Swirling and sashaying. Smiling and posing. Her first London ball was more of an amazing spectacle than she could have ever imagined prior to this experience, and Elizabeth could not help but be awestruck by the finery that surrounded her both in architecture and participants. However, she was caught in the middle of admiring and had missed hearing a question by her chaperone.

“Excuse me, but I was not attending,” she said.

“I was just asking if you were comfortable.” Mrs. Fraser said.

“I am fine, thank you. The room is warm enough, yet not overly so.”

“It is a lovely ballroom, is it not?” her chaperone asked. “Though not particularly large, Lord and Lady Powells have appointed it rather well.” Obviously, the widow Fraser, a friend of her Aunt Gardiner’s, had been regarding the same subject matter.

“Indeed. I have little to compare it to, though,” she replied.

“I can guess that it is a mite prettier than the assembly rooms in Meryton.”

She allowed herself a smile. “A great deal prettier. Much like comparing a peacock to a pea hen.”

“The chandeliers are from the island of Murano, where the best Venetian glassblowers hone their craft. They have used gilding judiciously so the plinths are attractive yet not gaudy. The parquet is a unique pattern. I have not seen one such as this anywhere.” Clearly Mrs. Fraser knew a fair amount about fitting up a ball room.

“I was unaware. Thank you.” Elizabeth had never given the topic much thought, but clearly their hosts had. She glanced over to Lord Powell, who she had met merely one-half hour ago, and upon seeing who the peer was speaking with, froze, her mind going blank for a moment.

But could it be him? Could the tall man with dark, curly hair standing in front of their host be Mr. Darcy?

He turned and looked at her. It was Mr. Darcy! Even with the distance of the ballroom and the dancers in between them, his surprise was evident: his mouth dropped open, yet just for a moment, and then it closed again. Once again, he spoke to Lord Powell, who was nodding in her direction. Mr. Darcy was so tall, so handsome! Oh!

Are you well, my love? What happened? Hush, hush. Please do not distress yourself. It will wait.

He had been so solicitous the day of the accident! Oh, now she believed she knew the truth, and was grateful she had not supported her aunt and uncle’s previous suspicions, no matter how they argued.

Oh goodness gracious! He was coming over to them! After wishing for and anticipating this moment for so long, how was she going to address him?

Mrs. Fraser, Miss Bennet, how do you do?”

Her knees dipped a curtsey by habit, thank goodness! The words that came out of her mouth similarly were unplanned and filled with the politesse of one who knows the right answer when she is unable to think. “I am well. How are you?”

Of course, she missed what he said in reply. Instead, she was concentrating on his handsome face, so close, so beloved. His beautiful eyes said so much. Did he admire her still? It seemed so, though he was somewhat awkward and reticent in the short conversation that followed. He asked her to dance the supper dance, though. She would coax some banter out of him then.

The thought of their dance at Netherfield Park so long ago sparked other memories. More words came rushing into her mind, words from the past, words of love and concern in his deep, resonant voice in a tone of worry. Yes, she was beginning to recall a great deal more of his role in the circumstances that had caused her amnesia. And every phrase was particularly important.


Special thanks to Meredith for hosting this post and to Claudine for organizing this blog tour.

Oh!! Don’t stop there! We must have more!! Just another paragraph, please!!

Thank you, Suzan, for this lovely vignette! We wish you so much success with your newest release! Congrats!!!


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Thank you to Claudine Pepe, Meryton Press, and Suzan Lauder for making this blog tour possible! Be sure to check out the rest of this tour!

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  59 Responses to “Vignette + Giveaway with Author Suzan Lauder!!!”


    This is a story I plan to read…one way or another. I does sound intriguing. Thanks for the excerpt.


    Definitely intrigued with this excerpt. Thank you for the chance in this giveaway.


      Thanks to Meryton Press for the giveaway. This is not exactly an excerpt. The actual chapter in the book is from Darcy’s viewpoint. I decided to write the scene from Elizabeth’s viewpoint just for Meredith’s blog. So a treat for all of you who follow her!


    Wonderful excerpt. Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations on your new release. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.


      I know you’re a big fan, Mary, so I hope you are successful in the drawing. Thanks for commenting!


    Enjoyed the vignette and look forward to learning more about how Elizabeth got amnesia.


      The novel slowly and steadily shows Elizabeth’s story about the amnesia. The blog tour hints at all of that. Thanks, darcybennett!


    I love how seeing him brought back lovely memories, proving to Elizabeth that there was no way he had hurt her. I look forward to reading this again now it has been published and have it on my list.
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely vignette.
    I have had so many problems trying to complete the Rafflecopter form that I no longer bother trying but good luck to anyone who succeeds.


      Hi, Glynis! You’ll find that some of the harsher edges of the story have been honed in this version. I do hope you enjoy it. We’ll try to get those Rafflecopter problems fixed for you. It shouldn’t be annoying to try to win!


    This was an entertaining vignette that left me wanting more. Scenes with Elizabeth and Darcy are always my favorite, and you write them so well!


    Wonderful excerpt. I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy. It sounds intriguing!


    Congratulations, Suzan! So happy to see Mist of Her Memory published.


      Thanks so much! As you know, you were one of the first to actually read the original of this story. A great deal of effort by you and others went into publishing it, and I’m so grateful for all your help.


    I’m so excited about reading this. Please oh please Rafflecopter gods pick me pick me!! Ha. I love your books Suzan. And The Mist of Her Memory sounds simply amazing. Oh, and cutting that excerpt there was truly cruel, 🙁 I wish you huge success with this launch. Thanks Meredith for hosting a stop on Suzan’s blog tour.


      Since this was written for the blog tour, I actually stopped my imagination there too, so you missed nothing. Of course, in the book, there’s plenty from Darcy about the supper dance, then Elizabeth at supper after the dance. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and good wishes, Michelle. Isn’t Meredith’s blog a great place to stop?


    Thanks to Meredith [and her Mr. Bingley] for hosting. Thanks to Meryton Press and Suzan for the generous giveaway and this frustrating excerpt… I was just getting into the scene. Grrr! Guess I will just have to wait and read it for myself. LOL!! Blessings on the success of this book and the rest oi the blog tour.


    I love this excerpt and want to read more!! Thanks for the giveaway. –Leslie


      You’re welcome. I hope you get the book and read more and then let us know what you think. Thanks, Leslie!


    Such a great cover. Thank you for the excerpt. Thank you also for the offer for your other books, Can’t wait for the release of this book.


      Yes, thanks to Janet Taylor, it’s an amazing cover! I hope you managed to get the sale books while they were offered. This book has been released, so you can get it on Amazon.


    Thank you for the lovely vignette! Wishing you good luck with your new novel and thank you to Meredith for hosting you. Looking forward to reading this novel. Thanking you for the giveaway!


      MaryAnn you’re a great fan. I hope you enjoy my latest novel. You’re welcome. Thanks for commenting!


    Loved this book when I first read it and I can’t wait to read the finished story. Congratulations Suzan! AND thanks Meredith for hosting.


      The story is the same, but there are bits of polish all the way through thanks to editor Sarah Pesce. Thanks so much to you too Jennifer!


    I loved this scene from Darcy’s viewpoint in the book, and this one from Lizzy’s is excellent too. Thanks, Suzan, for sharing this special vignette today. Thanks, Meredith for hosting!


      As we alternate points of view in the book, you get a bit of both. This one was just the same scene from different eyes. You’re welcome, Janet, and thanks for all you’ve done for this book!


    Can’t wait to read this one! Congrats on the release!


    Argh, you’re killing me, Suzan! I must be satisfied. So much mystery! I can’t wait to dive in. What in the world happened to our girl??? Looking forward to finding out!


      Hahaha! It was intended that way, my friend. I honed my craft on the boards at AHA. I hope you dive in quickly to save yourself the shock. Thanks!


    I love the setting where Elizabeth has realized she loves Darcy but circumstances divide them. And this at a ball… I look forward to reading this book! Thanks for the giveaway chance!


      You will like this book, then, since there is a lot of tension while the two are separated and want to be together. But they get together halfway through and then some more excitement takes place. You’re welcome!


    I just **love** it when JAFF novels cross over into mysteries/suspense which looks like the direction of this one. I’m so excited by the deleted scene/alternate POV posted here; it’s so intriguing!!

    Crossing my fingers and hoping hard to win a copy via the giveaway!! 😀

    Thanks, Suzan, for sharing your work here!!

    Susanne 🙂


      I think this book will be just what you like, then. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for this post and the novel, and best of luck on the drawing, Susanne!


    Wow – love the excerpt ! Looking forward to reading this one!


    Ooo, how intriguing! Can’t wait to read this 🙂


      I love the word intriguing, Brigid! Best of luck on your reading it, and please, let me know what you think!


    This sounds really exciting, adding a bit of mystery and danger allows the writer to show a different side of our favorite characters.


      Exactly! There’s a bit of a dark side to this story, but it’s balanced out by the romance for our fave characters, so hopefully you’ll like it, Danielle.


    Absolutely enticing! I must have my share in knowing what happens next! I could just visualize the ballroom! Thank you for a chance at the giveaway.


      Wow, I keep getting great words to describe that vignette–enticing! I do hope you have good luck withthat giveaway and get to read it soon.


    Congrats on your newest release! I’m looking forward to reading it.


      Thanks, Dung! I know you’re a great JAFF fan and I look forward to knowing what you think about my latest novel.


    Having been ill, I missed this post originally and just wanted to jump in and say I am so looking forward to reading this story. I have very little time to read of late and trust Suzan’s books to be entertaining.


    Thank you so much for the opportunity of this giveaway. Looking forward to reading it!!


    tCongratulations. It’s a very compelling story and I look forward to reading the final version. I always enjoy your stories.


      I keep reading the word “compelling” about this book, and I truly believe it is so. Like my other books, this is a unique one! Thank you.


    The vignette is very good, Suzan. I’m intrigued by the mystery surrounding Elizabeth’s attack. Why would her family forbid Mr Darcy to contact her? Do they suspect he has something to do with her attack?


      I can’t answer all your questions without introducing spoilers, and we can’t have that, can we! Thanks for the detailed commentary!


    This is such an intriguing premise. Looking forward to reading the book.


      The blurb, vignette, and excerpts are all selected to be intriguing, however, the whole book is like them, or even better! That’s because I can’t post spoilers!


    Wondering now what role Darcy played in Elizabeth getting amnesia.

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