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A Charming and Compact Compilation of Helpful Hints!

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There are have been many readers and writers who have turned to Jane Austen’s words for guidance. Through her characters, her quotes, and her letters Jane Austen has left us with a fair amount of wisdom mixed in with her satirical wit and depictions of Regency country life. Even though times have changed, and there are societal and cultural divides, Jane Austen’s words and gentle tutelage can be useful for modern-day heroines no matter what century they live in. I guess Jane Austen was quite proficient at sharing universal truths!

In this elegant and exquisitely handsome handbook, Sophie Andrews shares what lessons she has learned from Jane Austen – important lessons about being confident, having patience, and refraining from jealousy or impetuous behavior. The individual passages that highlight lessons of friendship, love, happiness, and the role of women are succinct and well-written. I really appreciated the concluding reminders at the end that truly helped the reader β€œBe More Jane.” While many of the lessons were not new for me, it was very satisfying to discover the ways I have already learned to be more Jane in my life. I firmly believe Jane Austen deserves large credit for shaping my behavior and outlook. πŸ˜‰

I must devote the next paragraph of this review to the exceptionally beautiful illustrations provided by the talented Jane Odiwe! They truly do enhance this work and help highlight various scenes readers can recognize from Jane Austen’s novels. I especially want to comment on the detail in theses illustrations. Whether it is in the foreground or background, Ms. Odiwe included minute details that I cannot help but marvel at! Truly remarkable!

Be More Jane is a light-hearted and lovely handbook that is a wonderful choice for readers, young and old!

I hope you enjoy this little video preview I made!


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The lovely people at CICO Books have kindly offered to do a giveaway in conjunction with my review and in celebration of Be More Jane‘s blog tour! One hardback copy of Be More Jane is going to be given away to ONE lucky reader!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about my review (or maybe share a lesson you’ve learned from Jane Austen!)

  • This giveaway is open to readers in the US, Canada, and Europe. Thank you, CICO!
  • This giveaway will end April 22nd.
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  89 Responses to “Be More Jane – Sophie Andrews + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    Interesting review and I loved the video.I can see where this book would be a lovely addition to our P&P books Thank.you got the chance to win a copy.


    A beautiful feature and giveaway. Thanks for this lovely video and review.


    Oooh. That book looks delightful! It is definitely going on my “absolutely must have” list!


    I’ve learned that even if called a stubborn or an obstinate headstrong girl, you can grow into a strong woman.



    Loved the review and the video of course.


    I loved your video preview of this book, Meredith!! Jane’s illustrations are so beautiful, warm, and welcoming! I would LOVE to win a hardcover copy of this lovely book!! πŸ˜€

    Susanne πŸ™‚


    It is true that part of the appeal to Austen’s stories is seeing good principles that can be lived by in real life. Loved your video highlighting the beauty of the physical copy, too.


    You did a lovely job of reviewing the book. I enjoyed the video and yes, the drawings are wonderful.


    Thank you so much for the video and the soundtrack of P&P 1995 that went along with it! Lovely review and one book I want to own! Those illustrations from Jane Odiwe are exquisite! Thank you for a chance at the giveaway!!


    Love the video. I am such a visual person. Beautiful illustrations as well.


    What a beautiful book! For all the time I spend with Austen and her characters, I could certainly use some reminders about how to “be more Jane.” Thanks for the review and the giveaway!


    I am so happy to see someone’s passion for Jane Austen blossom into something so delightful.


    That looks great! So delightful!


    Thank you Meredith and everyone who has kindly commented on the illustrations. This was such a lovely project to do- Sophie writes beautifully, and it’s been such a pleasure to be invited to take part.


    Thank you so much for your lovely review. I am very glad you enjoyed my little book. I love your video too, thank you!


    Lovely review. Fantastic artist. Looks fun and enjoyable.


    This book is amazing, loved to read it. Great video and review.


    Wow! There is so much to appreciate about this book and the wisdom of JA. Loved the video. It would be an honor to win a copy of this wonderful little book.


    The moment I heard the music from your video, I was mesmerized. I have missed your videos. I could use some of Jane’s advice right now.


    Thank you for this review! Love all things Jane!


    The book looks so beautiful! Great review too


    Lovely review of this book Meredith and I especially liked the beautiful video you created. Looking forward to reading it, so please count me in to the giveaway.


    This book sounds wonderful and it looks stunning too!! I would love to read it and become more Jane πŸ˜€


    This book looks so cute!! I’m excited to read. One of my favorite life lessons from Jane Austen is she was her own woman. She marched to the beat of her own drum, and was true to herself and pursued her passion for writing regardless of the social norm.


    What an adorable book, I would love to add it to my β€œmodest” Jane collection. Sounds fun and such pretty pictures, what a great book Sophie!


    Can’t wait to read this book. It looks wonderful.


    Loved to read this book, it is fantastic and I love so much Jane Austen.


    Love the review and the video, Meredith! Great to see the book and your choice of music is impeccable. πŸ™‚ I think we can all strive to be more like Jane – – I love that she wrote about what she wanted (and with obvious finesse) and didn’t give in to the social expectations of the time.)

    Congrats, Sophie, on your publication! Thrilled to see that Jane Odiwe illustrated!


    Am pretty new to all things Jane Austen and would love to learn more about ”being Jane” myself. What a great introduction to this beautifull book ! I loved the video and a great review Meredith. It would be wonderful to win this so please count me in, Thank you !


    It looks like a nice book, especially with the pictures.


    Jane just reinforced my habit of being an observer and not taking people on that first impression as being all there is to them. Thanks for a chance to win. Sounds very interesting.


    What a lovely video – thanks Meredith for sharing this book. I would love to add this to my Jane Austen collection. Thanks for the giveaway. –Leslie


    Congrats again Sophie, I’m looking forward to reading it.


    This book looks very interesting.

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