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A Vendetta for Vengeance Delivers Devastating Developments

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Source: Review Copy from Author

TYPE OF NOVEL: Sequel to a Modern Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Mature Audiences

TIMELINE: Several weeks after Without a Conscience

NOTE: This book is a sequel to a sequel, and it is recommended to read the first and second books of this series prior to this one.

SERIES: The Conscience Series 

SYNOPSIS: While the Obsidian team accomplished most of their goals with Operation Macarena, they were unsuccessful with the bigger objectives of eliminating Juan (Diablo) Sanchez Moralez and destroying his drug, weapons, and human trafficking empire. And since Diablo has vendetta against Obsidian assassin Fitzwilliam (Iceman) Darcy for killing his father, the Obsidian team knows he is coming for them. They just don’t when or how…What happens when Diablo does strike? What can Iceman do to firmly put an end to Diablo’s empire while protecting the life of the one he holds most dear…What happens if he is unsuccessful?


  • Brilliant Execution: Wowza…this story – no scratch that – this series is thoughtfully and expertly composed. Through all three books Cat Gardiner develops a thrilling romantic adventure full of treacherous paths, high speed action, and surprising twists. Like an expert driver handling the Tail of the Dragon, Cat Gardiner maneuvers and steers the events of this series brilliantly. I’m so impressed with the masterful orchestration behind it all. Especially in this third book – I loved the evasive narratives, the slow reveals, the tender flashbacks that fill in some missing gaps and provide some lighter moments amongst the heart-wrenching scenes of desolation.
  • Traveling Everywhere: With all the books in this series, readers can experience adventure and exotic travel vicariously through Liz and Darcy. Their passports have a hefty number of stamps from the last year alone! And I so want to follow their travel routes (minus all the black ops and dangerous villains!). I want to swim in the Santorini Caldera in Greece, ride the Orient Express to Prague, see Madame Butterfly in Venice, and attempt the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina. (It is after all the state I live in!) I truly loved these jet-setting adventures around the world!
  • Character Development: In every book Cat Gardiner writes, she creates such deep-feeling and emotionally complex characters. I find these characters immeasurably absorbing and accessible. With the unexpected events that take place in this story, I think it is crucial for readers to get behind and comprehend the actions/decisions these characters make. Cat Gardiner does a marvelous job of establishing these characters’ personalities, of revealing their inner thoughts, and overall creating a bond between the readers and her characters. In so many ways I felt myself identifying with Liz in this story…I cried with her countless times and felt her pain in my heart. I addition, I could not bring myself to be upset with Darcy for even one second as I knew exactly where he was coming from and what propelled his actions.
  • The Little Things: I especially loved that with such a sweeping and complex spy/thriller to create, Cat Gardiner had time to add little touches and moments with secondary characters that are such satisfying additions to the story. Such as Mr. Bennet’s role, the new character that is introduced, and all of Dixon’s moments with Liz! I have such a soft spot for Dixon!
  • A Culminating Conclusion: These books truly do take readers on – not just a romantic adventure – but an emotional one as well. This last book in the series brings everything to the most satisfying and moving of conclusions. The series is encompasses such a wide range of emotions, experiences, and events and Cat Gardiner adeptly brings it all together in the end for a deeply gratifying finale.


  • The only thing I could possibly think of is that I was hoping to see a little more of John Knightley…but that might be because after The Iceman, he is my favorite Obsidian member. 😉

WARNING: Recommended for Mature Audiences because of the use of profanity and intimate content


Powerful, poignant, and passionate – In Good Conscience is an exceptionally praiseworthy conclusion to The Conscience Series by Cat Gardiner. For readers who crave stories that are full of breathtaking adventure in romantic cities, thrilling danger that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the deepest, most epic of romances, I cannot recommend this series enough!!

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I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway for two reasons –

1 being that I exceedingly love this series and want other to read it (don’t believe me? See: HERE, HERE, and the review at the top of this page!)

2 being that this is the first book in 2019 that I’ve given 5 stars to! Woot! This book is especially deserving of this high rating!

So the giveaway I’m holding is for an ebook (Winner’s Choice) of any book in The Conscience Series.

And because she is such a generous person, author Cat Gardiner has added to my giveaway!!! She is giving away an ebook bundle of this series Conscience Rising (available in Nook or Kobo!!)

To enter, leave a comment about my review and share what intrigues you/what you love most about this series.

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  • This giveaway will end March 20th.
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  49 Responses to “In Good Conscience – Cat Gardiner + GIVEAWAY!!!”


    I am a fan of spy stories that feature a couple working together so this is a series I would enjoy. Thanks for the review and giveaway.


    I read this series and loved it. I have been toying with the idea of reading it all over again. I have always loved spy series having read all of the James Bond ones during college. And this includes both genders in the plot. The romance sizzles. You are so right that Cat takes us all over the world and her research has us experiencing things from the read world not just her imagination. Great review. I agree with so many of your points.


      I’m so happy you are as a big a fan of this series as I am, Sheila! Yes do the reread!!! You will be so happy with your decision! Thanks so much for your kind words about my review!


    I look forward to reading this and always trust your reviews Meredith. If you give it a 5 star rating, I know I will enjoy it too. Thanks for the giveaway. –Leslie


    What a great review for an absolutely fabulous, wonderful book and series. I absolutely loved Iceman and his relationship with his Liz. The lengths he went to to keep her safe (and the things she did to protect him also) blew me away. Such excellent word pictures of the places visited made it so easy to feel as if you were there with them (I wish! 🙂 )
    As I told Cat there was only one thing wrong with this book and that was that it ended. I felt totally bereft to think there wouldn’t be another one to look forward to.
    As you may have gathered I do have all these books so please don’t enter me in the giveaway Meredith!


      Thank you, Glynis! I so appreciate you reading my review! I’m so glad your love for this series equals my own! I too feel sad about the adventure not continuing, but I couldn’t be more satisfied with all the lovely closure and HEAs this last installment gave us! If I feel bereft in the future I think I will just have to reread them all again! 😉


    Hi Meredith! Great review. You clearly love this series and you’re great at sharing your passion for it . Not having read any books in the trilogy, I’m intrigued as to how Darcy and Liz’s relationship plays out and also which secondary characters are used. Sounds like a mix of characters make it in and not just from our beloved P&P. I would like to be in with a chance of winning the first book please.


      Thank you, Elaine! I appreciate you reading it! Yes, these characters are so much fun to explore and see together…you cannot help but love them all! 😉


    I have all of Cat’s books and love them, but she excelled with this series in my opinion. Riveting is the only word I can think to describe these tales. I agree 100% with your review!


    Oh Meredith! Thank you for this incredible review. I’m dancing on cloud nine, sooooo happy that you’ve enjoyed this last ride as much as you did!! <3 Darcy's decision was a bit dodgy but it had to be. 🙂 You know … you're so kind to make me out as such a masterful planner of the 3 books when, in fact, I'm a complete PANTSER at writing. All I had figured on was his *decision* and then the characters wrote the rest around it. But this was THE hardest book I've ever written, trying to incorporate details from the first 2.5 books and keep the continuity and characteristics. It was a challenge and a labor of love and I'm THRILLED that readers have enjoyed it all (especially Iceman. 😉 ) I will miss these characters so much. As others have stated, they're part of me now. I'm invested in them..

    I'm honored by your generous giveaway to readers and I'd like to add an e-book book to the giveaway: CONSCIENCE RISING, the entire series .

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! And here's to your next great adventure with Mr. Bingley. Perhaps, the Tail of the Dragon?


      Thank YOU, Cat, for writing such wonderful stories, for giving us such adventures, and for all you do to make this reading experience special!!

      You are so very kind to add the ebook bundle to the giveaway! Thank you ever so much!

      I already sent Mr. Bingley the link…thanks for the idea!


    Great review. I have all of Cat Gardiner’s book in this series but I have not read all of them. This review moves these book up on my to read pile.


    Love this series!! So much fun! Nothing like constantly being on the edge of your seat! I don’t have this one yet, but I will. I also love Knightley in this series!!


      Yay! I’m so happy to hear that! Isn’t he intriguing? His complexities and sad past definitely are drawing me in. I’m glad to hear you are a fan of him too!


    Oh, yes, your high points are spot on with what I enjoy. You remind me that it might be fun some day to get Dixon and Knightley side stories. 🙂


    I’ve been dying to read this to finish off the series, and I’ve only heard good things (and somehow no spoilers)!


      That’s good! Yes, there is something very big that I tried really hard not to allude to – it might not be considered a spoiler, but it is so much for interesting when the twists of a story catches you unawares!


    Brilliant review and I agree completely! This series was fabulous! Actually all of Cat’s books are! (No need to enter me in the giveaway as I have them all!


    This looks like a great series! I love spy thrillers so one that is a JA twist is even better!!


    Intrigue with some of my favorite JA characters. Perfect combination!

    Maybe Cat would write a spinoff novel with John Knightley if her fans ask her nicely. We could get an update of our darling couple while indulging in another Obsidian member.


    What a great series this is! I would love to read In Good Conscience, because I have to know what happens for myself & your review with 5 stars sounds pretty great 😀 Thank you for a chsnce to win!


    I read a review for a book earlier in the series that said fans of ‘The Muse’ would love it (a favourite of mine even as a pre-published version), plus I’m especially intrigued in a modern series that highlights ODC in morally grey areas rather than just he/she thinks he/she is good/bad and how they can stay true to their base! I have also read ‘Undeceived’ by Karen M Cox but that was set a few decades ago. Post-Regency eras have so many possibilities to be untapped. These have been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now.


      Yes! I so agree with that…wait was that my review? lol!! Very true about Post-Regency stories and I absolutely love it when authors give us a more original slant than update and recreate events from P&P in modern times. I know you will love this series and Cat Gardiner also has a crime/noir story set in the 1950s that you might like as well!


    Meredith, I completely agree with your review! I ❤️ the series! Cat Gardiner is such an amazing story teller, the story/adventure just pulls you in emotionally and provides an adrenaline rush that keeps you turning the page to find out what’s happening next. Definitely a re-read series!


    I’ve read the first two and really enjoyed them!! So excited to re-read them and then dive into the third book in this amazing series!!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway, Meredith and Cat!!

    Susanne 🙂


    I’ve never read a modern version of Pride and Prejudice but this series sounds great.


    I have read the first two books in this series and I loved them. I am looking forward to reading the third.


    Wonderful review. Have read the first 2 and look forward to more Iceman. Thanks for the giveaway.


    I like your review, Meredith. You always have a way with words when describing the things you love about a book and this is one of them. And thanks for offering the opportunity to win the giveaway, ladies.


      Thank you, Sylvia! That is such a lovely compliment! 🙂 After writing so many reviews, I start to wonder if I’m repeating myself or if I am still doing these books justice!


    I would love to win this book!!! The review makes it almost impossible to wait for this story… But I will try my very best 😀 Fingers crossed !


    These books must be fantastic if you and the ladies above who have commented in the extreme positive (who happen to be my most respected reviewers) love this series so much. I’m very eager to reading them. Thank you for the most generous giveaway.


      I hope you love this series as much as we do, Michelle! Have you read anything by Cat Gardiner before?


        Oh drat, Meredith. You had to ask, but I know you know that I have to be rather dragged to reading modern variations. No, I haven’t read any of Cat’s books yet, but I hope to soon. 😀

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