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Happy Monday, my friends! I am so excited to start this week with a visit from author Leigh Dreyer!! You may have seen she just released her second book in her Pride in Flight series – The Flight Path Less Traveled!!  Woot!! We loved Book 1The Best Laid Flight Plans – and we are so wanting to spend more time in the US Airforce/Military Base atmosphere Ms. Dreyer created! Today Leigh is sharing a lovely (and adorable) excerpt from her new book. We hope you enjoy!

*This excerpt does contain a spoiler for those who haven’t read Book One – The Best Laid Flight Plans.

Excerpt from Chapter Nine of The Flight Path Less Traveled

When he returned home late that Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth was in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal and reading a book. Hunched over her bowl, clearly focused on the story, she repeatedly tilted the spoon, spilling milk back into the bowl instead of keeping it straight.

She looked up at him and grinned—her mouth full of what looked like Lucky Charms. He grinned back, amused by the picture she made dressed in a t-shirt and jeans that clung to her perfectly, showing off her petite yet curvy frame.

He pulled her carefully out of her chair to his lap and kissed her cereal sweet lips, so happy to have her in his arms again.

“I’m glad you’re back.”

“I’m glad to be back.” He buzzed her lips again and slipped her back into her chair. Then he went to the cabinet for his own bowl of cereal.

“What are you reading?” Darcy asked before taking a large bite.

“Just a silly novel.”

“No such thing.”

“Huh?” she asked, mouth full of cereal.

“No such thing as a silly novel. What’s happening in this one?”

Elizabeth swallowed. “Well, the heroine, who of course is beautiful—”

“As all good heroines are.”

“Obviously. She met the hero of the novel in the beginning and thought he was a real jerk, but after getting to know him and after some good deeds on behalf of the girl, she’s having second thoughts about his jerk status.”

Darcy nodded thoughtfully. “Is that so?”

“It’s the oldest trope in history. Guy meets girl. Drama. Girl gets together with guy. They get married and live happily ever after.”

“Normally aren’t there horses and knights and dragons involved?”

“Depends on the genre, I suppose.” She scooped more cereal onto her spoon and then added, “Sometimes there are spaceships.”

“Good point.”

“Anyway, I just want one book where the heroine realizes that she can be her own person.”

“Because she doesn’t need a man?”

“No, because she is her own woman. Couples tend to work best when they are strong individually.”

“Like you?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I want a book written about me? I’m charming. I’m witty. I do very exciting things like sit around the house on Friday nights.”

“That’s the problem right there. A good book needs action.”

She laughed. “Oh, and I don’t get enough action.”

“Not really. I hardly qualify reading and taking naps as compelling. Maybe if you fainted frequently you could set your novel in the Victorian era, be one of those bodice rippers.”

“I don’t have that much romance. Besides, aren’t those the ones with shirtless Fabio on the cover?”

“Typically. I don’t know. Georgiana is the one who reads them. I, of course, favor more masculine fare, like biographies.”

“You would never be caught dead reading silly romance novels.”

“No way. How would I hold my head up at the squadron? My flight mates would laugh me from the building.”

“Is that why I found this one in your room?” Elizabeth held the book up, which she had been holding with the cover folded behind the pages as she read and for the first time, revealed the cover to Darcy’s view.

“That, madam, is obviously an adventure novel.”

“I don’t think so. I am relatively positive that this novel is a romance set at sea.”

“Like I said.”

“No, no. She’s already had heaving bosoms, Will. This”—she pointed at the book as she held it up and out of reach while he attempted to snatch it away from her—“this is a romance.”

“Just because it has a scene between a man and a woman doesn’t make it a romance.”

“Doesn’t it?”

“Well, Smarty Pants. If that’s what makes a romance, what kind of book are we in, then, huh? Let’s take your idea of you being the heroine in a novel and run with it. We’ve had adventure. Flying is fantastic stuff; I mean, who doesn’t love flying fast, sexy jets and shooting through the sky at unbelievable speeds?”

She nodded thoughtfully. “I mean, I’m sure there are some people, but I’m certainly not one of them.”

“Exactly.” He moved one seat closer to her, dragging his bowl and spoon across the table making the silver clink against the glass. “We’ve had suspense. I mean, who knew if you would make it during that crash. There I was: stuck up in the sky, circling around you, and seeing the flames and smoke, and only seeing one parachute. I knew someone wouldn’t make it, but who would that someone be? That’s suspense if I ever heard it.”

“I suppose, although suspense is typically more mystery and horror novels.”

“You don’t think it was horrifying watching you go down and hearing your voice over the radio?” Darcy leaned closer to her, his face only inches from hers. “I will let you know, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, that I have never been so terrified in my entire life.”

“Point taken.”

“Now, we come to us, here at Netherfield. What exactly do we say to describe what this is?” Darcy pointed back and forth between the two of them, not moving back, still inches from her. Darcy watched Elizabeth’s eyes flit from his hand to his eyes to his mouth then lick her lips. He leaned closer to her but did not touch her.

“We could, of course, call us housemates.” Darcy held up a hand and ticked off a finger. “Or friends.” He ticked off another. “We’re almost family, I mean, my best friend married your sister.” She nodded slowly while he ticked off another. “You call out for me in your sleep.” He pointed to his fourth finger and then shrugged his shoulders. “What would you call someone who comes to comfort you in your most vulnerable? I don’t know that family quite covers it. Neither does friend. That seems so platonic, almost pedantic.” He moved even closer to her, his lips, nearly touching hers as he spoke. “Would you call us lovers, Lizzy?” He tilted his head.

Darcy could feel her breath hot on his face coming in short pants. He stayed still even when she tilted her own head in turn and closed her eyes.

Pulling away quickly, he sat up, smiling at her, holding out the last finger on his hand. “I guess housemates would do it.”

Elizabeth punched him in the arm, looking thoroughly betrayed, and he laughed.

“You are awful.”

“Me? What did I do? I was just trying to figure out your story!”

Elizabeth groaned loudly while her chest and cheeks turned a becoming shade of red

😍 😍 😍Oh I love it! these two are cute so cute together! I cannot wait to see what happens with their relationship!! Thanks so much for sharing, Leigh!!

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  47 Responses to “Excerpt + Giveaway with Author Leight Dreyer!!!”


    Congrats on your second book! Love how you’re able to provide a modern day setting for Darcy & Elizabeth! Looking forward to reading it!


    I am having a soft laugh at that exchange of words. I read & enjoyed the first in this series and do plan to read this second one so I will wait to see if I win it. If not, I will turn to obtaining it the usual way through Kindle on Amazon. Thanks for sharing and good luck with this new release. I have a niece and a son-in-law in the Air Force plus my father served with the Army Air Force in England during WWII so all the more reason to read it.


      Awesome! Well, hopefully they will find it very true to life. Please tell them thank you for their service for me!


    I am going to reread Best Lsid Flight Plans. The passion between Elizabeth and Darcy is captured in this sizzling excerpt. Love it! This is a wonderful series. Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway.


    I loved the give and take in the conversation. Thank you for sharing the excerpt. I am looking forward to reading this book. It is on my wish list and the first is on my TBR list. Thank you for the give away.


    Loved the excerpt, especially the banter between Darcy and Elizabeth. Congratulations on the release of your second book. Thank you for the giveaway.


      Thanks! I loved writing it! I had just read some Harlequin when I read this and thought this was so fun. Good luck!


    Love this scene! XO


    Congratulations on the publication. I already have the book. Cute excerpt!


    This scene is awesome!! I wasn’t too excited about the setting for this series, but this excerpt (and Meredith’s rave reviews) have just changed my mind!! Hoping to win that e-copy!!! (fingers crossed!!)

    Susanne 🙂


    Enjoyed the excerpt, they are so cute together. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.


    This series sounds amazing. Those pictures are so cool. That model just makes this cover and adds to the desire to read it. I didn’t read the excerpt as I have not read book 1 yet. I have it and look forward to reading them together. Thanks for hosting Meredith [say hello to your Mr. Bingley] and thanks to our author Ms Dreyer for the generous giveaway. Blessings on the success of this work. And… good luck to all in the drawing.


      Thanks! The photo shoot turned out completely amazing. My photographer, Monica Cook, is a goddess who deserves so much more recognition than I have to give. She took my very poorly described vision and ran with it to make it amazing. Good luck in the giveaway!


      I love the pictures too, Jeanne! Such a lovely thing for Leigh to share with us!

      Thanks so much, my friend! I will!!


    Now that the second book is available, I can look forward to reading both of them. I’m very impatient about waiting for successive books in a series. Thanks for being so speedy..


      I am working on book 3, but i do believe this book really comes to a good conclusion if you don’t want to feel sad about cliffhangers. I’m working against my baby clock so I’m hopeful I can get it done before September. Good luck in the giveaway


      Hope you enjoy this series!!


    Love the dialogue in this excerpt! I recently bought the first book and am looking forward to reading it soon! Congrats on your release!


    That was a cute excerpt. I’m looking forward to reading all of it.


    Am so glad for this second book (had been waiting for it. Wanted to know what happensafter that ordeal with GW). Congratulations and thank you for this excerpt. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this new book.


    I have the first book but kept delaying reading it because there’s a Book II and I’m awful at waiting. What better chance than to read them both?
    Thanks for the offer!


    Such a great excerpt, congratulations on the new release. I’m looking forward to reading both books together. Thanks for the giveaway. And the pictures are great.


      Thank you. Monica Cook (the photographer) is beyond brilliant. If you’re ever in the Salt Lake area and want something amazing, definitely look her up. Good luck!


    What a coincidence I’d recently just re-read the first in the series. I just had a feeling this would be released soon! I was on tenterhooks after the ending as Elizabeth left both the reader and Darcy waiting. Looking forward to getting stuck into this one.


    NO, NO, NO, NO! I was extremely disappointed in volume 2. Lizzy did her Medline homework (I am a retired medical librarian and an USAF veteran who always wished she could fly a SR-71). She just needs her legal team: a JAG who believes in her and an attorney who is an expert in getting the best medical experts to testify for her. Calling negativity reality is sexism for a woman. Having her cave to “second class dreams” is a crime.


    What a delightful excerpt! I could picture the whole scene in my mind, though for some reason it was Cheerios instead of Lucky Charms lol


    Awesome excerpt and congratulations on your new novel. Thanks for the giveaway> –Leslie


    They make a cute couple, Leigh. Wow, it left me wondering how they will take their relationship from there. Hope for a HEA for them at the completion of the series.


      You should read this book!!! Hahaha, I firmly believe that by the end of the series everyone will be happy 🙂

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