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Hi readers, I hope everyone had a wonderful March! Hopefully you are seeing some signs of spring start to emerge!!  For me, March was a great month for reading, but that was only because Mr. Bingley had so many work trips that took him away from me! 😩

Did you happen to see all the Austenesque books published this last month?  If not, have no fear! 😛

Here’s a list of Austenesque Novel Finds for March 2019 for your perusing pleasure! 🙌🏼


Austenesque Novel Finds – March 2019

A Case of First Impression by A. M. Blair

A Fair Prospect: Volume I – Disappointed Hopes by Cass Grafton (re-release)

A Fair Prospect: Volume II – Darcy’s Dilemma by Cass Grafton (re-release)

A Fair Prospect: Volume III – Desperate Measures by Cass Grafton (re-release)

A Quest for Mr Darcy: An emotional tale of Elizabeth and Darcy inspired by the classic by Cass Grafton (re-release)

An Unsuitable Governess: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Violet King

Clouds Over Pemberley: Sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Walter Olesky

Darcy and…: A Pride and Prejudice Variations Collection by Leenie Brown

Darcy and Elizabeth at Pemberley: A Short-Story Collection Inspired by Pride and Prejudice by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Darcy’s Second Chance: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by Catherine Jennings

Days of Our Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Sensual Intimate Variation Collection by Cora Aston

In a more amiable light: A Pride and Prejudice novella by Marley Fulton

In Darcy’s Dreams: A Pride & Prejudice Variation by Gwendolyn Dash

In Want of a Wife (Pemberley House Book 1) by Noelle Adams

Mr. Darcy of Longbourn: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novel by April Floyd

Mr. Darcy’s Compassion: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Jane Austen Reimaginings Book 6) by Rose Fairbanks

Mr. Darcy’s Courtesan: a Pride and Prejudice variation by Valerie Lennox

Mr. Darcy’s Feigned Courtship: A Sweet and Clean Pride and Prejudice Regency Variation by Elizabeth Goodrich

New Beginnings Book Two: The Harvest Ball: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Lily Bernard

No Ordinary Life: A Darcy and Elizabeth Pride and Prejudice Variation (A Pemberley Romance Book 11) by Harriet Knowles

Other Pens, Mansfield Park : A Mansfield Park Continuation Series, Episodes 1-3 Box Set by Leenie Brown

Perception and Persuasion: Lady Russell Remembers by Ronald McGowan

Perilous Siege: Pride & Prejudice in an Alternate Universe by C.P. Odom

Revelations part 4 – Pemberley by Kirsten bij’t Vuur

So Long, Sentiment: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Amber Allen-King

Switched: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Iris Lim

The Adventures of Lizzy Bennet – Book 2: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Kate Speck

The Flight Path Less Traveled: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Continuation (Pride in Flight Book 2) by Leigh Dreyer

The Impulse of the Moment by Jann Rowland

The Jane Austen Diet: Austen’s Secrets to Food, Health, and Incandescent Happiness by Bryan Kozlowski

The Lady of the Mount and Patience Rewarded: Two Stories of Darcy and Elizabeth by Don H. Miller

The Lady’s Jewels: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Sweet Regency Romance Series Book 14) by Perpetua Langley

The Mansfield Park Murders: A Mystery Set in the Estate of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (Mysteries Set in Jane Austen Novels Book 3) by Victoria Grossack

The Pemberley Betrothal: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Anne-Marie Grace

The Remarkable Miss Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation (A Meryton Mystery Book 5) by Jennifer Joy

Tom: To Secure His Legacy (Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 4) by Leenie Brown

And here are some shorter Austenesque inspired works for your perusing pleasure!

A Daring Rescue: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Trilogy by Florence Prescott

A Forbidden Salon: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Novella (Love’s Sweet Song Book 2) by Susannah Barton

At Long Last: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Novella (Love’s Sweet Song Book 3) by Susannah Barton

Claimed by Mr. Darcy: a steamy Pride and Prejudice variation (Becoming His Book 2) by J.L. Pearl

Desired by Mr. Darcy: a steamy Pride and Prejudice variation (Becoming His Book 1) by J.L. Pearl

Every Appearance of Cordiality: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Eden Forster

Fixing Emma: A Jane Austen Diverstion (Seasonal Jane Austen Diversions Book 2) by Riana Everly

Love’s Sweet Song: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate Trilogy by Susannah Barton

Mr Darcy Insists : Pemberley House Party #3: A Pride and Prejudice Steamy Variation by C.P. Waterman

Of Sound Mind: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Meg Osborne

Taught by Mr. Darcy (Becoming His Book 3) by J.L. Pearl

The New Arrival: A ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Variation Vignette by Margaret Lynette Sharp

The Snowy Road to Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Katie Bright

To Save a Sister: A Pride and Prejudice Sensual Intimate (A Daring Rescue Book 3) by Florence Prescott


Whoa! The numbers of new Austenesque works each month is rising! There are 50! new Austenesque releases for the month of March!  🤗

There are so many to choose from!  Which ones do you want to read?

🍀 I have read technically read 4 books on this list (all of Cass Grafton’s books) – the older releases.

🍀 I do not have any of these book on my TBR pile just yet… 😉

🍀 So I guess I will add a bunch to my wishlist!!!

If you have any recommendations, please do share them!  With so many new authors coming onto the scene, it is always helpful to hear which ones my friends recommend!


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  9 Responses to “Austenesque Novel Finds – March 2019”


    Fabulous more wonderful new books to read. I would like to read Perilous Siege by C.P. Odom. I am reading at the moment Becoming Mrs. Bennet due to your wonderful review Meredith. It is fantastic, I cannot put it down. I love time travel books where it concerns P & P. If only…!


    so many books, so little time to keep up.

    Rachel John has her contemporary Emma the Matchmaker ready with a tentative release date of 4/30 if you’re planning for next month.


    I have read five of those listed above. I do want to read Perilous Siege, Mr. Darcy of Longbourn and The Flight Path Less Traveled. Several other titles look interesting but I will have to read more about the story before I add them to my pile of TBR books. Thanks for your list, Meredith.


    First: No no no no! It just cannot be that time again, seriously?

    Second: Woo, what a good list for us this month. In the last year I have become such a devoted fan of Leenie Brown’s books. I’m 3/5ths of the way through the Darcy and Elizabeth collection above (they are all available right now on Kindle Unlimited–she says for a limited time) and for me they have all been 5 stars. I have all of the Other Pens-Mansfield Park variations and need to start reading those after I’m done with the D&E series. But I’ve read some chapters of the MP collection and they are really really good.

    I sincerely hope that Cass Grafton’s re-releases will bring a new JAFF fans audience to these beloved books which are a favorite reread of mine…and it’s that time again.

    Rose Fairbank’s Darcy’s Compassion was very good, but tough to read in many parts….so a trigger warning is posted right in the blurb on Amazon.

    I have Jennifer Joy’s new book on my wish list. Love her books. There are quite a few new-to-me authors whose books look really interesting this month. They will probably have to wait until I read a review and my TBR dwindles a little more, though. Plus, I am catching up on reading some things I’ve wanted to read for, in some cases years, that are available on KU since I got a subscription again. I know I’m years behind on many of them, so I’m very happy to be able to get them now.


    Another wonderful list! So far I’ve read 5 books. What is that saying about too little time???? Thanks.


    I like your austenesque novel finds monthly post very much because although I can’t catch up with all the novels (impossible task LOL) I enjoy finding new novels, authors and covers, yes!. I can’t recommend you any of the list but I’m sure you’ll find some good stories among them 😉
    March has been a warmly and pleasant month in Madrid, it should rain but in the meanwhile we are having a splendid time (Let’s cross fingers this nice weather lasts during Easter ).Have a fun weekend!


    I see five that I plan to read (the two MP based ones, Leigh’s, CP’s and Jennifer Joy’s, but I haven’t added any to my TBR pile. Oh, and I’ve got Cass’ older books, too.


    So Long, Sentiment, is actually a plagiarized story, according to the reviews–apparently it was written by Judy-Lynne but not published by her. Just fyi.


    Phew! Like you Meredith I have read the original versions of Cass Grafton’s books which I would definitely recommend.
    Apart from that I have only read Mr Darcy’s Compassion by Rose Fairbanks, a must read in my opinion. I am also looking forward to reading The Remarkable Miss Darcy by Jennifer Joy which I have won 🙂 🙂
    I do have some of these on my list and will check out the others.
    I’m still working through my TBR so am trying to resist buying more but ……………..!!!!!
    Thank you Meredith, even though I end up with an even longer list I do love these posts.

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