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Woot woot! Hi friends! I’m excited that March is here, are you?  Even though I live in a place where winters are mild, I’m itching for it to be spring so I can spend more time outside! 🌷

In February we went on our first adventure of the year, which was a weekend trip to Phoenix, Arizona. A first time visit to the area for me (Mr. Bingley was there for less than 24 hours for work). 🌵

We had a fantastic time and enjoyed lots of hiking while we were there. 🏞

And we really enjoyed seeing the desert landscape…and cacti!

We also drove around on ATVs/UTVs. Which was quite an experience! These courses were not tame…and I didn’t have the upper body strength or enough experience driving an ATV to feel comfortable on them, so I instead went with a UTV. It was sooooooo much fun! 😁

Other than that, we’ve worked on house projects, worked lots, and I tried to catch up more on my reading. 📚


Want to know what Austenesque fun I’m getting into this month?

…here is what’s on this month’s

Austenesque Agenda:



Victoria Kincaid – March 6th

Nancy I. Sanders – March 11th

Cassandra Grafton – March 18th

Leigh Dreyer – March 25th

Woot! Another busy month here! 
What are you looking forward to this month?
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  34 Responses to “Austenesque Agenda – March 2019”


    I love the pictures from Phoenix for my son just moved there. So far, he is enjoying the landscape too. Looking forward to seeing what you think of the books you are reading this month. I loved Cat Gardiner’s book and always enjoy Alexa Adams so I am especially interested in your take on them. Good luck with your reading.


      Oh fun! I hope you get to visit your son there and that he enjoys living there! If you do visit him, maybe don’t do it between May-September. So many of our tour guides were commenting on the heat and how people leave the area for those months! 🙂


    Is it really March! Wow, you have a great reading agenda lined up. I’ve only read three of your books, but LOVED all of them. Looking forward to your reviews!


    Lovely pictures of Arizona – you and Mr. B are so cute! Here’s to March…


    Great pics! Your trip looks great.


    Just love your pics and adventures! Lucky you for missing the snow that fell in Arizona recently! I absolutely love your line-up! I’m excited to see Cassandra is coming for a visit!!! I love the books you plan to read and review. I have read three of them and have the others on my list! Looking forward to Leigh Dreyer and Victoria Kincaid are coming to visit as well. I have added the children’s book to my wish list! It looks amazing!


      Thank you, Carole! We are sooooo lucky about that! One of the reasons we picked a trip to Arizona, was because we knew it would be warm and that we wouldn’t be facing snow or freezing temps! What a shock to hear they got snow!

      Doesn’t that look neat? I can’t wait to learn more about it!


    Fun trip! I’ve been to parts of Northern Arizona, but never got to see the tall cacti like those which grow a little further south than got to. Glad you had fun. Oh, nice batch of reads for the month. Fun list of guests, too.

    Have a great March, Meredith!


      They were sooooo cool! I loved seeing them everywhere. The saguaro cacti only grow in this area. And I found the fact that they can grow to 40 feet and weigh 3000-4000 pounds fascinating! We definitely hope explore more of Arizona in the future…this trip was just to get a small sample of a new city!


    Love the photos. My family took a train ride out to Chicago and on to Arizona in 1996 and spent almost 2 weeks touring the state. You have a great line up of books to read this month. Most of them I have also read and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. (We had snow last night – about 4″.)


    Great pictures! I’m glad you and Mr. Bingley had such a wonderful time! Looking forward to all the March goodness on your blog!


    Looking forward to no more snow…oops, snow is coming tomorrow night.



    Love the photos. I have only been to Sedona and it was fully of electric energy.


      I can imagine! If we had more time we would have definitely ventured further out…we are already thinking we want to do an extensive road trip and hit all the beautiful spots of Arizona.


    Such wonderful photos, Meredith! I’m so glad you and Mr Bingley had such a great time, even if it was a short trip. Looking forward to the March posts. Have a great spring and lovely, warm days at the seaside!


    I’ve never been to Arizona and it looks lovely. I look forward to the month of authors and books on your blog, Meredith!


    Fabolous pics! !!
    And what an amazing agenda!. I’m looking forward to Ann Mychal, Maria Grace and Victoria Kincaid 😉


    Loved the pictures! Looks like you had a great time. And the agenda looks fabulous. I’m especially excited to hear more about Being Mrs. Bennet. Enjoy the warmer weather!


    What fabulous photos Meredith, you always have such fun! As for your plans for March? I’ve read Cat’s brilliant book, I first reread the others then this one – absolutely wonderful (just a hint – have tissues to hand,)
    I’ve also read both of Victoria’s books and those by Cass. I plan to read Maria’s book soon and others are on my list.
    I look forward to your reviews. Happy reading 🙂


      Thank you, Glynis! We had some quiet weeks at home, so it was nice to get out and do some adventuring! I’m so excited to start Cat’s book tomorrow! I was finally able to squeeze in a reread of Without a Conscience – which I definitely wanted to before reading In Good Conscience! Thanks for the tip!

      Happy reading to you, my friend!!


    I’m really quite envious of your trip! We drove across from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in 2008 as part of a week-long fly-drive trip from San Francisco to New York, on our way back to the UK from visiting family in Australia. Loved the scenery we saw along the way, even if it was only from the road, as we didn’t have much time to stop and explore.

    You’ve got some amazing books and visitors lined up this month, Meredith. In Good Conscience is an amazing ending to Cat’s series and Inspiration is a unique twist on what makes Darcy tick. Victoria Kincaid’s books are always good value and I’ve got several of hers queued up on my Austenesque audio playlist, including these two. I’ve loved everything Cass Grafton has written and she’s a lovely person to talk to, as well. Can’t wait for the sequel to The Particular Charm she’s writing with Ada Bright.


      Fun! That sounds like a fun itinerary!! We still haven’t been to the Grand Canyon…but hopefully someday. Mr. Bingley really wants to bring his truck out there! But from where we are it would take 3-4 days of driving and camping just to get in the vicinity!

      I love hearing that you loved many of the books on my agenda! I can’t wait to share the author visits with you all! I hope you are doing well and feeling better!


    Gosh I loved the photos! We have been to parts of Arizona, but not to Phoenix, and alas no tall cactus. My husband’s brothers live in Flagstaff, so we may have another chance.

    Oooo a fabulous agenda this month. Even a book I didn’t know about yet. And the guests, again, fabulous. Can’t wait to read about what Cass Grafton’s going to talk about. And of course, Victoria Kincaid. I loved the last one I read which was The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy. I’m excited to see them all.

    Happy March. Isn’t March that the old saying goes…’if it comes in like a Lion, it will go out like a lamb?’ Well, I think most of us in the States have experienced the Lion. Hoping to see that Lamb at the end of March.


      Thank you, my friend! Yes, definitely try to see the saguaro cacti – they are so interesting!

      So happy to hear you like this month’s agenda! And I’m thrilled to hear you loved The Unforgettable Mr. Darcy!

      And so true! Would you believe we had some snow flurries for 15 minutes today? The weather is doing such back and forth!

      Hope you see some signs of spring soon!

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