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Mr. Darcy Attempts Matchmaking!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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After twenty-five years of being happily married, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are as in love and playful as ever. They are the adoring parents of four children – Alexander (age 23-24), Rebekah (age 19-20), and two twin boys – Gerald and James (age 12). They are on the brink of becoming grandparents (thanks to their daughter Rebekah), and they notice that perhaps their eldest son is in “want of a wife.” But similar to his father in many ways, Alex is reserved in company, not comfortable conversing with the fairer sex, and heavily pursued as a prime matrimonial prize. Both Darcy and Elizabeth decide to lend a helping hand to their son so he can find the forever kind of love they have had the good fortune to enjoy these past twenty-five years…

This sequel novella is in every way heartwarming and charming! I’m not usually one to gravitate towards stories about later generations of Jane Austen’s characters (I just love spending time with the principals too much!), but I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I loved seeing a story focus on Mr. Darcy in the role of husband and father. His relationship with Elizabeth, and their marriage in general, is everything we could possibly hope for and want to see. And as a father, I loved seeing him straddle his desires to interfere in/orchestrate his children’s lives and letting his children find their own way. The years have taught Mr. Darcy to moderate his officious tendencies! I love how Mr. Darcy would often discuss everything with Elizabeth and how they made decisions together. He respected and valued her insight and opinions. Seeing Mr. Darcy adore and admire his family to this extent was simply wonderful.

In addition, I also enjoyed how this story focused on the romantic adventures of Mr. Darcy’s son – Alexander. At times it did feel like history was repeating itself! 😉 I thought all the characters of this tale were well drawn and engaging. But I felt a special affinity towards Alexander and his younger twin brothers (who were absolutely endearing). Alex was so honorable and sincere, I loved following his experiences. I love that he wanted to find a love similar to his parents and I sympathized with his struggles to learn the leanings of his own heart. And without spoiling anything, I will just say that I am so happy with how the events unfolded and who Alex ended up falling in love with. It was such a perfect and satisfying fit in every way. (I must also add that I enjoyed Harrison Bingley as well!)

My only wish for this enchanting novella would be for a few more scenes. There were some lovely moments captured on page and some that were briefly summarized. I wouldn’t have minded a couple of chapters more that lengthened some of those scenes. But I do know it is the author’s intent for these novellas to just be around 100 pages in length.

Filled with tender scenes, engaging characters, and heartwarming remembrances – A Forever Kind of Love is a perfect reading choice for anyone needing a brief and diverting escape. I have been delighted with all the lovely novellas by Christie Capps, but I do think A Forever Kind of Love is my new favorite! I highly recommend!

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  16 Responses to “A Forever Kind of Love – Christie Capps”


    I am definitely going to add this to my Christie Capps collection. I love to read about the Darcy’s interaction with their children and how their marriage continues to be loving and caring.
    Thanks for sharing this review Meredith.


    I so enjoyed this story too! Thanks for letting us know about ‘Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day’, but I have that one too!


    How I loved this story by Christie Capps–J. Dawn King. I only just a couple of days ago listened to the audio version for the umteenth time. I also have the book, I have them all due to the huge generosity of the author.

    I agreed with your excellent review Meredtih! I had my qualms though at first, fearing that Darcy was going to make the same mistake his family made with him when he was choosing a bride….interference and coercion, and then a comedy (or drama) of errors would ensue. But nope, whew! Sigh. I just adored Darcy riding over to see his daughter for a visit. And it so humored me and warmed my heart, too, that he had repeatedly been reminded of his age over the course of the book. Awwww…. I love, love, LOVED this short charming work. I highly encourage everyone to read it.

    These stories are ones I choose to reread or re-listen to in audio form via Audible’s Romance Package. When I’ve finished a very emotionally draining read towards the end of the day and don’t want to start a new big long novel with invariably something in the beginning that grabs me and makes me want to stay up all night, these short reads are perfect for going to bed with a HEA on my mind. 😀


      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Michelle! I’m so happy to hear you loved this novella as much as I did! Yes I thought Darcy noticing his signs of aging was adorable!

      Awww! That is so lovely! And another reason that these stories are such a great length!


    Thanks for the review and for the freebee Joy! Love these novellas!


    I love the idea of a mature couple and seeing them as parents. I will have to snag this one. Thanks, Meredith!


    This sounds so lovely I Just have to read it. 🙂 Thanks for the review


    What a lovely review, Meredith. Thank you.

    This story is very special to me. Only last night John and I were discussing our 39 years of marriage when he told me how blessed he felt that we are growing old together. He is the best of men…which made this the easiest of all my stories to write. It is us.


    Thank you, Joy. I enjoy these stories as well as your other works.

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