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Hi friends! I hope you are enjoying a great week! I’m so excited to share about this lovely upcoming release coming from Meryton Press today! I have several reasons I’m excited about this new release:

  1. This book is co-authored by a new-to-me author and one I’ve read and enjoyed before! 🤗
  2. This book seems to be from the point-of-view of a character I have a special affinity for… 🥰
  3. I love Meryton Press books! 📖❤️

I hope you enjoy this cover reveal of J.L. Ashton’s and Justin Rivard’s upcoming release – now available for pre-order! – The Most Interesting Man in the World

~ Book Description ~

What has gotten into Fitzwilliam Darcy lately?

Charles Bingley, a jolly fellow who relies on his great friend’s impeccable judgment in all things, is determined to find out. What could explain Darcy’s ill humour and distraction? Or his uncharacteristic blunder of speaking Greek to a horse who only understands Latin? Not to mention that shocking book accident! Certainly, it has nothing to do with Elizabeth Bennet, the sister of Bingley’s own angel, Jane. Bingley is certain of it.

What was really going on behind the scenes at Netherfield, Pemberley, and Darcy House, and just what did those men talk about over billiards and brandy? In this novella, Bingley sheds a little light on keeping company with the most interesting man in the world, and shares his own musings on puppies, his dreadful sisters, and the search for true love. Prepare to be shocked, delighted, and confused by a Charles Bingley the likes of whom you’ve never met before.

~ expected release date: next Monday! ~

And without further ado….here is the big reveal!!!

And here is the cover wrap…

Oooh! I love the handsomeness of this cover!  It is such a vivid portrait!

This gentleman has a very pensive look about him and I love the juxtaposition of his strong jaw and brow with his soft, gentle eyes!

Woot woot for a book from Charles Bingley’s POV!!! I am dying to hear his internal thoughts!

I can’t wait to find out what the book accident is….lol! is it about the book on the back cover?

What do you think, friends?

~ About the Authors~

Justine Rivard is a very serious college professor who has no time for frivolity or poppycock of any kind. She strenuously objects to the silliness found in this story and urges you to put the book down at once before it gives you ideas. You are invited instead to join her in the study for a lecture about her extensive collection of whimsical 18th-century animal husbandry manuals.

J.L. Ashton, on the other hand, is a very unserious writer of Jane Austen variations you might have read (A Searing Acquaintance and Mendacity & Mourning) and collector of recipes she will never attempt. She encourages a general lack of decorum and has a great appreciation for cleft chins, vulnerably brooding men, and Instagram accounts featuring animals. Especially cats. Also foxes.

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Thank you, ladies, for sharing your lovely cover with us! We are so happy about your new release! We wish you the best of luck!! And a special congratulations to Ellen Pickels and Janet Taylor for their fine work on this beautiful cover! It is as handsome as it is interesting. 😉

Pre-oder The Most Interesting Man in the World now!

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  65 Responses to “Cover Reveal of The Most Interesting Man in the World!!!”


    Great cover ladies, congratulations. I love Bingley’s POV.


    Great cover! Now I want to read the book! Best Wishes with your new release.


    WOW! Just WOW! I am thrilled to see a a new book from Ms. Ashton and on Charles Bingley no less! Can’t wait to read his thoughts! Congratulations and what a perfect depiction of Mr. Bingley!


      Ah, Bingley so wishes he looked as dreamy as the man he idolizes. The book is chock full of his thoughts and musings on everything from Darcy to haberdashery to true love. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


        Yes, poor Bingley can only dream about looking this handsome. Fortunately, he is not the jealous type and simply admires and basks in the glory that is his wonderful friend and role model, the most interesting man in the world.


    Beautiful cover !


    I read this a few years ago before the extra scenes were added, and I have to say it’s one of the best novles for tongue-in-cheek humour. I know everyone will be ranting about it. Is that Sir Humphrey Davey on the cover? He was one hot Regency scholar. Nice job with all aspects of the cover. It’s really eye-catching. Thanks for hosting, Meredith. Have fun on your release, Jan and Justine!


      Thank you, Suzan. This is indeed an older story that Justine and I played around with last year, adding two chapters and changing up a few other scenes. Our wonderful editor Gail Warner only made it better. Hope you enjoy MIM the second time around!


      Thanks, Suzan. We hope you do enjoy the new bits and the improvements we made with Gail’s help. Sadly, not Sir Humphrey on the cover, but I will go and look him up for next time I need a Regency pin-up.


      Sounds right up my alley! I’m so honored to share this lovely cover reveal for Jan and Justine! It has been lovely to host them!


    Thanks for hosting, Meredith. I like your reasons for being excited about this release! Congratulations, Jan and Justine, on your new book!


    I don’t think I’ve read a book from Bingley’s point of view before. I can certainly understand him being flummoxed by Darcy!
    I look forward to seeing where this goes and I do like the cover. Thank you for the reveal Meredith, and good luck with this book ladies. 🙂


    This was always one of my favourite Darcy stories. Congratulations Jan and Justine!


    lovely cover!


    Oh, this sounds like so much fun! And the cover is beautiful. Congrats to the authors!


    OMG!! What a cover!! Swoon worthy, man… that is a most excellent cover. On my wish-list this goes. Thanks to the authors for sharing this launch information and cover reveal. And, thanks Meredith for hosting the big reveal… and a special hello to your very own Mr. Bingley.


      Yes, onto a wish list! Ellen and Janet crafted us an eye-catching cover and we are so happy Meredith could host the launch to show it off to a big audience.


      Yes, didn’t Ellen and Janet do a great job? Darcy is so fastidious interesting-looking. Poor Bingley always has egg on his cravat and cookie crumbs in his pocket.


      Isn’t he swoon-worthy? I’m so glad you are intrigued by this story!

      LOL! Justine’s comment!


    Meredith, thank you so much for hosting our book here at Austenesque Reviews and for your kind words about the excerpt. Our Mr Bingley is a man of exceptional appetite and curiosity, if not a terribly attentive observer to his great friend’s mood and musings. We hope you’ll enjoy the story when the book is released. Thanks again.


      Yes indeed, thank you, Meredith, for hosting the cover reveal! We hope you do like the book once you see more than the cover. MP did a wonderful job with the cover. Thanks for letting us show off the press’s skills.


      I’m so very happy to host you and Justine, Jan! Thank you so much for writing and sharing your story with us! I am definitely a Bingley fan – I cannot wait read his musings!

      I love looking at covers so this post was especially fun for me to share! Thank you!!


    The gentleman on the cover certainly looks interesting as well as handsome. A book from Bingley’s point of view should be amusing. Congratulations to authors Jan and Justine, plus kudos to Ellen and Janet for the great cover.


      Thank you, Jan! Ellen and Janet do such good work, don’t they? I hope the story lives up to the wonderful cover.


      Thanks, Jan. We hope you do find Bingley’s POV interesting. I bet it’s not what you might have thought was going on inside his head when you read P&P. Still waters run deep, or something. 🙂


    Thank you, Meredith, for hosting this cover reveal. I loved your lead into unveiling this gorgeous cover. I hope your readers enjoy this book!!


    Handsome cover. I look forward to reading this as I don’t think I have ever read one from Bingley’s POV, either. Thanks for sharing and good luck.


      Thank you. You’re right, there’s not much out there from Bingley’s point of view. In our story at least, he is much more interesting than he might at first appear to be in P&P–although of course not nearly as interesting as his esteemed friend.


      I don’t think I’d want to date Bingley, but he sure is a fun guy to hang out with–at least Darcy thinks so! Thanks, Sheila!


    What a hoot! Can’t wait!


    Fabulous cover! And what a great premise too. Looking forward to it. Best of luck with the release!


    I agree with Meredith! I love the idea of a novel from Mr Bingley ‘s POV. Bravo!!! I’m looking forward to knowing more of his hobbies beyond admiring Jane LOL. And sure we’ll be able to deep in Mr Darcy’s character in a new and refreshing way 😉


      When Jane is not yet the center of his universe, Bingley is busy filling his mind and stomach with so many intriguing things! Darcy is ever patient and kind. Mostly. 😉


      Trying to be like Darcy is probably his favorite hobby, but he also is a wildflower enthusiast and a huge dog lover, so there is that.


    Read this book! It is hilarious! Don’t be put off that it’s in Bingley’s POV – it’s all about Darcy. Darcy is the Most Interesting Man in the World in Bingley’s eyes, and he is in every chapter. And the way Bingley’s mind works is endlessly fascinating!


    Looking forward to reading a book from Mr CB’s perspective. I have read and enjoyed the other books of JL Ashton so I am pretty sure this will be as interesting and enjoyable.


      This story has some moments even sillier (and more Pythonesque) than Mendacity & Mourning has, but that’s only because the mind of Mr CB is so wildly busy. Hope you enjoy it!


      CB’s perspective is pretty warped, although he has his priorities straight: Darcy is without doubt the most interesting man in the world. We hope you enjoy splashing around in the shallows with him.


    This sounds so interesting. To read Charles Bingley’s point of view will be wonderful. I have always wondered what his thoughts were. Definite adding it to my wish list.

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