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A Merry and Musical Novella! 🎶❄️

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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In her sweet and light-hearted holiday novella, A Holiday to Remember, Jennifer Redlarczyk tells the story of a modern-day Liz Bennet, who works as a music teacher at Meryton Academy for the Performing Arts, and William Darcy, CEO of Darcy Enterprises. This year Liz and her students have the auspicious opportunity to perform their Holiday to Remember medley for the Pemberley Foundation’s Annual Charity Gala on New Year’s Eve. Aside from hoping her students perform well and that Billy Collins keeps his distance, Liz hopes to not have another encounter with William Darcy, who she had exchanged heated words with after an incident that took place at Lollapalooza. But what happens when these two cross paths before then…

What a delightful holiday read infused with music! I’m finding it hard to decide what I enjoyed most about this novella. As a music teacher myself (and married to a musician) I am leaning towards the musical atmosphere as my most favorite element in this story! I love that Liz Bennet is a music teacher and that her aunt, Maddy Gardiner runs a music lesson studio (I can relate!). But I also love hearing about all the musical performances that take place in this story and the songs featured, whether they be standards sung by Nat King Cole and his daughter or Beethoven sonatas. I loved that this story included so many musical components.

In addition, I love that this story took place in Chicago which felt unique because so many holiday stories often have New York City as their setting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas NYC, but this setting was a refreshing change! I enjoyed learning more about the Chicago area, and now I have some places that I want to explore and visit such as Door County and Peninsula State Park! 🙂 And of course, take in the big music festival – Lollapalooza!

As for the relationship between Darcy and Liz – while their first couple of interactions were unpleasant and tense, they are quick to resolve their differences and fall in love. It was heartwarming and satisfying to see these two fall in love around the holiday season. And even though the unexpected harmony and easy amicability sometimes felt a little uncharacteristic for these characters who usually have more flaws, misunderstandings, and stubbornness, I found myself enjoying their sweet and magical moments together! And the swift development of their relationship does fit well for the length of this novella.

A Holiday to Remember is a fast-paced and entertaining read that features a happily matched Darcy and Elizabeth, holiday festivities, and lots of music-making! And included with this charming tale is a bonus Regency short story. “Twelve Days” is a delightful and unexpected treat! One that will definitely make you smile and laugh out loud! 🙂

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  17 Responses to “A Holiday to Remember – Jennifer Redlarczyk”


    Great review. I just purchased from Amazon. Happy Holidays!


    I am going to read this before Christmas. I find I like modern renditions very much. Thanks for this review and for sharing with us. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate such and Happy Holidays to all.


    So proud that you enjoyed Jennifer’s book! I thought it a fitting Christmas story, too!


    I can imagine how glad you are with this story and its “soundtrack”. Yes, I also like the setting in Chicago so thanks for the review and thanks, Jennifer, for this novella. It´s an ideal choice for these days. Reading about Nat King Cole in your post, I,ve just put the cd at work to hear him singing chistmas carols and they are so sweet and pleasant!


      Loved it! It is great to combine my two interests – Jane Austen and music!

      Oh such a great idea about pulling out your Nat King Cole cd! Love his singing! His daughter too! 🙂


    Thanks everyone and thanks so much to Meredith for the wonderful review. A musical novella inspired by music students singing “A Holiday to Remember” at Merrillville HS in Merrillville, Indiana where I teach to vocal students privately was a delight to write. I’m so happy to be able to share it with JAFF friends. Thanks again, Meredith!


      Oh my goodness! LOL! I didn’t know about the Merrillville HS and Merrillville, Indiana! That is just perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Jennifer! I loved so much about it!


    sounds lovely


    It does seem to have that heartwarming Christmas magic to it. Door County! Love it! Great review, Meredith!


    I did read this and posted a review. I enjoyed it.


    I also like the Chicago setting. I would’ve loved going during the holiday season in younger years. The lights! The shopping! This story of Jennifer’s sounds perfect for the holidays. I’m looking forward to reading it. Best of luck Jen Red.

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