Nov 272018

Hello dear friends! Did you hear that there is a special surprise anthology being released today?!?! 🎄🎁📖 

Yes!!! A lovely holiday anthology that includes 7 holiday-inspired short stories written by some of our favorite authors and edited and organized by the talented Christina Boyd is celebrating its release day and we are so very excited!! Yuletide: A Jane Austen-Inspired Collection of Short Stories is Book 4 in The Quill Ink Collective and after three exceptional anthologies – The Darcy Monologues, Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues, and Rational Creatures: Stirrings of Feminism in the Hearts of Jane Austen’s Fine Ladies we are nothing short of elated to see that Christina and her remarkable team of authors have collaborated once more!! 


Another Anthology from The Quill Ink

Yuletide: A Jane Austen-Inspired Collection of Short Stories

available now!

~ Book Description ~

“I went up to the Great House between three and four, and dawdled away an hour very comfortably…” –Jane Austen

A holiday short story anthology with some favorite Austenesque authors, YULETIDE is inspired by Jane Austen, PRIDE & PREJUDICE, and the spirit of the season. Regency and contemporary alike, each romance was dreamt to spark love, humor, and wonder while you dawdle over a hot cup of tea this Christmas.

Stories by: Elizabeth Adams * J. Marie Croft * Amy D’Orazio * Lona Manning * Anngela Schroeder * Joana Starnes * Caitlin Williams

All proceeds to benefit Chawton Great House in Hampshire, former manor of Jane Austen’s brother Edward Austen Knight and now the Centre for the Study of Early Women’s Writing, 1600-1830.

What do you think, friends? Are you surprised?

I am so excited to read another Austenesque holiday anthology – I’ve read three that I really enjoyed – Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer, A Very Austen Christmas, and A Darcy Christmas

I love the elegance of a black, white, and red cover and that the stories are both Regency and modern!!

And I think the fact that the proceeds all go to Chawton Great House absolutely inspiring!

Well done, Christina and her team!!! And THANK YOU! This truly is a special gift for us readers!



In the spirit of #GivingTuesday and because we would like to help celebrate the release of this lovely anthology, we are giving away 3 ebook copies of Yuletide: A Jane Austen-Inspired Collection of Short Stories to 3 lovely readers on our blog! 


To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment sharing your thoughts about this anthology!

  • This giveaway will end December 1st.
  • This giveaway is open worldwide.


If you cannot wait or want to support such a lovely cause by buying this anthology yourself, it is available in both paperback and ebook formats on

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  84 Responses to “Release Day Celebration + Giveaway of Yuletide!!!”


    Thanks for getting the word out about Christina’s latest project, Meredith. What a whirlwind of writing and editing!—all for a good cause. No one gets paid for working on this collection, and we hope your readers will help us support Chawton House.


    The cover looks very festive with the red. This anthology is a wonderful collection of such great authors.This will be a delightful read with a cup of tea or hot chocolate,and a nice warm blanket. Thanks for the giveaway.


    It sounds wonderful, Meredith! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the giveaway!


    I love reading anthology collections and am excited that there is another being released in this series. I am glad it features some of my favorite authors and that it includes both regency and modern stories. Thanks for the giveaway!


    Oh my goodness! That is so lovely of you to offer that giveaway! Thank you. I am hopeful for the collection to raise money for Chawton House. As per Amazon, approximately $2 from either ebook or paperback sales is our royalty cut and we hope to give each penny (minus the taxes) to Chawton House. 500 book sales would be a wonderful start! And in this huge Austen community, I would hope it not impossible. Thank you again, Meredith, for once again supporting my anthology projects, Authors, and JAFF as well as you do.


    This sounds lovely with some stories by some of my favorite authors. Glad proceeds are going to .ChawtonGreat House.


    What a great Christmas present! Thank you to the authors and editor for generously donating your words and time. Excited to get a hold of this!


      Leigh— go to the BuyLink. YOU are mentioned in my From the Author. This project is all because of you. Well not all, but this is what happens when I have a day off. I get madcap ideas.


    Would be perfect to read in December!


    This is a beautiful cover and what a great thing to do for Chawton House. It really invokes the spirit of Christmas!


      Thank you. To keep costs down as this is a fundraiser project, I made the cover myself. I usually hire out. So glad you like it. It’s my first DIY. On the back of the paperback is a a small black and white photo of Joana Starnes, Mira Magdo, and me walking up to Chawton House in May 2017. The success of this project is very dear to me.


    Yay! Love a good anthology. Very convenient with the shorter stories when the schedule is rather busy.
    Christmas and JAFF, my two favourite things. It does not get any better than that…
    Add the quality stamp of “The Quill Ink” and the good cause, this is definitely a must have.


      “Stamp of quality”—how kind of you! That I was able to edit this and publish it in less than a month is testiment to the quality of Authors who came on board. Unlike previous anthologies, I was unable to pay the Authors for their stories and asked them to donate their work. All readily agreed for this cause. Karen M Cox volunteered to format the beautiful interiors, and Debbie Brown also Proofed for free. We have done zero Promo because I was so anxious we would not get it done in time; and then when the impossible looked possible, I didn’t want to get distracted by the full-time effort of social media promo—because again, deadline. So thank you for supporting our projects. Every BUY makes the difference!


    I saw this mentioned earlier and was tempted, especially when I saw that the proceeds were going to Chawton House. I bought it and am looking forward to reading it so please don’t enter me in the giveaway Meredith.


    Thanks SO much for this wonderful post, Meredith, and for the very generous giveaway! You’re always so kind! Lots of hugs and have a fabulous festive season!


      Joana, I am so glad you are a part of this anthology too. Your story is everything a holiday story should be! Thank you. I hope we raise a lot so you can deliver a wonderful first check in person! Maybe you and Caitlin can make a day of it!


      Hugs to you, my dear friend! I am so thrilled that this project came to be! I cannot wait to read all 7 stories – I am all anticipation for each of them! Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season too!!


    On behalf of all the staff, Trustees, and volunteers on the ground at Chawton House, our sincere and grateful thanks! The support of far-flung Austen readers is so gratefully received, and the perfect #GIvingTuesday gift to us. Thank you! I’m so looking forward to reading the collection myself. Gillian Dow


    Sounds like a wonderful charity to receive donations! I can’t think of a more worthy one! Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy!


    congratulations, just a perfect Christmas read. Don’t count me for the giveaway, I’ve just bought the book.


    What a wonderful cause to support with the anthology!


    I have enjoyed all the JAFF anthologies that I’ve read so far, so I look forward to enjoying this one, too.
    You really kept this project close to the vest, Christina. Good work!


    It is a lovely surprise to discover this new anthology releasing today. Congrats to Christina and her authors! You are all so generous to donate the proceeds to a worthy cause. Well done!


      It’s a surprise because we did absolute no promo for it. With less than a month to get it to holiday market, I was nervous about advertising it if it didn’t get produced on time. And then when it did look like we were going to be able to make it happen, we were so close to the end, I didn’t want to get distracted by the full time effort of marketing it well on our usual grassroots level. Because, you know, still on deadline. Anyway, thanks for your support. Every purchase means we are one step closer to our goal.


    I love the cover, it’s gorgeous. I’m so eager to read this, first because I love reading Christmas stories at this time of year and combining them with JAFF?? Oooh yeah, (heart thumping.) And secondly, because I would be wanting this anyway given the writing talent of the authors contributing.

    Don’t enter me into the wonderfully generous giveaway, I didn’t hesitate and purchased it right away. I’ll be so excited though, for those who win. 😀


      Thank you so much! Appreciate your kind words and all your wonderful support of this effort and our previous anthologies .


    Good luck with this release. I will read it one way or another. Happy Holidays to all.


    I am so excited about this anthology and the generosity of all involved in this worthwhile project. Congratulations on this release, and may it be a true blessing to Chawton House and to all who read it!!

    Susanne 🙂


      Thank you! It is a testament to the quality of these authors that I was able to edit this in the time allowed. They are all talented and had clear ideas of what they wanted to write. Very happy with these 190-pages of goodness. XO


    I love holiday stories! Thank you for sharing this release and the wonderful way to donate to one of my favorite causes.


      Thank you! I adore Chawton House. Have bought several bricks in their Buy A brick campaign so this seemed the next likely step for me. I hope we sell at least 500 books. Crossing fingers!


    Already have my copy. I grabbed the ebook as soon as it launched. I am hoping we see a ‘Best Seller’ tag on it. Congratulation to Christina and all the authors who contributed. Excellent gift to Chawton House. Thanks for hosting Meredith… say hello to Mr. Bingley and have a Blessed Holiday Season.


    Gosh, I had no idea this was coming along! Thanks so much for featuring the anthology release here. I really look forward to reading stories by all of these wonderful authors and love the benefit.


      I am surprised myself I could keep such a secret! But under such a deadline and not sure if we could truly pull this off in less than a month, I thought it best we keep it quiet. I hope that does not backfire and readers find out about this project this holiday season. So appreciative to all who have helped share the news today! (Thank you again, Meredith for hosting our announcement!)


      Isn’t it such a lovely surprise?!? I am so excited for all my holiday reads this season!!

      My pleasure, Christina! I think the word will spread quickly enough! 🙂


    This is so exciting!!! I already ordered the hard copy, but I’d love to have the e-book as well!


    Thank you for hosting this – and also thank you because I didn’t know about this charity before, but I will definitely be looking into it now! What a great cause 🙂 And I am in love with that cover, it looks like one of the old time “first” book covers from long ago. It looks vintage and of course the stories inspired by Austen are always amazing! I would love to win one and dawdle away my time reading it 😉 thanks!


    THanks for hosting , Meredith! ALways appreciate a headsup on quality new Austenesque . This is a project to be proud of and I will be adding to the #ChristmasSpirit Reading Challenge on now .


    Love, love, love these anthologies!! Looking forward to this one!


    Thank you, Meredith for highlighting this labor of love. It was such a sweet anthology to work on, knowing all the proceeds would benefit Chawton House. Christina, so proud to be part of another Quill Ink Collective.


      Readers are going to love your Regency story, Anngela! Thank you for being an important part of this collection, XO.


      I’m just thrilled to be celebrating another Quill Ink Collective…I’ve loved every project so far and am always wanting more! So happy to see you contributed a story to this collection, Anngela!


    Great news about another anthology. I look forward to reading it!


    I am so glad that the release day is finally hear because I have been so excited about this project, ever since Christina first (secretly) proposed it to us. Thanks to Meredith and everyone for spreading the word about this book, tell everybody, buy it for a Christmas present for your Jane-Austen-loving friends, and let’s raise a handsome cheque for Chawton Great House!


    Aargh. Finally here, not hear. Hear, hear! She’s a jolly good fellow!


    Sounds lovely! I love reading Christmas JAFF ❤️


    Sounds interesting and so glad this is going to go to charity. It is better to give than receive. thank you for the chance to enter!


    I love Christmas stories, especially those set in the 19th century.


    I love festive tales to help get me in the spirit of the season – especially if they feature Austen characters 🙂

    Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.


    Such a worthy cause. Congratulations to Christina and the authors.


    I’m so glad there is another anthology and of Holiday stories! I look forward to reading and love that the proceeds go to a worthy cause. Thanks for the giveaway! –Leslie


    Congratulations to Christina once again and to all the lovely authors who’ve contributed to this. It sounds wonderful. I hope it does really well and raises loads of money for Chawton House. I’m sure everyone involved in the running of Chawton House is delighted by this. It’s the perfect contribution.

    **Please don’t include me in the giveaway as I bought a copy yesterday.** 😀


    I love the idea of this book. I’ll go to Amazon to see about getting my copy!


    I’m so glad to be getting into Christmas season with a newly released JAFF anthology! Thanks for the recommendation and giveaway!


    Thank you for this giveaway and this sounds like an interesting book that I just added to my TBR List the other day. Good Luck to everyone else and Happy Holidays!


    I’m sure it would be delightful to curl up with this holiday story over the next few weeks. Thanks for the opportunity.


    Such great (timely) collection stories from such great authors. thanks for posting this Meredith. Always looking for P & P variations…Nice book to read with our holiday and wintry season


    I have loved all the Quill Ink anthologies! Hurrah for a Christmas one!!

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